Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
Alt name(s):
  • Drugstore Soliloquy
  • Gumaman si Tukang Obat
  • The Pharmacist's Monologue
  • The Pharmacist's Soliloquies
  • 药屋少女的呢喃
  • 薬屋のひとりごと
  • 약사의 혼잣말
  • 9.30
  • 9.33
  • 2,528
Pub. status:
  • 877,077
  • 25,196
  • 102
In the imperial court, a young woman is put into servitude, Maomao. The tale is just beginning for the woman pharmacist from the red-light district, as rumors circulate about the emperor's children's lives being short-lived. Her curious nature and thirst for knowledge pushes her to action. To satisfy her curiosity, this young pharmacist will investigate the origin! What is shifting in the imperial court..!? (From: Square-Enix)

  • Won the Grand Prize in the printed manga category at the Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Award 2019.

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    guess ill pick up the ln now that i binged all the chapters and i want more ;__;
    good read tho
    Science buffs cannot enjoy star wars, History buffs cannot enjoy this.

    Be knowledge a curse or a blessing.

    Or just be like me and pretend that everything is fiction, the authors know what they are doing and all hail the mistakes they make as if they are innovations out of the norm, similar to how English teachers do.
    Syphillis only appeared in China in the early 17th century. Solid chocolate was invented in the 19th century. What era is this story supposed to be set in? The clothing style is Ming but there are too many anachronisms. Is this an alternative history when the Ming never fell?
    Mercury and arsenic
    Funny story: an organoarsenic (Arsphenamine / Salvarsan) was the first effective cure for syphillis and the first true chemotherapy agent.

    Arsenics displaced mercury as treatment until antibiotics, they remain in use for some diseases: IV Melarsoprol used to be the only treatment for second-stage sleeping sickness (and remains the only one for one of the two variants / agents).
    >Mercury and arsenic
    god i wish this would update faster. really great manga the art is beautiful
    Nope. Not at all. With how she became rather accustomed to the lady she served and the opportunities for her experiments in herbs and poison, I sincerely doubt she'd want out.
    @Tamed she doesn't want to be in the palace in the first place
    This is a bit weird to ask but can't lady Goukuyou recommend Maomao? I mean she has proven herself useful months before the culprit is found so with her authority, she'd be rehired as an official aide. The story is setup that she has few consort so why not this useful girl?

    why would you believe in religion that make you miserable in the first place it's just plain dumb
    for example people in europe believed in christianity first when it was teaching that everyone is equal
    but once it tried to put the rich before the poor and made political influence people became unsatisfied with it people became no longer attached to it and made serval revolution some are successful and some aren't but at least they tried to make a change
    chinese people in term of their loyalty are kinda of the most dumbest one due to being isolated they lacked any common sense or ability to compare their live style to other countries and they should have known if the whole country took an arm together to kill the king he can't do shit and if he killed them he is basically making his country fall apart and be vulnerable to any invasion
    @me474, people don't revolt or protest as easily in ancient times where the concept is no taught but actively kept from the public and with perception molded to place the governing body in the right, both religiously and socially, with the "mandate of heaven" bestowing divine right in the ruler, and society being exactly that, one that accepts kidnapping as a normal thing, where the powerful are right, laws rarely prevent no take action to prevent injustices but prioritize gains. I grew up in the US so the idea it's okay to protest, or revolt was included in education as a viable option of the people but an oppressive society would hardly want such a concept to be taught, actually in this instance most the people are uneducated laborers who take orders and would find it hard to organize. It's because of this "peoples" rebellions rarely happen and a throne change is through a factional fight within the governing body.
    ok jinshi is a creep can someone who has read the novel spoil me if he ends up with her?
    Last edited 3 mo ago by anifd.
    i hate stories where they treat kidnapping like normal thing with comedic tone so it's a big nope for me
    it just baffle me why the people never revolted
    I started this manga because I looked at the amount of chapters released and assumed that 28 chapters was enough for substantial story progression. But instead the entire story seems to be made of filler material. They even glossed over our MC's past so we can jump straight into the filler material. I am at chapter 14 right now, and nothing is happening. Just filler material. There probably is really and truly a great mastermind antagonist that our MC is discovering clues to defeat, so I can't skip the filler, but seriously this filler is killing me until then. Then there is the overall tone of the manga which I don't get. It seems comedic one moment then someone is getting murdered the next. I guess this manga is just not my cup of tea. The fact that stuff is happening and it does affect our MC not the plot that much makes it filler material in my mind. But it probably isn't filler material. This is probably just how this manga is. Whatever. Maybe in the next 14 chapters the tone would change so I know what information I should pay attention to. Maybe I will look back and say, "Look at that. I'm so glad our MC discovered all this information early on. Seemed useless at the time but it's all coming together. "
    Wait, so is this the new group that's handling the series now or is it the same as other titles that has double/triple uploads of the same chapter?
    I hate how it’s only now that I realize that I guess it’s just something meant for the protagonist to misunderstand, not the reader.
    Thank you so much!! :)
    Maomao - Jinshi interaction was much needed :)
    An update! Thank you so much