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  • Аматсуки
  • آماتسوکی
  • ย้อนอดีตทะลุมิติ
  • あまつき
  • 天月/雨月
  • 아마츠키
  • 8.01
  • 8.05
  • 42
Pub. status:
  • 49,790
  • 1,916
  • 167
History isn't Tokidoki's strong subject. He's even forced to do make-up work at a high-tech museum to boost his failing grades. After being attacked by a virtual reality monster and having his goggles broken, he finds himself trapped in the Edo period. Could it be real?
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  • Volume 0/24
  • Chapter 0/156

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i read to ch27 and i'm so confused rn
where is chapter 157 and 158 I check myanimelist and anilist they all said this manga have chapter 158 is where the manga completed?
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Again, thank you EGS for making this possible. Thank you so much for not abandoning this manga that I hold so very dear.

@Redwaterflowing With that exact sentiment I kept avoiding reading the last twenty or so chapters. Today I finally made my mind up and finished reading it. What can I say. I don't regret it after all. I loved this story and characters to bits, even if there were some parts of it that could have gone better. I only regret this hasn't been published in English. I would buy all 24 volumes in a heartbeat.
Whoa. Imagine having to wait for four and some years to read the "the Cuckoo Sings at the Moon" arc.

Reading this series after so long is a strange feeling. My anticipation is building with each chapter I read but I can't shake a sense of mild dread that the conclusion is not going to live up to the series' potential.

By the way, I am totally definitely not asking for spoilers. If you feel a need to spurt such things, then do so in an empty paper bag.
Thank you so much for finishing this!
Thank you for finishing it, EGS! <3
Thank you for finished it!
I remember this one being super confusing, but once it's finished I want to give it another try!
I did read this a long ass time ago- and got a bit confused at what the plot was. I think its a manga thats better to read in one or two sittings.

The art has always been gorgeous.

U know, I must say the cover arts are breath taking
Hello! There is a group still doing this. They're called easy going scans and they post exclusively on their website. Here's link of their profile they have here:
i wish someone was still doing this~