My Boyfriend Is a Jinyiwei
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  • Bạn trai tôi là cẩm y vệ
  • Fall in Love with an Imperial Guard
  • My Boyfriend is Imperial Guard
  • My Imperial Guard Boyfriend
  • Wo Nanpengyou Shi Jinyiwei
  • Wo Nanpiao Shi Jinyiwei
  • Мой возлюбленный – Цзиньи-вэй
  • حبيبي جينوي
  • 我男票是锦衣卫
  • 하늘에서 내려온 오빠
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  • 8.14
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  • 189,479
  • 5,088
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In a modern-day loli's home, a super handsome ancient Jinyiwei falls from the sky! Without parental care, the loli takes him as her closest person and even wants to become his bride?! Though he appears tsundere, cold, and picky on the surface, he finds it harder and harder to let go of her...

*Note: Jinyiwei (in English "embroidered military guard") were secret police in China during the Ming dynasty (see Wikipedia for more).
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  • Volume 0/2
  • Chapter 0/99

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Holy crap why I havent I read this until now?? It's so good
Thank you for giving us these 5 new episodes to read!!! Translators, you are awesome!!!
I like to call this one "My boyfriend is a Jian Yang"
@Lavendel 😘 you're welcome~
@aquariumtourmaline thanks for the update! I really appreciate how much effort you guys put into this translation.
FUCK this cliff hanger is so not cool next chapter please i wanna see her reaction to him back
@Satsumiko Yeah. She grows up slower than most. Enjoy the fluffy beginnings though
@Satsumiko ch 18
can someone please assure me that female mc grows up fast??? it's kinda weird seeing a 19 (LEGAL!!) male lead and a literal child and to expect them to get together,,, the age gap wouldn't be a problem if they were both children or both adults
I’m sad because I want lian and yueluo to be happy. Maybe she can be with lian this life an reincarnate wit her original memories and be with yueluo?
@AllTheFeels totally agree with you. it also makes it a lot harder to root for lian considering that
I’m going to be so sad when Yueluo is gone again. He is such a mood. He does whatever it takes for her to be happy and I’m here for it.

Most people probably like Lianfo but Yueluo has had to wait thousands are years alone for the little rabbit while his reincarnation(s) get to be happy with her. Sure in theory, they are him as well, but based on the way he’s explaining things and the current situation, his reincarnation(s) are still their own individual selves, to some extent. So he’s actually just been alone witnessing all this.

Yueluo better get a happy ending at the end of all this. I like Lianfo but I like Yueluo more.
I miss the first Lianlian😭😭😭
Hi there, thanks for translating. You the best.
Why would anyone put midterms in quotes like that.... Midterms are real and a terror.

Thanks for the updates <3
@MazzieB811 Isn't this a fan translation? It's not like they have to scanslate it. The people cleaning and compiling are volunteering to do in their own freetime.
As long as the group is doing it with out asking for donations and payment they aren't required to do anything. Entitled people like you are among one of the reasons why scanlating teams decide to drop stuff.
@MazzieB811 the fact that you were accusing us of being behind other languages' translation is already just rude. Thanks but we don't really need readers like your entitled ass
@kamishiniyari btw, my little sister committed suicide, so I wanted you to know what an asshole thing that is to say. Maybe remember that you’re not talking to a computer here, but you’re actually talking to real ppl when you say shit like that. Just something to think about.
@MazzieB811 ok, done under 20 minutes. I still can't accept your point though, some people are translating these stuffs as hobby, unless you're paying them to translate for you, you have no right to ask anything out of them, simple as that. It's their right even if they want to drop it, or releasing once a year.

hmm, i got postblocked, sorry to hear that, though I am using that as joke as toxic as this community is, feel free if you're thinking I am an asshole or anything.
Last edited 11 mo ago by kamishiniyari.
@junna I wasn’t “getting at” anything, I was asking a question. It had been a couple of months since an update came out, these things get dropped all the time, it was a valid question. Geez, not sure why ppl get so bent out of shape. And no, @kamishiniyari I’m not a dude, and I’m not “contemplating suicide” over a pissy comment. I understand that most children these days can’t take a little conflict, but us grown ups don’t lose it over little things like this. We also don’t sit there with baited breath waiting on someone to reply to a comment, so while I appreciate you feeling the need to insert yourself into the convo, it really wasn’t necessary. Now that I’ve proven I can actually read, why don’t you prove you can actually be respectful in a conversation. As for the scanlator, do you really have to wonder why ppl get so frustrated with you? The lack of professionalism on your part is staggering. When mangas get dropped on a constant basis without warning and without explanation, it’s only natural to want to know what’s up. To go from updating once a week or every two weeks to being over 2 months since an update, yeah—there’s “bloody well” going to be questions. So why don’t we pack it up, keyboard warriors, instead of turning something like this into a ridiculous amount of drama. If no one replies to this in the next 20 minutes I’ll just assume you can’t read and are contemplating suicide, since I’m sure that’ll sound like a completely reasonable and intelligent assumption.