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Kanata and his friends must find a way to return to their original bodies after they're trapped in the real world as their game avatars.
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I'm guessing the author found out he was getting cancelled and tried to wrap up the manga quickly. That ending was utter nonsense.
I'm surprised the author even tired to "finish" the story with just how off the rails out of fucking no where it ended at in 2 chapters.
why is this labeled with "yaoi"
what in the actual what even is that ending lol
Most rushed, inexplicable ending i've read yet... That pretty much ruined my enjoyment of the story.
The surprise there couldve had a lot more impact too.
Pretty weird ending, but not that bad. I do kinda wish for a different ending, but this one wasn't terrible.
Since many people are disapointed (and they are right) with the end.
We can try to convince the author (and an editor) to do a sequel or ad missing part (partialy redcon the end so he can continue the story)
but for that we need two thing, one really easy, the other one "harder"
first= talk to the mangaka on how much you like it but you would like more (is twitter @irumo)
secondly (the hard one)= buy the manga on bookwalker (i understand if you can't, but i think that the most important part unfortunately).
If they are enought people i am sure some people (the author and editor) would give it another chance. (even one year later)
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Last 2 chapters were extremely rushed. They just threw random things at the reader, without giving any context, reason or any kind of explanation for why it happened, how it happened or even what's going on.
Am i missing something?
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Thank you for this great series I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.
I can't believe it's over.
Gonna be honest, probably one of my favourite reads even though I whole heartedly knew so much failed.
It'll be pretty weird but I know I'll still read it even if it's over.
Thank you for scanlating this.
Even axed, I would at least a non-cliffhanger ending.

Too bad, I was enjoying this story, and not just for the fanservice.
@ThisMe not just you
wait how come this tagged yaoi all of sudden?? is it true?? //I used to read and drop this, cause i think it is boy x girl ecchi type...but why yaoi tag here?!
Is it just me or does the story skip a lot?
Man, I don't want to read this thing, but someone who has should identify the volume numbers for most of the chapters, so that an admin can straighten-out the ordering.
its really sad that the manga ended like this and I for one i would have loved to see it evolve more the story had much more potential D:
It's a shame this manga didn't do better. I rather enjoyed the premise of it and the MC's gradual change in gender to "ehhhhhhhhh whatever being a girl's fine". I hope the author gets another chance in the future for their work to be realized rather than axed and the readers having to pick up the fallen pieces of what might have been.

This is not the easiest manga to finish since toward the end it gets choppy, but I very much can say I enjoyed what was there and therefore will still give it a recommendation.