Araburu Kisetsu no Otomedomo yo.
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  • Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.
  • Maidens of the Savage Season
  • O Maidens in Your Savage Season
  • Сезон беспокойных дев
  • 荒ぶる季節の乙女どもよ。
  • 거친 계절의 처녀들이여
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  • 343
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  • 191,871
  • 7,280
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Kazusa's first high school literature club meeting starts with five girls being asked, "What's one thing you want to do before you die?" When one of them blurts out, "Sex," it launches these new friends down a raucous, embarrassing, all-too-relatable path. One of Japan's top female screenwriters, Okada hones her knack for aching drama and wry humor that became her trademark with anime like anohana and Maquia. Amid an explosion of graphic novels about girls' teenage years, like Lumberjanes and That One Summer, O Maidens brings a diverse, fresh, and hilarious perspective on how it feels to leave childhood behind.
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  • Volume 0/8
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but sadly not this time, damnit
@Yourself yes, completely the same.
I was reading this manga and forgot all about it now I found it again like "ah right I was reading this" then I remembered all about that whole love triangle drama and bs and remembered why I dropped it
Is the manga ending the same as the anime?
this is too big brain for me...
@SJ7 yuri for the win. Uncultured swine
Well let's just say it follows the anime ending

I do suggest people watch the anime if they can't wait due the slow update.

The chapter 17 is already the mark of Shitshow.

Be warned.
Holy shit, this is way to fucking drama for me, like... just.. no.
Just no.

Edit: Ok I just had to go look at the ending (raws), cause like, why not? (Note I did read up to like vol. 3, then skimmed through up to latest chapter 17, so yes I read most of it so far)
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@theilikepie nah, don't be bothered by what @tono_hakai_o_shite_miyou explained.
the battle pretty much still on (ch. 30), next chapter is the last one.

Spoiler ch.29-30 below

-spoiler end-

To be honest kinda disappoint with the development to the ending.
I was baited, the first few episodes of this anime got me. I thought this is a really funny show about what you can call innocent girls and their puberty.
the plot that leading to the end kinda feels forced to create climax ending with the drama (like many others shonen/shojo manga about romance).
it feels their oblivious-ness about "what is love".....(nah, no joke), feel so absurd (it will make a sense if this story setting in an arab country or something like that).
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As always, damn you mari okada
Cannot bring me to hate her story without liking it XD
Wait what really? Is the last chapter released?
So it's another covert shoujo series everyone praises for being different or being able to portray realistic characters complete with realistic (read: very unrealistic) drama which is usually simply muddling of relationships or warping typical virtues. But this time there's humor to entice people to read until the poorly done drama beings! These are always the same.
It's like the equivalent of isekai for drama.
The only sadly humorous part is how most women authors unintentionally reaffirm the fact that men/boys are the true romantics.
No thanks, I'll pass.
Bravo, Okada
Just noticed the author (not the artist) is Mari Okada! No wonder I like it so, her works are among my favorite.
Spoilers ahead.
Wow. A nostalgic and sweet (and frustrating) read for me. I binged this through the night and now I’m in my feelings lol.

But I like the storytelling. It gives a soft feeling, along with the illustrations. I like how the characters and their conflict are very organic, a refreshing change of pace
Gonna bookmark this one and read it when it complete
Ok, I don't enjoy storys with a lot of realism and I also tougth this ones gonna be full drama and naive girls looking to get laid fast and doing stupid thins along the way, but this manga actualy manages to not get too serious and be really funny, like REALLY funny!