Sachiiro no One Room Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Sachi-iro no One Room
  • 幸色のワンルーム
  • 幸色的一居室
  • 행복한 색의 원룸
Author: Hakuri
Artist: Hakuri
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Drama Psychological Romance Slice of Life
Rating: 9.01 155
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 53,740
  • 2,560
  • 62
Description: One day, a fourteen year-old girl was kidnapped... or so the police have been lead to believe. Actually, she tried to run away from her abusive parents and was helped by her stalker who then shelters her in his apartment. Although he considers his actions as kidnapping, the girl is happy about the situation and proposes to him, with the condition that if they are caught, they will commit suicide.

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    Vverg 7 days ago
    Now we need to wait for fall :angry:
    donutholer 8 days ago
    why the fuck are there 2 scanners, its fucking annoying.
    horsewithnoname 11 days ago
    Oh my god this is gold...
    Redwaterflowing 12 days ago
    Wow! That is something.
    Tcof 13 days ago

    Anyway, just realize Sachi design look really alike with a doujin i saw.

    Last edited 13 days ago.

    hoodedice 13 days ago
    Are we having yet another scanlation fight here? As if anon vs fanged on nagatoro wasn't enough >_>
    Denrick19 13 days ago
    Of course it stops the moment they get to his house why NOT leave it on a massive cliff hanger
    pachogamez 16 days ago
    24 to 26.5

    Somebody wants to upload them?

    Volume end on cliffhanger , dammit
    Vverg 18 days ago
    @senpaiesdeath hmmm...

    Last edited 18 days ago.

    Nightlilygirl- 18 days ago
    The story seems to be getting much more complicated than what I first thought... I'll just keep reading to understand where it is actually going.
    Tcof 18 days ago
    Why some chapter is long but some like just 1 chapter but cut into 4 peace. it so short
    Kiruzu 18 days ago
    This was a good read.
    kronix 18 days ago
    So the girl turned out to be more crazy than kidnapper well fuckme.
    senpaiesdeath 18 days ago
    @vverg *Jailbait scans
    Vverg 18 days ago
    So many updates... thanks Jailbreak scans!

    (It's a seinen, accept it)

    edit: wasnt needed 😅

    Last edited 18 days ago.

    Abedeus 18 days ago
    Sold/released in seinen magazine or something similar = seinen demographic. How the hell is this even an issue.
    mikegnesium 19 days ago
    What part of this is targeted towards young adult men?

    My guess is, at young men that are interested in stories that can be tagged as "psychological" and "slice of life".

    The artstyle emphasizes gaunt bodies and simple faces with big eyes common in shoujo manga.

    This is stupid ass point. Also, given the topic, level of characters portrayals, and lack of tropes associated with shoujo, if you wanted to make semblance of an impression of an argument, you should've went with josei. Still, using the art style as a point was dumb.

    The romance is completely alien from a male perspective.

    Not everything needs to be voiced. Also, no romance here, just pretend-play. Which ironically was stated explicitly by both characters in-story.

    He doesn't even react to seeing her naked.

    Another stupid ass point. If you want Tenchi Muyo reactions, go read Tenchi Muyo.

    (actually i didn't read it either, but i'd imagine they are on par with those in Love Hina)

    The depiction of bullying is also very feminine. Emphasis on scars and isolation less so than humiliation and a desire for revenge.

    That's how women bully each other - social ostracism plays a big part in that. They're also less temperamentally inclined to thirsting for getting back at their abusers ; most of them anyway. I don't get lack of "humiliation" though. (I would imagine pride was the only thing keeping the girl from killing herself or reaching out for help to authorities (after first fiasco) - if she did, she would've been marked as a "victim that succumbed to her circumstances", and insistence on not doing any of those things allowed her to keep last scraps of personal dignity in her mind.)* Still, just a guess on my part. She "just" might've felt extremely depersonalized.

    *or not, according to the latest chapters

    ...Also, this seems to be heading in direction that i don't particularly appreciate. Social commentaries and grunt detective work are not what i came here for.

    Last edited 18 days ago.

    trapfucker69pl 19 days ago
    Very educational manga, learnt much about stockholm syndrom brb gonna put it into practice .
    Ironclad 20 days ago
    @LineaR What part of this is targeted towards young adult men? The artstyle emphasizes gaunt bodies and simple faces with big eyes common in shoujo manga. The romance is completely alien from a male perspective. He doesn't even react to seeing her naked. The depiction of bullying is also very feminine. Emphasis on scars and isolation less so than humiliation and a desire for revenge.

    @Omoni You're the only person talking about genres. This was labelled as Demographic: Seinen but this is clearly targeted to the shoujo demographic.
    Omoni 20 days ago
    @Ironclad Ye, why is Mario tennis genres Sports, Teen, Action. Crazy. Did you hear that new genre coming out called A18? It has some competition with RPG and FPS.
    LineaR 20 days ago
    From what i know, Seinen manga are manga marketed toward young adult men, and from what i see, it indeed so?

    So your point was?
    Ironclad 20 days ago
    @Omoni What do you think those words mean?
    Omoni 20 days ago
    @Ironclad Its marked as seinen because its a seinen manga? You do know Shoujo and Seinen arent genres right?
    Ironclad 20 days ago
    What is it with shoujo manga and romanticizing being kidnapped/abducted/forced into marriage? If you're reading it, isn't it like admitting you want to be dominated and treated like a possession? Who tagged this as seinen?

    Last edited 20 days ago.

    emmert 20 days ago
    What the fuck is going on
    Mugenman88 20 days ago
    A massive update and a Count me the fuck in.
    Redwaterflowing 1 month ago
    Don't think its a case of Lima Syndrome since Mr. Kidnapper already had a thing for Sachi before taking her. As for Sachi, I think calling her feelings a case of Stockholme syndrome is a bit simple. Before she was kidnapped, she was being beaten, bullied, verbally/emotionally abused and sexually assaulted and if she stayed where she was at; it would have only been a matter of time until she ended up murdered or committed suicide so I think she figured that being kidnapped by a stranger could not be worse than what she was already dealing with. Kind of like jumping off a sinking ship: there might be sharks, the water might be bitterly cold, might be stranded out in the middle of the ocean for days or weeks but staying on the ship is certain death. So, it would be a simple choice between the unknown or suffering followed by death.

    Just my thoughts on the manga.
    Nick86 2 months ago
    There is no pace for Saki. Thanks for the update JB.
    GabrielH 3 months ago
    I dunno why, but this manga makes me remember a certain vn 'Teaching Feelings'
    le3 3 months ago
    mangabinger185 3 months ago
    She has it better with that dude her parents and her school wont do her good but end her life somehow the uneasy feeling i got because literally this will be one hell of a sad suicide story
    Kimitchii 3 months ago
    Stockholm Syndrome perhaps but look at the life she had before... Ain't she better off now?
    depzdai 3 months ago
    Too many flags.
    Nick86 3 months ago
    Thanks for the update JB. Nice to see this serie is back.
    mikegnesium 3 months ago
    Stockholm syndrome AND Lima syndrome, both happening at the same time. What are the odds?
    eimi 3 months ago
    Stockholm syndrome.