Cold Game
Alt name(s):
  • Called Game
  • Vivre ou mourir, ou aimer calmement
  • コールドゲーム
  • 8.18
  • 8.31
  • 101
Pub. status:
  • 61,747
  • 2,076
  • 9
Aruna is the princess of B Kingdom. One day, it is decided that she will marry the king of E Kingdom, a country known for its bloody conflicts. This is the tale of a girl who carries secrets and ambitions, and a game in which love, pride and life will be played.
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Honestly feel like I pushed myself to get past the first 9 chapters and only hoping to be rewarded by the 10th which for me means the manga fails a bit in creating interesting characters. Only the King feels fleshed out while others are uninteresting or frustating to read about. I probably skimmed through most of the dialogue because of this. I still have no attachment to the fl either.
This is something you read when you're bored and have nothing else to read, it's okay-ish. The characters in this book are pretty shallow, predictable, and a collection of cliches.
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This gem should get more recognitions! Eagerly waiting for the next chapter
it's very good i'm so happy that i found this, but now i find that the updates is going to take a lot of time... NOW I'M SAD and MAD that i have to wait a damn lot of time, Why (╯°口°)╯(┴—┴
I find a gem, i will always waiting for this update traumerei.
You guys have a good sense of manga
That's true, it's very cruel.
I get scared thinking what will happen next.
Such a good storyline!!! Hope it gets updated more regularly- pleases and thank you 🙌🙌🙌🙌
This is pretty cruel for a shojou manga.
@goronyanpai where are you seeing these chapters?
MC appears the prideful strong willed type, or at least that's how she's intended to be portrayed.. until the plot needs the ml to look dominant then she gets nerfed. the truly humiliating thing wasn't being captured by the enemies, or even breaking down in a moment of weakness while in detainment, okay fine. it was having the ml save her when this could have been an opportunity to test that strength with action instead of just having the other characters mention it as merely an attribute of her personality, or showing the results of her swordsmanship very briefly through a flashback. get herself out of the situation while they were all taking their merry time bickering on whether or not to bother saving her. also I loved how the ML shows up last minute after appearing so apathetic to take the credit from the black haired dude who was prepared to face punishment or status demotion to help her. if he hadn't brought her disappearance up as an issue, would the ml have even done anything? seems to me like he just took this as opportunity to gain the black haired dudes allegiance like he originally planned too. arguably, all the ml had to do.. was stand there, throw a bag of coins, & look all cool xD
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Did not expect that much going in, but this one is checking all the great boxes. Strong cast with realistic motivations
Good chemistry between characters
Compelling story
Really happy I found this gem. Thanks for translating it.
So we left behind 3 chapters here.
I've seen the latest developments on OM and wow, give me time to enjoy the beauty of Izumi-sensei's art; it's biting, sexy, and clean.
Although some angles are still inconsistent, the spots taken in each panel are very good.

I'm really fascinated by the latest chapter - with a new volume, as a magazine cover in the new edition - the view between Arthur and Sumire is clearly visible here.
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I happened to get this news when surfing on twitter.
It's a bit late, but I think the popularity gained in Japan is indeed feasible. And also if you visit on bookmeter (it's Japanese's Goodreads), the comments are average all good. Maybe this could be a reference for those of you who aren't interested in reading.

Based on tweets from @bestucomieditor, Cold Game ranks in Kono Manga ga Sugoi! magazine. Well, it's not as hard to get an award, but it shows the achievements.

I also thought at first that the manga was still opaque starting from the background and conflict, but it was increased in vol 2 to cover up the obscure parts, and leave behind many mysteries and tragedies that occurred. We know that :the power carried by each queen has been understood how much, and it is clear that the power of the king is weak, but who is moving the country now?

I bet on this manga that can improve over time. It's a shoujo, but isn't like most shoujo (in a good sense).
Hard criticism seems too excessive. It's still warming up and at least we don't see a weak princess blindly because of love. She will definitely come to fight.
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I want to give my hypothesis :
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I was about to read it but when the first chapter a male character which act high and mighty and seemingly dominating the female MC appears I just had a very very strong hunch that he's the true male character which will ends up with the MC and the fiancee is just a stalking horse meant to be a stepping stone to make the MC 'growing up from the past' and made the old fiancee looks pretty bad compared to the new shiny powerful true male lead. All those 'promises' will be broken to prove that the story is 'realistic', meant to be a melodramatic plot device prepared by the author to create a plot in which the MC wavering between her past and new life. It will be a "I'm sorry I just realised that I fall in love with him, he's the one who always there for me when I'm down. Please just forget our childish promise in the past." situation.

The author will be portraying the MC as strongwilled but whenever the seemingly high and mighty guy needs to shine she will be cowering in fear, being awed by his awesomeness. Which will slowly melt her original resolve to oblivion and finally dedicate her whole life for him. After a lot of melodramatic trials and tribulations the two leads lives happily ever after.

It's not that this kind of story is bad in itself, I've just seen too many of this type of story that made me feels repulsed just by the hints of it. The first time I read something like this it was novelty for me, but after a lot of story using that formula it becomes tiring. I hope my prediction is terribly wrong though, if there's other people already read this far ahead, please tell me wether it is correct or not in spoiler tag.
Ooookay, this plot is Henry VIII's wives (give or take some name changes to avoid duplicates (c'mon Europe, THREE Catherines?)) x The Bachelor. Weird. I wonder how much the series is going to stick to that script?
I like the main female character. It did get pretty dark there. Intrested to see where this goes.
It's been far too long since I've read a manga featuring games of intrigue and politics among nobles as good as this one! Hope there's more chapters to come in the future!
How was it determined that this series is a tragedy? Because based on what the author did to Joou No Hana, if that tag is correct, I’m leaving this feels trip (that I did not sign up for lmao).

Edit: Bless, the tag has been removed. I can finally read this in peace-ish.
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Way to go, Sumire! I need more strong heroine like this.
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