Shingan no Yuusha
Alt name(s):
  • Hero of God Eye
  • Shingan no Yusha
  • The Brave With God's Eye
  • Герой божественного глаза
  • 神眼の勇者
  • 신안(神眼)의 용사
  • 6.59
  • 6.54
  • 1,122
Pub. status:
  • 698,186
  • 20,446
  • 61
Makoto is a recluse (hikikomori) who gets summoned to another world. After being discarded by the original goddess, another goddess grants him the "Truth Eye" aka "God's Eye". Makoto is now able to see various things, including the past and future.
He then finds a town overrun by zombies, picks up a log, kills the entire town of zombies and rescues three naked girls trapped in a well. After looting the town of valuable he goes to register at an adventurer's guild and is powerful enough to kill a veteran adventurer in one hit. He then uses his OP powers to build a harem in a fantasy world.
Russian / Русский
Adaptation of the Light Novel by the same name.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/?
  • Chapter 0/?

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Hero of the god eye? more like hero of the fucking log
seriously what's with that gag
its so random lmao i love it
Oh god I forgot this was that manga with the that completely does not fit the tone of the manga.
@Tosher you are pritty much on point with that, but there actually is more to that.
What a shifty manga, Japan Authors have to think more about what they doing or the quality of manga are going to be from bad to very bad.
before i read.... that log.... motha fuker probably beats the shit out of everyone with a tree.
The artist knows what their readers want
the last 3 chapters make me confuse af
This is good ass weird shit
This some weird ass shit
he turned the evil goddess into a frickin pet!!????
Honestly I fail to comprehend this story lol. How did point B reach point A, i ain’t got a clue
This manga is 10/10 makes fun of itself while also being entertaining and giving the middle finger to all the whiny SJWs that try to read this and then drop it cause they're a super sensitive snowflake.
Ummm the description makes this seem pretty terrible lmfaooo.
This guy smacks his sword on people's helmet (flat side) and then complains it's not as effective as a log after all... Is this author really that retarded? Just because he wanted the MC to have a unique looking weapon?
of course its a girl wtf.
Was the time hero put in his place?
A wild cyclops loli appears! Wood Log I choose you!
Lol is that kid really going on a random rant about transgenderism?
So can somebody tell me what's happening? All I'm getting is transgender rape. is it bad? Do people just have an issue with rape in stories? was it a heel-turn? I'm probably gonna read it regardless, but can someone make a non-reactionary comment explaining what's happening?

edit: All right, all caught up. I have no idea what people are on about. It's basically an isekai. I'd consider it pretty unique at that. At the very least, the combination of tropes are interesting. The only real negative I can see is that at one point, a person's very deep trauma is way too easily talk-no-justu'd away in the most cheesy way and protag. didn't take the good log on the beach. I can see the writing on the wall that some dumb shit's gonna happen in like 30 more chapters but that's just my prediction. If you don't mind some edge to your isekai but you aren't looking for actual edge (like revenge reincarnation stories) and you're okay with a protag. that will fuck his typical fantasy harem, read this. Don't expect a masterpiece, but it's solid. Final thoughts, I don't get what everyone's deal is. It isn't even that weird of a manga. Maybe I've seen too much? My best guess is that a bunch of the people who disliked this were recommended to read this from some external group and this just doesn't fit that group's tastes. It's like an 7.5/10, but i don't have issues with edgy scenarios in non-edgy manga or sexuality or i guess gender-swapping.

BTW, I don't see how this is supporting transgenderism. Like, there's a character that can switch genders at will, but they don't experience any dysphoria and they tend to only switch to suit some need and just stays in whatever gender they last needed. Don't really get what Azurekite1 was talking about.
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