Ren'ai Harem Game Shuuryou no Oshirase ga Kuru Koro ni
Alt name(s):
  • At the Time When the Love Harem Game's End Announcement Arrives
  • Renai Harem Game Shuuryou no Oshirase ga kuru Koro ni
  • When the End of the Love Harem Game is Announced
  • When the Game Ends
  • When the Harem Game Ends
  • Когда игра заканчивается
  • 恋愛ハーレムゲーム終了のお知らせがくる頃に
  • 恋爱后宫游戏结束通知到来之时
  • 연애하렘게임 종료 공지가 올 적에
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  • 7.44
  • 116
Pub. status:
  • 169,791
  • 3,428
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Kohinata Asunaro is your ordinary perverted high-school student who likes light novels and romance games. He has no interest in having a "3D" girlfriend and is content just fantasizing on the pretty girls of his school to create his own imaginary harem. But one day he accidentally releases Zepfur, a demon who promises to make his fantasies a reality.

The day after, one of those girls, Furuwada Serika, is summoned by Zepfur and explained the rules of a game: the girls of Asunaro's "harem" must earn points by competing for his affection. The winner will be the one whom Asunaro chooses as his sole girlfriend… and the losers will experience an infinite loop of horrible deaths in Hell. For Asunaro, it's just a romcom fantasy coming true. For Serika and the others, it's a battle for survival. Published in Monthly Shonen Sirius.
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