The Friends-Eater Classroom Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Tomogui Kyoushitsu
  • 友食い教室
Author: KANKITSU Yusura
Artist: SAWASE Yuu
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Drama Horror Psychological Romance School Life Supernatural Tragedy Game
Rating: 4.62 113
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 64,721
  • 1,135
  • 52
Description: At Sakurazaka High School, students in class 1-A are involved in an unreasonable game called "The Friends-Eater Game", in which one of the conditions of the game is to eat specific parts of the bodies of their friends to survive. Cannibal school begins.

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Lv1Slime 14 hours ago
This manga is so random
Umetsu 3 days ago
@Isekaijin with start of this arc, i finally understend, why things in this manga like that - aaallll this situation with death game and human-eating is just background. All this characters and they behavior and thinking are just roles, like in theater. All this manga about situations. Its just happens, that in this manga, "roles", partly, remember what happens in previos scenary. Performances/plays are chained. If you look on this, like that is chained spectacles, not like this all occurring in real live, its all possible and realistic.
infernotez 4 days ago
I'm torn, the main reason I was still reading died and now it's either drop it or continue on to see why this whole scenario came about in the first place.
animefan217 4 days ago
Maybe I'm commenting too early but where are the adults and why isn't the deaths making national news? Pretty sure after the 2nd-3rd weird death or mutilation would cause mass investigation.
Isekaijin 4 days ago
But that's not the point. The point is how the narrative bends backwards to portray the MC in a dazzling holy light in a setting where conflictive morals should be the juice of the story. This last example, everyone who died did something very stupid and very risky, and it can't even be argued that they were acting out of desperation, since they should have been preparing for similar situations from the time the game began. Everyone turned into a monster and to avoid MC staining his pure ideals with blood, they make a girl go yandere out of freaking nowhere, off them and then die for no reason at all.
Good writing would have been the guy doing his best to save her, even considering doing the fingers thing. Instead she just assures him how loved he is and dies. Giving him another mental scar, as if those weren't laughably shallow here. That death was as bad as when his best friend and crush died, and I'm sure he will mourn her passing as much as he did theirs, which is not at all.
For the time being I'm dropping it here. Call me when dude has to kill someone innocent to survive, someone who doesn't become a murdering mess to just to justify having MC kill him.
kazaddum 4 days ago
It's so bad, it's almost good again.
Ominous 4 days ago
Do these people even go to class anymore?
lolera222 4 days ago
@AKIKAN There is a "supernatural" thing going on that impedes others to think about the killings, they even said the same when they went to the other school to search for clues about the "misteriously dissapeared class"
Umetsu 4 days ago
Everyone says "why big bones, people have fingers", and all of you forget that glasses blondy HATE Shota and want him die or suffer.
HavocRL 5 days ago
2 fingers are enough to get 5 bones... how do those retards even consider eating a full arm bones ?
Cook the bones until they get soft ?

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AKIKAN 5 days ago
Seriously, this manga is so stupid. From the plot, to the way the students think.

Also, Japan really is strict with its school, students keep dying yet they still have to go to class. What are the police and media doing when something this big is happening? Leave them alone and let them all come to school, with only the infected class coming?
Isekaijin 5 days ago
It's a stupid bone. Just cut one finger from his foot, there are two bones there, and it's not like anyone will miss fingers there.
But since MC is so precious and pure, those two will end up becoming cartoonishly evil and die.
Ominous 14 days ago
ricebao 14 days ago
best girl's gone..time to drop
NamelessTranslation 14 days ago
This series was under 4.00 just a couple days ago, and Yaoi and one-shots don't really count.
animefan217 14 days ago
Did some checking and there are some manga with even lower score than this.
siscon 15 days ago
Rating is never a good indication to check whether the story is good or not, despite it's good in theory. For example, there are people who automatically rate 1/10 if it has the content that they dislike.
Then again I used to check whether the anime was wincest or not based on the rating in MAL. The lower the score, the more likely it ended with wincest.

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Skankyslack 15 days ago
Yeah, it probably doesn't deserve that low a rating, but then again I'm pretty much enjoying it for all the wrong reasons, has an horror story it's a bit of a trainwreck so if we're going by what it's supposed to be then the rating probably makes sense.
Nick86 15 days ago
But you know, i prefer the rating system to be completely removed, instead i prefer a like system, more fair, because make no sense since someone not interested in a serie can just pass here and leave with a score of 1 even if is not interested or care at all. Also using multiple account. >_>

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infernotez 16 days ago
Idk it's not awesome, but I have read worse. Also Nao is cute.
Ominous 16 days ago
@NamelessTranslation According to the ratings, it's even worse than Kyochuu Rettou. That's a low right there!
NamelessTranslation 16 days ago
That would be incredible if it is. I'd be so proud!

