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Alt name(s):
  • Çapraz Hesap
  • Кросс Аккаунт
  • Общий аккаунт
  • クロスアカウント
Author: Date Tsunehiro
Artist: Date Tsunehiro
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Comedy Drama Romance School Life
Rating: 7.25 134
Pub. status: Completed
  • 115,401
  • 3,765
  • 56
Description: Say hello to Daichi, a.k.a. Mr. Harmless. Because of his compulsive need to be liked, he never makes waves and maintains an easy going attitude. So easy going, everyone thinks he's a dud. But online he's a stud! His angry otaku online persona has garnered him thousands of followers! But real life and online life are two very different things. A lesson he's going to learn the hard way!

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dantziel 2 days ago
oh lord it got axed, damn, the Mc just really sure a fucking lil' bitch
i bet the idol will just antagonize herself to the MC so the MC will date the childhood girl
and the childhood girl feeling guilty because the MC have to choose her
and there is 2 outcome
1.the childhood girl will encourage him to chase the idol again
2. they don't do anything

edit: damn the official still have status on going, now im confused

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zetsubouzanto 2 days ago
it's somewhat

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rafdian 2 days ago
oh look it's axing time!
MasterPannya 2 days ago
Viking 3 days ago
what the crap?!? is that the ending?
octopuslines 7 days ago
Just saw the end in spanish, didn't like it. Pretty meh
zetsubouzanto 9 days ago
i hope she won't continue to hide her real appearance ...
Tcof 19 days ago
So, from what i hear about this manga. this MC is someone have courage to chase for his love. Hmn, that rare
d 24 days ago
Hahahaha, a lot of peopl gon be salty. The plot is like this because it was going to get axed - not the other way around.
Elbow 25 days ago
Mangaka care not from whence the salt flows.
cowofjustice 25 days ago
Man, fuck this.
Slayn 25 days ago
After this chapter i'm actually glad that this...Thing got axed,he is giving the most disgusting horseshit i've ever heard or seen to turn down a girl, falling in love with an actress when you don't even know her, he is without a doubt the ultimate virgin definiton of a sad wota that creep over for idols.
Lvxi 25 days ago
Good god, this is such horseshit.
Batotopls 25 days ago
where's the rest of the chapter?
RyanMason 1 month ago
so reading the description is this like 'The Daily life of /a/ : The manga'?
Freestyle 1 month ago
why would he say yes to someone he doesnt even like and someone he kinda hated till recently?
pizzapicante27 1 month ago
@zstrf03 That last panel happens after a timeskip of a few years, she says they are finally meeting again.
Swadloon 2 months ago manga wil summon a leprechaun xD
or buddha!!
cowofjustice 2 months ago
He really has no reason to say no, unless Nonoka tells him the truth.
balenol 2 months ago
If he didn't say yes I swear I'm not going to read any of this guy's work anymore.

Like, really.

It's unbelievably stupid to not accept it. Illogical.
abas416 2 months ago
is this the end? buat i checked in mangaupdates that this series has 28 chap?
zstrf03 2 months ago
can you explain what is happening at the end? i've read the raw but a bit confused
Voyager 2 months ago
The English really could use a second touch-up before publishing, but thanks for the translation. Let's set sail for the crappy end.
MasterPannya 2 months ago
>this was axed way too early
d 2 months ago
cowofjustice 2 months ago
Spar 3 months ago
@Keimichi It's what happens when romance series that aren't over-the-top ecchi get published in Jump. They never last cause it doesn't draw as much viewership.
Nutfiend 3 months ago
Do we know if Mugen Shoujo is doing the whole thing despite this being axed?
JaxunHero 3 months ago
This blows that it got axed :(
Keimichi 3 months ago
Nanoka is so adorable.
Edit: this was axed? Damn. Why are so many promising series axed.

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JasonWander 3 months ago
Reminds me of Koisome Momiji which I really enjoyed.
GabrielH 3 months ago
Gaaah, you make me curious. Thanks for the chapter!
Drakall 3 months ago
All MCs turn gay when their love interest is crossdressed.
MasterPannya 3 months ago
Homo route incoming.
TrollKing 3 months ago
Lets be real here. It's pretty weird that he only noticed it now, considering how much of a fan he is
ryochou93 3 months ago
Yep if it wasn't in shonen jump we would still have new chapters
I have never liked how the jump handle their mangas
Freestyle 3 months ago
@whodoo MC wasnt pathetic enough in this one so it got axed ;d
vanrald08 3 months ago
@whodoo: that is the sad part, It is very hard to survive in Jump Comics
whodoo 3 months ago
this is way better than kanojo okarishimasu. its a bit tropey and cliche but it has better art and drama imo and the mc at least knows what he wants. so sad this was cancelled since they came out at around the same time
ryochou93 3 months ago
@dwarfjazzer i have the book
MasterPannya 3 months ago
>not fair
muh.. All this drama makes me moist.
dwarfjazzer 3 months ago
@ryochou93 do you have a link?
ryochou93 3 months ago
There is a bonus chapter at the end of vol4 but i don't understand japanese
dwarfjazzer 4 months ago
@relic626 28 was the last one
relic626 4 months ago
@dwarfjazzer how many chapters?
dwarfjazzer 4 months ago
For the ones asking how it ends:

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random18 4 months ago
@Leo80221 I'd say it's not THAT satisfying, since a lot of plotlines were literally axed in a rush, but it's okay. Not the best kind of okay, but okay.
Shinobu 4 months ago
Fuck i remember this. I just read a spoiler on batoto before to at least know how it ended.
Freestyle 4 months ago
These stories aint popular in JUMP so no surprise there

AthalosJ 4 months ago
I wanna know too
Leo80221 4 months ago
Damn you Jump!
@random18 Is the ending satisfying at least? I don't wanna know who wins (I can guess but I'd like to be wrong) but did you think the ending was well thought out and good enough to make it feel intentional and well, satisfying or was it a disappointing end for the series?
random18 4 months ago
@agshield Yeah, sadly. It was on last places in Jump for, like, few months, but even after author added few pantsu shots it wasn't saved and was axed by making a huge timeskip in the last chapter. Scanlation stopped on 11th chapter, but there's 17 more.
agshield 4 months ago
Axed? I wasn't expecting that at all :((
random18 4 months ago
pretty sad that it was axed :(
hungryvidd 5 months ago
Great Scott!
ugeez 6 months ago
Well.. another good find.
mbs357 6 months ago
Only one chapter in and I can already tell who best girl is and that she's going to lose. Why do I do this to myself?