Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka?
Alt name(s):
  • Do you like a mother whose normal attack is a double hit on all targets?
  • Do You Love Your Mother whose Normal Attack is a 2-Hit All-Attack Combo?
  • Okaa-san Online
  • Ты же любишь мамочку, удары которой бьют по площади двойным уроном?
  • 通常攻击是全体攻击兼二次攻击的妈妈你喜欢吗?
  • 通常攻撃が全体攻撃で二回攻撃のお母さんは好きですか?
  • 일반공격이 전체공격에 2회 공격인 엄마는 좋아하세요?
  • 통상공격이 전체공격에 2회 공격인 엄마는 좋아하세요?
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Oosuki Masato is an ordinary high school boy who gets to go to a game-world, but for some reason his doting, over-protective mother comes along as well. It's time to play a new VRMMO with his mother!

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Um adolescente é transportado para um mundo de fantasia estilo RPG... com sua mãe, e ela acaba por ser um membro da equipe extremamente poderosa. Seu ataque normal equivale a dois ataques com poder máximo!
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    *Reads manga to escape overbearing parents*
    *Sees this, where you cannot escape overbearing parent even in another world*
    *Anxiety level rising*

    Oh god this is a nightmare. If it had a young protag with a guardian parent, family feel to it, it might be ok but not this.
    Manga feel industrial nowadays ...
    It's like isekai is a trendy theme so that they just try really hard to milk "isekai" and now we have these ridiculous isekai manga that try its hardest to be unique in that genre but instead it just ... awkward
    would be nice an idol group getting transported to another world and not a brat with his mom ( tho i wish the brat gets better)

    edit: i guess the author decided to put some kind of parents element into the story and decided to put a brat in a form of teen instead of a brat and decided to put some fan service. if i were the
    author i would put family element instead of parents element thingy and now you think about a family getting transported into another world sounds interesting
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    I have just one question.

    Why Japan, why?!
    Dropped at chapter 3
    Are the names of the cities variations of the word "mother"? Lol
    I literally did the EXACT. SAME. THING. Which is a real travesty, because I absolutely love the mom, Shirase, and the general concept of the manga, but Wise is just so goddamn toxic and in-your-face obnoxious that I spent more time being angry at her than I did enjoying the manga.
    I dropped this one.. I just cant around how unlikeable some of the characters are and the contrivances in the plot. It's like watching a trainwreck with none of the explosions or fire.
    I mean. I can understand the premise but I see why this is so disliked. Reading this, I was constantly getting frustrated by the developments. Waiz is unlikeable, violent tsunderes with none of the dere are literally Naru-tier shitfests. All skills and equipment goes towards the mother... how is this supposed to make the parent and child pairing grow? The child will constantly be comparing their own growth and items obtained and feel envy towards their parents resulting in resentment. How is the child supposed to grow as a person when their parents are actively making the child worse off? They are making their child into useless leeches who can only rely on others. It's incredibly toxic.

    The only positive out of any of this is the mothers design. But even her degree of doting is overbearing and suffocating.
    I have been reading manga for over a decade and have never been the "this character ruins a series" kind of person but waiz is just the worst character in this series to the point i dropped the series all together the author needs to ditch this character asap
    @samazam That bothers you really that much?

    Fiction aside, I don't know about you but I've long come to grips knowing that people will have shitty attitudes, regardless of age. Hell most of us have at one point in our lives, ie. adolescence. It's not matter of it being an excuse. Generally, a parent better be thick-skinned enough to beat the shit out of the little snot when do act that way, which Mamako failed to do. However this is Japan; that's not a solution and it doesn't fly. Instead, we get a nigh-impossible perfect world scenario instead where the son immediately acquiesces and is miraculously understanding and knows his place. Now I'm not trying to rag on the story, but one has to come to grips with the fact that this isn't meant to be taken very seriously.
    @samazam I believe that is the whole shtick of the series, kids being a prick to mum, and got send to a world of game of the sort with his mum so they can fix their relationship.
    I think it might take a while so that they can fix their relationship.

    So in other words, he does "change" by a bit... Though if you mean like instant complete reform then it's a "no".
    So I started reading this just to see what all the noise is about, and is immediately turned off by how much of an asshole the brat is. Like, I dunno about you guys but for real, from where I come from he would get fucking belted to shit for talking like that to his mom. Going through puberty and being rebellious does not excuse you of such behavior.

    Please tell me that is just a one time deal and he changes post chapter 2.
    After reading this, none of the detractors make much sense to me. It's really not that bad. Modest even, as far as plot goes.

    It's more "pleasant" than anything else.
    unless your a mom-con excited to get embarassed bc your mom is just better than you at everything in the game... don't bother reading this. The art is decent, the ecchi is minimal, the plot is one of the most boring I've ever seen in an isekai. It feels like they're aiming for mediocrity here, the only draw is the occasional lewd-the-milf joke.
    place your hand to your heart and imagine if your mother who give birth to you and or raised you is playing beside you when you're doing dailies / weekly raid ... ... ... and wearing cosplay suit from your mmo where the legend tier armor for female is most likely a bikini ... ... ... and she have better equipment / better skill / better financially or even worse she's carrying your quota

    if you felt cringe then you're still human , if not call 911 for help

    that's how i explained these mixed feelings i have towards this manga .
    I always wonder why this can be popular and ... meh.
    Really you guys, this is a strange trend, far more than incest brother and sister.
    This is fiction but still the logic is necessary, and a value that shapes the world of the story that allows you to accept it.
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    Childhood friend, teacher, aunt, sister, mother, I see a pattern but is there anyone left to follow?

    Edit: Forgot to mention daughter from future.
    they are missing mother-con tag