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animefan217 16 days ago
Is this the lowest rated series on this site?
Orange_Orange 17 days ago
Feels like the author has a vore fetish.
owlette 17 days ago
lol this manga is ridiculous, it's like the author is not even trying
tathra 27 days ago
this is a very poor rip off of ousama game
CptBst 1 month ago
>Students heads exploding
>Female student beaten to death with a baseball bat in the classroom
>"Yeah, we're just gonna keep school open!"
Author should have put in just that little bit more effort.

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Minkulus 2 months ago
Feels good to have correctly pinned the true heroine of the manga from the very first chapter. I guess we're at the point where the oversaturation of death game manga has lead to the capability of being genre savvy. Too bad this one is pretty repetitive by nature. And the whole thing really just occurs without anyone in society at large noticing or caring, huh. I know it's a pretty big "turn your brain off" genre but Kamisama no Iutoori is still #1 for me in that regard.
NamelessTranslation 2 months ago
Here's a little thing I translated for fun from the artist of this series (Spoilers for Chapter 8)

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Ominous 3 months ago

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criver 3 months ago
@Isekaijin: They can perform it at the school - sure beats dying or killing. They also can leave the school in-between games.

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Siquall 3 months ago
ehh, didn't expect romance with her, i kinda like her, but loving character in this type of manga is not a good thing, my favorite characters kinda die most of time (danganronpa say hi).
Majora 3 months ago
I feel like they add a lot of arbitrary rules as the author decides fit, it's like playing a game with someone who can decide to add rules on the spot and without telling you but you're still held responsible for not knowing and punished.

The death of the friend at the beginning already rubbed me the wrong way but the spreading through sex is...

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curioushika 3 months ago
While the manga itself was not very bad, I really was hoping there'll be cooking involved :(
Isekaijin 3 months ago
@crivef They can't get out of school, or else they explode.
criver 3 months ago
Wait. Do they need to eat the whole organ? If they don't, can't they just take a small piece like in a biopsy?
Lithe 3 months ago
I see context like this and I just think "This must be the work of an enemy stand!"

On second thought, the death in the first chapter makes me think of Plant Weapon Brion for some reason.

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Isekaijin 3 months ago
Her friend sold her in exchange for the pervert's lung, didn't she?
Ominous 3 months ago

That is really horrible. I meant the cat, not the cooking tag.
...And someone added the cooking tag.

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criver 3 months ago
Oh, come on! The author just had to villainize the guy to make the manga boring ffs.
Siquall 3 months ago
GorryCorryBorry : The thing with the kitten was even more hardcore than the rest of the manga.

Agreed, especially for me, because i have a stupid cousin who did exactly the same thing when he was younger, and i remember this memory because of this chapter, poor cat.

I hope this guy will be roasted alive, so we can add the cooking tag.

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GorryCorryBorry 3 months ago
The thing with the kitten was even more hardcore than the rest of the manga.
OniBarubary 3 months ago
Ha ha ha ha, fucking really?

Holy shit the writing in this.
relic626 3 months ago
Pretty Cliche situations, wish the author at least shared how they are "Infected". They just wake up one morning being infected?
Dysisa 4 months ago
This should be tagged with cooking tbh
Siquall 4 months ago
Best girl is here :D
Ominous 4 months ago
After reading the whole volume over the week this feels like a cannibalistic version of Ousama Game with the students directly killing one another this time around.

Some of the characters even parallel the ones from the actual Ousama Game itself, though I never read the cellphone novel, just the manga adaptation.
Lock 4 months ago
Chapter 1 opens up with the generic opening sequences... im very normal protag -> oh noes something weird happening -> best friend ask about confession -> protag confess -> weird shit happen without any explanation. I can't say that the overuse of shock factor really pulled me in thanks to the rushed events with little to none characterization. I didn't expect anything from the comments, but I was still left disappointed lol.

The only fun I had with this was playing the "spot the main character" game on very first pages of characters introduction in chapter 1.
MangaField 4 months ago
Over 6,000 views, barely 300 follows... yep, this is a clickbait in manga form, lol
Umetsu 4 months ago
So, now its hiatus time cuz there is no vol.2 for today(
Siquall 4 months ago
Guess we need to wait one or 2 chapters before the real heroine show up (Quiet blonde girl).

I just hope the ending is ok, not a virus or something ..
Dysisa 4 months ago
Nothing I love more than seeing boring characters get killed off early.
Chris_Pirtle 4 months ago
The first 3 chapters are very mild. I thought this was going to get weirder and more gruesome fast.
OniBarubary 4 months ago
Why would you even take that fucking risk

"Well if I'm wrong I'll just die or something"
t 4 months ago
Is this one of those where everyone dies in the end?
Chapter 1 and best girl already dead
rhino36 4 months ago
I already know where this will go.
Siquall 4 months ago
I already saw this somewhere before...
Yep, it's like the manga "Killer Instinct". It was really really bad, so i don't really expect anything for this one.
OniBarubary 4 months ago
Seems pretty close to a bunch of other shitty death game manga.


disgrace 4 months ago
looks promising
dori 4 months ago
This manga is very mindblowing
LeAnimuEyes 4 months ago
What the fuck?