The Friends-Eater Classroom Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Tomogui Kyoushitsu
  • 友食い教室
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  • 103,384
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At Sakurazaka High School, students in class 1-A are involved in an unreasonable game called "The Friends-Eater Game", in which one of the conditions of the game is to eat specific parts of the bodies of their friends to survive. Cannibal school begins.

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Avatar Xitel 3 days ago
God this is so bad, I love it.
Avatar Xcaliblaster 3 days ago
Chapter 31, still no teachers
Avatar lolera222 3 days ago
@koga88 literally magic bulshit that makes everyone not be aware of the game and things that happen during the game, they talked aobut that a few chapters ago
Avatar koga88 3 days ago
I'll admit that I've kinda been speed reading this after picking it up with the latest chapter but where the world are other students in the school? No one's parents are wondering what's going on when kids stay over at school for seemingly days at a time? What about teachers? Pretty sure an explosion would get some kind of attention, especially two that close together from home made bombs. Did I miss something or did the author just forget about the random idiot murders?
Avatar Phuocphuc46 18 days ago
Thing is, this kind of manga hooks readers into reading them thanks to the thriller and the mystery that will only be solved at the last chapter, so it’s guaranteed to always have a decent amount of readers, no matter how horrible plot-wise and everything in between it is.
Avatar Lv1Slime 3 mo ago
This manga is so random
Avatar Umetsu 3 mo ago
@Isekaijin with start of this arc, i finally understend, why things in this manga like that - aaallll this situation with death game and human-eating is just background. All this characters and they behavior and thinking are just roles, like in theater. All this manga about situations. Its just happens, that in this manga, "roles", partly, remember what happens in previos scenary. Performances/plays are chained. If you look on this, like that is chained spectacles, not like this all occurring in real live, its all possible and realistic.
Avatar infernotez 3 mo ago
I'm torn, the main reason I was still reading died and now it's either drop it or continue on to see why this whole scenario came about in the first place.
Avatar animefan217 3 mo ago
Maybe I'm commenting too early but where are the adults and why isn't the deaths making national news? Pretty sure after the 2nd-3rd weird death or mutilation would cause mass investigation.
Avatar Isekaijin 3 mo ago
But that's not the point. The point is how the narrative bends backwards to portray the MC in a dazzling holy light in a setting where conflictive morals should be the juice of the story. This last example, everyone who died did something very stupid and very risky, and it can't even be argued that they were acting out of desperation, since they should have been preparing for similar situations from the time the game began. Everyone turned into a monster and to avoid MC staining his pure ideals with blood, they make a girl go yandere out of freaking nowhere, off them and then die for no reason at all.
Good writing would have been the guy doing his best to save her, even considering doing the fingers thing. Instead she just assures him how loved he is and dies. Giving him another mental scar, as if those weren't laughably shallow here. That death was as bad as when his best friend and crush died, and I'm sure he will mourn her passing as much as he did theirs, which is not at all.
For the time being I'm dropping it here. Call me when dude has to kill someone innocent to survive, someone who doesn't become a murdering mess to just to justify having MC kill him.
Avatar kazaddum 3 mo ago
It's so bad, it's almost good again.
Avatar Ominous 3 mo ago
Do these people even go to class anymore?
Avatar lolera222 3 mo ago
@AKIKAN There is a "supernatural" thing going on that impedes others to think about the killings, they even said the same when they went to the other school to search for clues about the "misteriously dissapeared class"
Avatar Umetsu 3 mo ago
Everyone says "why big bones, people have fingers", and all of you forget that glasses blondy HATE Shota and want him die or suffer.
Avatar HavocRL 3 mo ago
2 fingers are enough to get 5 bones... how do those retards even consider eating a full arm bones ?
Cook the bones until they get soft ?

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Avatar AKIKAN 3 mo ago
Seriously, this manga is so stupid. From the plot, to the way the students think.

Also, Japan really is strict with its school, students keep dying yet they still have to go to class. What are the police and media doing when something this big is happening? Leave them alone and let them all come to school, with only the infected class coming?
Avatar Isekaijin 3 mo ago
It's a stupid bone. Just cut one finger from his foot, there are two bones there, and it's not like anyone will miss fingers there.
But since MC is so precious and pure, those two will end up becoming cartoonishly evil and die.
Avatar Ominous 3 mo ago
Avatar ricebao 3 mo ago
best girl's gone..time to drop
Avatar NamelessTranslation 3 mo ago
This series was under 4.00 just a couple days ago, and Yaoi and one-shots don't really count.