Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • A Maiden in Love with a Maiden Boy
  • Её любовь в парня-девушку
  • 乙女男子に恋する乙女
Author: Shimazaki Mujirushi
Artist: Shimazaki Mujirushi
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: 4-Koma Comedy Gender Bender Romance
Rating: 8.38 181
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 179,999
  • 3,110
  • 496
Description: English
Minakuchi Mayu, a girl who hates men, fell in love at first sight with a... crossdressing boy?!
Does she likes "girls"? Or does she likes "boys"?

Find out in this heart-throbbing pure love comedy!

Portuguese / Português
Mizukuchi Mayu, uma menina que odeia homens, numa manhã, em um trem lotado, quando um homem tenta toca-la, ela é sava por uma outra garota, de nome Yuuki e se apaixona por ela. Porem, na realidade a linda garota, na realidade é uma garoto que se veste como uma garota.

Afinal, ela gosta de "meninas"? Ou ela gosta de "meninos"?

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deodex 9 days ago
cant wait till ch 1000 of this (i hope this gets to 1000 chapters wwww)
ChristineGuinn 9 days ago
It seems our little Yuki has discovered girls. 😍
AiyaKnight 23 days ago
what the hell is #237 it makes no sense

edit: Either does #238, I can't stop reading it daily but for the love of merlin pls.. plot pls. lol

Last edited 22 days ago.

Dainty 24 days ago
I wasn't sure what to expect from this premise, and generally with the way manga tends to handle gender bending it's safe to say my expectations were low but, somehow this manga handles everything simply wonderfully.

This is a real pleasure to read, and just made me a bit happy to live on this planet. Thanks for the translation!
ichi24 28 days ago
When a nurse can spot a trap miles away

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Nightwave 29 days ago
@trexxe aiko isn't a new character, she's already appeared before as the school's nurse...
also, for a one page/chapter manga, 200+ chapters is still short...
Trexxe 29 days ago
I like this manga a lot but the introduction of new characters kind of dissapoints me. The manga was fine for 200+ chapters with its normal cast and in the last twenty chapters keis sisters and now that aiko girl just appeared out of nowhere. I don't generally hate new characters but the sisters and that aiko girl seem pointless in my opinion. Honestly I thought that the manga was coming to an end and approaching it's climax after we learned about mayus stepdad and that the mcs are aware of their feelings for each other. It would have been a good length at about 250 chapters. Now I think the manga might go on for a lot longer mainly because the author might devote time to keis sisters or/and an maybe short arc about aiko and keis relationship. I'd much prefer the manga not dragging on for to long.

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seorin 30 days ago
Kei's little blush while watching Yuki and Mayu made me giggle
Skaliq 1 month ago
Man, the guys in this series are cuter than the girls.
MentatRadnor 1 month ago

Wait, no, that's, hmmm
SpaceFlower 1 month ago
Comment #70
Umesan 1 month ago
Ohhh kk. Must've forgotten about that
AthalosJ 1 month ago
for now on i'm going to wait a week until I read so I can binge every weekend

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Lock 2 months ago
My boy Kei on the cover!
th30wl 2 months ago
A 16 year old boy can be a working "adult" in Japan. Only middle school is compulsory there, high school is optional.
DjAlexDubCheck 2 months ago
@Umesan https://mangadex.org/chapter/32114/1
Umesan 2 months ago
I think Yuki is an adult. Not a high schooler.
kurisu 2 months ago
@ChristineGuinn @Nolonar We don't see him at school because he doesn't attend one. He states it in the same Chapter 11.

Last edited 2 months ago.

Nolonar 2 months ago
We've never seen Yuki at school because he doesn't frequent the same school as Mayu, and the story follows Mayu rather than Yuki.
milleniumbug 2 months ago
@ChristineGuinn He's 16 (source: chapter 11)
ChristineGuinn 2 months ago
Just how old is Yuki anyway? We've never seen him at school, only work. Mayu's mother is okay with her daughter dating a cross-dressing adult man?
Blackbird 2 months ago
Now when Mayu mother was going to explain when one page wasn't enough

Continue on next page.
DjAlexDubCheck 2 months ago
Well, even without reading kanjis you can see by facial expressions that the conversation didn't end badly
It's no problem though
AiyaKnight 2 months ago
@DjAlexDubCheck I don't think I will get much from the raws sadly. I do hope the story picks up faster tho.
DjAlexDubCheck 2 months ago
@AiyaKnight I strongly reckon so.
If you are curious you can look at the linked raws to see how the conversation ends

Last edited 2 months ago.

AiyaKnight 2 months ago
Do we think her mother knows shes a guy crossdresser? I wonder what this 'TALK' will be about...
ChristineGuinn 2 months ago
And a lot of 4 Koma are one page. “Tomo-Chan wa Onnanoko” is one that immediately comes to mind.
If you want more pages, you’d get updates less often, (and I’m sure you’d complain about that too.)
donutholer 2 months ago
@ChristineGuin I know what a 4-koma is, but a lot of other mangas have multiple pages in one chapter, even if they are 4-komas
ChristineGuinn 2 months ago
@donutholer - It’s a 4-Koma. Learn what that means.
donutholer 2 months ago
What the hell why is it a chapter a page? Fucking annoying
negagen 2 months ago
@Vasqueztion nailet it! hahah here have a cookie
Skaliq 2 months ago
"I've always liked things that looked frilly and cute, but it's not like I wanted to become a girl or anything..." is the most egg_irl piece of dialogue I've seen in a while. Not that I mind that.

