Girl's World Korean
Alt name(s):
  • Odd Girl Out
  • 少女的世界
  • 소녀의 세계
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If perfect looking, but at once, lonely swans and a thoughtful, kind duck face various conflicts together-- they'll get to become real friends...

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Avatar xXPenisXx 4 mo ago

Visions of the future...
Avatar xXPenisXx 4 mo ago
Can't wait for Duck to get her soul shitted on.
Avatar momojojo 4 mo ago

lmaaoo!! your name fits that meme perfectly wtf
Avatar xXPenisXx 5 mo ago

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Avatar FredFriendly 5 mo ago
Thanks to Wigookin.Desu for picking up this series!
Avatar PatchouliKnowledge 5 mo ago
OMG an update!!!

I am glad this wasn't abandoned, this story has a lot of potential!
Avatar FredFriendly 7 mo ago
I liked the art, I liked the story, but the translations before chapter 5 were giving me the heebie-jeebies with the atrocious English grammar and spelling, so I offered to proofread and, thankfully, Opurple accepted my offer. Unfortunately, after sending me the script for chapter 7, Opurple seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth and never responded to any more of my messages. Someday when I have a few hours to spare, I might clean, re-draw and typeset chapter 7, but that'll be all there is until someone else decides to scanlate this fun comic.