Killing Morph Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Satsuriku Morph
  • 殺戮モルフ
Author: Nokuto Koike
Artist: Masaya Hokazono
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Action Horror Mystery Psychological Supernatural Tragedy
Rating: 8.14 49
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 27,348
  • 1,093
  • 52
Description: Plagued by visions of a psychopath after a slaughter in a busy street in downtown Ikebukuro, Madoka must question her own sanity as to whether what she is seeing is actually happening.

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Authn 2 months ago
It's getting more and more ridiculous with each chapter.
I'm waiting to see the broken Madoka.
zawarudo 2 months ago
I'm convinced the story will just end with Madoka becoming the next M like the original one keeps implying (and eventually says outright).
LeAnimuEyes 4 months ago
Calling it now, it turns out that Madoka was already a homicidal maniac and she was the one who killed her friends.
Ok maybe not, but that would be interesting.
Haukka 4 months ago
@Maxcos I have read enough mangas where the direction of the story goes that way so it irks me when the MC becomes crazy.

Last edited 4 months ago.

jtpetino 4 months ago
This started like a 6 for me, but as of right now is almost a solid 7. If it goes on to a stupid route, then back to 6. If not, a solid 7.
Maxcos 4 months ago
@Haukka why? that would be the most entertaining direction of the story
Red_July 4 months ago
Three chapters in a row! nice!
thank you Ciaran Hillock and xPearse.
ultraleaf 4 months ago
lol she used the mace on herself
Hounder 4 months ago
Yes. Yes, this is one f'd up manga. But we keep coming back.
GrumblingGhost 4 months ago
This is better then the name and volume cover would imply. Helps that I'm a sucker for masked murderers.
Pika 4 months ago
Even a mass murderer needs to look fly
wigjump 4 months ago
This is a messed up manga.
Riltz 4 months ago
So 120º selfies also work for serial killers.
ultraleaf 6 months ago
noooo! damn cliff hanger