Sachiiro no One Room Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Sachi-iro no One Room
  • 幸色のワンルーム
  • 幸色的一居室
  • 행복한 색의 원룸
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One day, a fourteen year-old girl was kidnapped... or so the police have been lead to believe. Actually, she tried to run away from her abusive parents and was helped by her stalker who then shelters her in his apartment. Although he considers his actions as kidnapping, the girl is happy about the situation and proposes to him, with the condition that if they are caught, they will commit suicide.

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    Avatar Me 4 days ago
    @GoodWorld Is our masked misanthrope really even a kidnapper? I mean, yes, he calls himself that, but let us look at the actual facts.

    He asked her to come with him. No force or threats were used to attain her cooperation.
    He leaves her unattended with the door unlocked. No effort is made at imprisonment. If she ever wants to leave, she just has to walk out the door. while he's asleep or at work
    This is enhanced by the fact that her parents(such as they are) have kept the area agitated, so people are looking for her. If she leaves, it will be trivial to ensure she never meets him again.

    Basically, she went with him because she wanted to, and she stays with him because she still wants to. Is that what you call kidnapping?

    From a technical, legal standpoint, I'd say he is guilty of harboring a runaway, not kidnapping. Where I'm from, that is a crime, but it is a different and less serious one. (I acknowledge japanese law may consider the two equivalent.) He's unarguably a stalker. But again, that's a different crime.
    From a moral standpoint... he's a hero risking his life to protect her from a society that is conspiring with a pair of horrifying monsters, of the kind you occasionally see in the news after it is too late. Granted, he didn't set out to be a hero, but results matter.

    If he were actually presented as a kidnapper, I would've dropped this like a hot potato. A disgustingly moldy hot potato.
    Avatar Kiruzu 14 days ago
    Update please update pleas update q.q not liek this
    Avatar GoodWorld 23 days ago
    I usually hate these kinds of manga where they try to have me sympathize with a kidnapper, but it handles it in a more mature way than anything else I read. The character in this manga isn't just crazy they have rational thought that people can understand and doubts about what they are doing, therefore, they actually grow as characters.
    Avatar uwaktere 23 days ago
    Shit, it feels like instant bullet
    Avatar Ruiruru 2 mo ago
    What's wrong with two scanlators? Just read one of them. Geez.
    Avatar Vverg 2 mo ago
    Now we need to wait for fall :angry:
    Avatar donutholer 2 mo ago
    why the fuck are there 2 scanners, its fucking annoying.
    Avatar horsewithnoname 2 mo ago
    Oh my god this is gold...
    Avatar Redwaterflowing 2 mo ago
    Wow! That is something.
    Avatar Tcof 2 mo ago

    Anyway, just realize Sachi design look really alike with a doujin i saw.

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    Avatar hoodedice 2 mo ago
    Are we having yet another scanlation fight here? As if anon vs fanged on nagatoro wasn't enough >_>
    Avatar Denrick19 2 mo ago
    Of course it stops the moment they get to his house why NOT leave it on a massive cliff hanger
    Avatar pachogamez 3 mo ago
    24 to 26.5

    Somebody wants to upload them?

    Volume end on cliffhanger , dammit
    Avatar Vverg 3 mo ago
    @senpaiesdeath hmmm...

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    Avatar Nightlilygirl- 3 mo ago
    The story seems to be getting much more complicated than what I first thought... I'll just keep reading to understand where it is actually going.
    Avatar Tcof 3 mo ago
    Why some chapter is long but some like just 1 chapter but cut into 4 peace. it so short
    Avatar Kiruzu 3 mo ago
    This was a good read.
    Avatar kronix 3 mo ago
    So the girl turned out to be more crazy than kidnapper well fuckme.
    Avatar senpaiesdeath 3 mo ago
    @vverg *Jailbait scans
    Avatar Vverg 3 mo ago
    So many updates... thanks Jailbreak scans!

    (It's a seinen, accept it)

    edit: wasnt needed 😅

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