Alicia's Diet Quest
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  • Alicia-san no Diet Quest
  • Alicias Diet Quest
  • Диетический квест Алисии
  • アリシアさんのダイエットクエスト
  • 艾丽西娅的减肥任务
  • 艾麗西婭的減肥任務
  • 아리시아 씨의 다이어트 퀘스트
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A heroic party is traveling the land in order to defeat the Demon King. The story focuses on the Hero Ryan, Knight Sarah who needs to gain weight, and the Priestess Alicia who...wants to lose weight at any cost using any method! Through Trail and Error (mostly Error) they Succeed, but mostly fail. Join them on their Diet Quest to defeat the Demon King and Fat Subjugation!
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  • Volume 0/3
  • Chapter 0/19

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You're not quite listening to me. I've never said that you can't lose weight on a calorie restriction diet. Only that in the long term, obese people in studies have shown that it is practically impossible to keep off the weight. The academic data shows this.

Do you really think anyone eats 7000 calories just cuz they want to? Of course not. They are unable to receive the leptin signals in their hypothalamus that allow them to feel satiated. You need to repair that transmission of information from your fat to your brain. Keto can do that.

There are more factors to this like the fact that sugar is an addictive substance by almost every qualification, the fact that poor people are disproportionately more stressed than wealthy people which does metabolic damage and encourages binge eating, the fact that the number of fat storage cells in your body is pretty much determined by age 2.

There are so many reasons for metabolic syndrome, but to try and water down the issue to being merely about the number of calories is simply wrong in every way. If you're planning on going on a vacation in California next month, and you want to quickly tone yourself, go ahead with a calorie restriction. If you want longterm benefits and health, it's been academically proven that it won't get you there.

Unhealthy people can lose weight faster than I could because the body is over compensating due to their over eating. I know a morbidly obese person that told me he ate over 7000 cal in a day (according to him and his dietitian) and when he started eating less food (he went on a 4000 cal per day) he lost over 50 pounds in less than 2 months. To me that would be impossible to do in that time frame.
@bandito macros are literally all that matter about keto. Get enough fat, and limited carbs. And your situation is literally the opposite of what we're talking about. If you've always been healthy and in-shape, that means very little to unhealthy and out-of-shape people.

The fact of the matter is that studies have proven time and time again that calorie restriction diets for obese people will lose you weight in the short run, but are fundamentally unsustainable. The keto diet has shown foundational changes to the metabolism of obese people that results in long-term, sustainable effects.

Also, I've always had some problems with my blood tests. Deficiency here, surplus there. I think it's cuz my dad's side of the family are all diabetic so there's some genetic issue there. But my blood tests while on keto were the first time that I just had a clean record (besides low blood sugar, but that's kinda the point. And low white blood cells probably cuz I wasnt sleeping properly).
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the only thing you have to track is calorie intake. Who said anything about macros. That is another cookie cutter diet fad that has to die @aretheus

I always have kept in my weight by eating something like 3500 kcal by eating everything prepared by me and I have always stay on a body fat percentage around 17%. I don't do any of the diet fad but just eat my 5 meals per day and eat from all the food groups.

My cbc tests (blood tests, don't know how they call it in America) are always on point too

Funny you'd say that. Starting about 2 months in, I was eating approx. 2 steaks, 3 fillets of fish, 5 strips of bacon, 4 almond flour pancakes, a bowl of raspberries, a mug of coconut milk all within a single meal since I was also intermittent fasting.

I assure you I was tracking my calories for the first few months of keto and it was tremendously hard trying to get enough fat to satisfy those macro ratios. As a result, I was eating faaaaaar more than I did prior to keto. A calorie is not a calorie.The quality of the calorie you consume is what matters, not how much of it you consume.

But you're also not explaining why right now, in pandemic stress times where I'm probably eating more than when I was on keto due to how much I'm snacking now, I'm still miles away from being 170 again. My base equilibrium is changed. If I keep this up, I might revert that change and fuck my liver, but that's an undeniable effect of doing Keto for an extended period of time.
@aretheus you didn't lose weight from Keto you lost weight from caloric deficit. Diets do not work, only eating the correct portions of all the food groups do.

There we have it folks. Can't argue facts and logic so resort to strawman insults. I went from 170 lb to 145 lb from 1 month of keto and stayed there for a whole year. I'm obviously not doing keto now since it's a blatantly luxury diet, which I can't do during a pandemic supply chain disruption. But the point is I'm not going back to 170 anymore. My equilibrium body weight has lowered permanently. I've reprogrammed my body to consume more calories for natural metabolic processes. Other diets can be just as good if not better for short-term weight loss, but keto is the only way to get persistent weight loss even when not adhering to the regiment.
@aretheus keep telling yourself those lies and continue to be obese your whole life following these cookie cutter diets that don't work.
@bandito And you people are single-mindedly focused on the input without ever considering how you control the output. Keto actively burns off fat because fat is the only source of energy your body can tap into.

Your wrong. Caloric deficit is the only way to lose weight. Eat less than your body consumes and you should lose it little by little.
Bad cover art. Keto is the single best way to lose weight and permanently keep that weight off. I can literally eat 5 full plates of food every day in a single meal since I do omad as well. And I haven't changed my body fat content in 6 months.

That's not to say you can't lose weight on a vegan diet. That works too as long as you aren't eating refined sugar and pastries all the time. Keep the carbs and the fat away from each other, and you'll lose weight.

The cover art should actually be French fries, a burger, steak and potatoes, risotto, or any other food that is carb + fat.
@azraei97 Yeah, I wanted to at least finish this series because we only had like 6 more chapters to go, but the TL that was working on it became super lazy and didn't want to finish it. And I think there may have also been something about it not being very popular / not enough requests for it?
@mase_aga It's ok because other side already upload official English all 3 volume
LHTranslation dropped this.
I mean uh ok... the comedy is good? 7/10
Those two need to switch classes with each other seriously.
Can someone black censored that meat stick ?😁
>Alicia-sans diet quest
>Is getting handed a kebab in the cover
> 10/10 diet
Ends next month