Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • A Maiden in Love with a Maiden Boy
  • Её любовь в парня-девушку
  • 乙女男子に恋する乙女
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  • 8.21
  • 364
Pub. status:
  • 518,205
  • 5,893
  • 785
Minakuchi Mayu, a girl who hates men, fell in love at first sight with a... crossdressing boy?!
Does she likes "girls"? Or does she likes "boys"?

Find out in this heart-throbbing pure love comedy!

Portuguese / Português
Minakuchi Mayu, uma menina que odeia homens, numa manhã, em um trem lotado, quando um homem tenta toca-la, ela é sava por uma outra garota, de nome Yuuki e se apaixona por ela. Porem, na realidade a linda garota, na realidade é uma garoto que se veste como uma garota.

Afinal, ela gosta de "meninas"? Ou ela gosta de "meninos"?
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So.... we should be reading this on mangafox? 😆
@contrasena go read Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan
@DjAlexDubCheck Because past the 300th chapter It suddenly turned really boring to me. I blame the release format that hurts the author developing the plot. Maybe if I read the chapters on batches can make it enjoyable again.
The problem surges from it being a romantic comedy with a lacking comedy part. After reading several Shoujo manga this feels weak by being truncated. Think about reading a regular manga (15+ pages manga per chapter) 1 page a day.

Tomo-chan was good on a daily basis of comedy relief. Do you have a recommendation on a 4koma comedy series that has a constant rate of releases?
This is much better than Tomo-chan, how can you miss that ?
In the last, I don't know... 40 chapters? I'm not liking the release format of this manga anymore. When reading a 4koma I expect some kind of "punch line" or close at the end of the page, but lately there is almost none of it. You need the next pages to understand anything.

If so, it would be better to release more than one page at a time, discarding the daily release or even the 4-panel format. But that's only my opinion I guess. I can't stop thinking that the author keeps doing it like this because it is more easy. As it doesn't require thinking about the layout anymore. Just 4 wide panels, and if it is not enough just continue on another page, another day.

I miss Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko.

Edit: After looking, it appears to be serialized on a 4koma magazine/web. So maybe the author is forced to do it like this.

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smug face on cover
people who use an umbrella when it's sunny = vampire.
Does the MC have something called genderless beauty
P/s: the way the secondary MC is thinking really got me , because sometime i felt that way toward my crush (a real 3d person)
Thank yooou! I wished Yuki really thought that way during that dàte rather than thinking it was all so that they won't get hit on ?
@ifalangaria I think it could refer to this arc, but there are some differences https://mangadex.org/chapter/419106/1
Probably it is an omake
Anyone know which chapter the cover's from? Absolutely adorable. Would love to go back and revisit that arc haha
It's supposed to be..fun, another simple 4-koma manga.

But, look at the comment. No matter where you go, it's always the same about gender, sexuality, LGBT or among those lines.

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I just wanted to look at the comments to see if this is worth reading and suddenly I get a character development spoiler all over my face
@Zephyrus feels like were not on the same page and it seems like you blew it a bit from proportion , people here seem to missunderstand the reason for my reply with harsh words about transgenderism in a cross dressing manga weird as it sounds, what annoyed me was only 1 page of the whole manga which i didnt agree to, im still reading the manga, im happy the author came back to the story.

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Those very same bonus chapters have a Yuuki in a dress loudly declaring "I'm a man after all ! If a girl is crying I have to help her!" Yuuki has 0 issues with being a boy other than the fact that boys don't get to wear feminine clothing as per current cultural standards. At absolute best, you could say he identifies as being "androgynous" but Yuuki seems to be perfectly fine calling himself a boy from a young age. It's more like he doesn't care about what sex he was born but rather what he wants to do and wants to dress like. It's mostly other people projecting onto him the idea that "if you like wearing girl's clothes you must want to be a girl" which is as forceful as saying "if you're a boy you shouldn't be wearing girl's clothes at all".

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Yuuki has explictly stated from Chapter 0 he just enjoys crossdressing. If they change it to him being a transsexual without any character development pointing in other directions it will be a gigantic asspull. There's even the chapter where they discuss the fact that Yuuki doesn't feel like a boy but he doesn't feel like a girl either right before the theme park IIRC, indicating even further that Yuuki doesn't try to act or consider himself a girl.

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Yes, I was wondering It, I don't feel the bônus was "complete', I really Wonder If it'll be brought back, and If the nurse case was a foreshadowing as well. But it may only mean "love is love". For now, I'll treat Yuuki as "he", since this is what the series has lead so far