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  • Isaak
  • Исаак
  • Иссак
  • イサック
  • 伊萨克
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In the 17th century, the Holy Roman Empire was ravaged by the Thirty Years' War. In the middle of this chaos appeared a Japanese mercenary named Isaak. His fierce battle begins!

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love it!
@UnknownSaint111 Well, he's just a mercenary so there really doesn't have to be
I don’t think japan had any conflict with a country so far away and so dam different.
I mean, I get you guys, but y'all shouldve know that this one isnt going to be all that historically accurate when ghe girl on the cover wears chestplate that has pronounced boobs.
A Japanese mercenary named I SUCK.
Sometimes I wonder if people understand that Isaak is a ‘What If Spinola got killed before he wrecked his way through Germany” story and Isaak is just serving as a butterfly element. I don’t know why people even question Isaak’s name, it has already been established that it’s his European alias, same with Lorenzo. And the thing with Isaak’s musket, you do realise that Japanese matchloks have effective range of 200 meters right? Which the author never broke and you also have to realize that the current time in the story is already 30-40 years after Oda Nobunaga and his famous destruction of cavalry with his guns? Nothing about this story breaks the suspense of disbelief if you actually bothered to look into the relevant subjects.
the art in this is so scruffy
The asspain is ridiculous.
This is like going to an american drama streaming site and complaining of gun violence and backstabbing.
if you completely ignore the historical context its fine
Almighty Japanese sharp-shooter 1 shot kills one of the best generals from the time period at a distance of 300 feet in first chapter? aight I'm heading out
The Mc isn’t even likable... your telling me a Japanese dude is named issac? But the authors didn’t even bother using a normal name but using Issak instead?
Damn thought this would be cool to read, but it's as if a Weeaboo made a manga. Suddenly the world changes shape and nothing, including physics, can stop Japanesu steeruru.
Thanks for the reply. I guess sometimes Japanese is weird like that. Issak will bother me until the end of times.
@A9DOC Issak is the official Romanisation of the name by the authors or editors. You can see it on the cover at the top of this page. I know it makes no sense, but nothing we can do about it.

Well, it does make some sense in that his true name is Isaku, thus the strange European version.

Hapsburg is an alternative spelling of the Austrian imperial family:

Personally, I'd have preferred Habsburg since it's more common, but I'm assuming our translator is following the romaji spelling, though I haven't checked myself. According to the possible etymology in the link above, both "hap" and "hab" may reflect the Middle High German origin of the name of Habsburg Castle.
Death Toll Scans, thanks for translating this manga first and foremost. It's a manga that needs just that little bit of polish to be a nice "what if" take in historical genres.

What keeps bothering me however, is the name Issak. Why have you guys translated the name this way? I know it's common in English to butcher the name, but..
The common way to write the name is Isaac. If you want the Dutch spelling, it's Isaak. Is there a reason why you went with Issak? It bothers me to no end.

Edit: I also noticed the use of Hapsburgs. Why did you change it from Habsburg?
Wanted to read some historical manga and it's just another nipwank mango, i dropped this garbage after see TEH SAMURI shoot down full plate armor guy in the chest with NIP Matchlock what a joke! The Author cultural insecurity are showing.
It's kind of masturbatory over how cool Japan is compared to Europe in the author's eyes, but an enjoyable read all the same.
Still a nice one even though there's no specific rainy season in Germany.
So far so good.. Really loving the art.. I find myself discovering and loving "historical" and "war" type of manga last year and again I have found one again..
Thanks for updating!