Edit: Obligatory "The fake is of far greater value. In its deliberate attempt to be real, it’s more ‘real’ than the real thing." -Kaiki

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kurisu 2 months ago
@Nirimetus o7
Nirimetus 2 months ago
Thanks for the fast updates @kurisu!
CoolOtamegane 2 months ago
Yuki daily life 100% feminime, and with kei's training Yuki cutenes raise by 120%. Beat real girl in earth
chenando1 2 months ago
eeehhhmmmm....wait...wasnt mayu going to meet up with yuki? who is that really cute girl then???

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ChristineGuinn 2 months ago
Kei's girl power is over 100,000!!

chenando1 2 months ago
Kei used CHARM !!!
It's super effective!!!
CoolOtamegane 2 months ago
Whoa, Kei already mastered seduce
daijokay 3 months ago
he's so girlish tho wdym "don't know how to act like a girl"
chenando1 3 months ago
How the fuck does he not know how to act like a girl when he has been doing so since the very begging!?!?!?!? Or what is it that he does it unconsciously? Or is it that his personality is like that and he just doesn't know??
DjAlexDubCheck 3 months ago
No, he doesn't seem to be too stressed in chapter 199
I'm glad for him

Last edited 3 months ago.

lightingcloud 3 months ago
@Vasqueztion oh no don't turn this in Working!
jimmchanga 3 months ago
This keeps me alive from day to day
CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
BUSTED!!! KEI IS DEAD(mentally)!!! Rest in Papperoni Kei
chenando1 3 months ago
@Vasqueztion I don't think yuki ever lied to mayu about his gender just to get close to her, I mean he pretty much told her since the beginning that he was a guy and she didn't take it the wrong way...however how mayu's mom will take it when it comes out is another story...
Vasqueztion 3 months ago
So, from what I'm gathering, forgive me if I'm wrong, but it seems like the mother is the main source of Mayu's fear of men. Not sure what's happened to her in the past, but from the apparent lack of a father, she seems to be pushing her hate on to her own daughter.

I certainly hope mom doesn't become a primary antagonist when Yuki is revealed as Male. Along the lines of Yuki "lying to Mayu to get close".

Last edited 3 months ago.

CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
Yuki is the coolest and manliest trap i've ever seen
Nirimetus 3 months ago
Thanks for the constant updates kurisu.
SC_LuChiMYE 3 months ago
I won't forgive them for doing this to Mayu
Vverg 3 months ago
Guess that guy is actually the trap? ?
AddictedWeeaboo 3 months ago
if that's only a cup of her smile, imagine a gallon.
Nirimetus 3 months ago
1 step ahead and 2 back lol.
AddictedWeeaboo 4 months ago
she making such good progress, everyone is falling for her now lol
teriguu 4 months ago
When is Botan showing up?
CoolOtamegane 4 months ago
Lesson For today :
Fallin in love with a Trap, Make you more prettier and popular with boys
ultraleaf 4 months ago
closer and closer
GabrielH 4 months ago
Double gifts!
AddictedWeeaboo 4 months ago
The hug from behind. Nice choice.
Nolonar 4 months ago
You'd think he's gotten used to it by now, but he's still the same old guy...
Nirimetus 4 months ago
Finally some movement from enemy's side....

Thanks for the updates Kurisu
Vasqueztion 4 months ago
These traps are, surprisingly, not gay.
Baqly 4 months ago
Skaliq 5 months ago
This is the best CGDCT manga I've ever read. Doing cute girly things. Yuri undertone. Warm and fluffy. But they're guys.
Plykiya 5 months ago
AddictedWeeaboo 5 months ago
That love talk plot twist
JCVocke 5 months ago
"We wouldn't really look like we're a couple, Right?" That's a good point man I mean that's such a big obstacle that could never work especially not in a Manga.
CoolOtamegane 5 months ago
When a Maiden Boy talking about love with Boyish Girl, The tomboyish girl blushed cutely
Ramzea 5 months ago
The admin just responded to my email saying the bug is fixed. It seems to be working properly now.
Glimmung 5 months ago
@tetrasky Nope, guessing they are trying to set up alternate page turn logic.
TetraSky 5 months ago
When I click to go to the next chapter/image, it sends me to the previous chapter instead... Am I the only one with that issue?
Radicool21 5 months ago
dis gon b gud
Nolonar 6 months ago
Imagine a manga about cute girls having fun together. One of them is actually a guy, and everyone knows. From time to time they forget he's a guy, though.
CoolOtamegane 6 months ago
Mayu : There's this guys who's childhood friend with asuka, He's a little scary. And I tinkk he probably hates me.
Kei(trap) : T-that's... I thin you're probably overthinking it... maybe.
Me(Reader) : Laugh my ass off in the floor.
Long time no see this series, re-reading from ch 120
Narehate 6 months ago
Oh boy, implied domestic violence. My favorite...
kurisu 6 months ago
@cofi023 the mc is a maiden boy. But is a romance manga.
cofi023 6 months ago
Can anyone tell me how big of a part is cross dressing here?
Narehate 6 months ago
rip batoto feelsbadman
Nirimetus 6 months ago
Thanks for the update kuriso.