Grancrest Senki Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Record of Grancrest War
  • บันทึกสงครามแกรนเครสท์
  • グランクレスト戦記
  • 皇帝圣印战记
  • 그랑크레스트 전기
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On a continent ruled by chaos, the Lords have the power of a holy seal that can calm the chaos and protect the people. However, before anyone realized it, the rulers cast aside their creed of purifying the chaos and instead, began fighting each other for their holy seals in order to gain dominion over one another. Shiruka Meltesu, an isolated mage who scorns the Lords for abandoning their creed, and a wandering knight named Theo Corneo, who is on a journey of training to one day liberate his hometown, make an everlasting oath to work together to reform the continent dominated by wars and chaos.

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Avatar JustNatsuki 26 days ago
Black chick drops her vcard before main girl does, what is this
Avatar Ironclad 28 days ago
Much more compelling than the anime adaptation. Supporting characters are developed, antagonists are more active. Both Theo and Siluca's personalities are better illustrated.
Avatar gaigous 28 days ago

Why are chicks like this never in a harem? I mean look at that f*ckin' body, Sexy AND mature! But NOPE, All we get are "pure" women as if being a virgin is some indicator of sexual prowess, it's the exact opposite, practice makes perfect, remember?

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Avatar swaggernaut77 28 days ago
Succubus for sure
Avatar gaigous 1 mo ago
@Frenzy07 The fact that he could acknowledge his faults, and sacrifice everything they'd built for a chance to become better, gives me some expectations.

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Avatar Frenzy07 1 mo ago
@gaigous he said he will learn more things in Altirk though, so definitely there'll be some development going on
Avatar gaigous 2 mo ago
Dare I hope that this will be legitimate character development for our MC? I feel like he'll still be a kind idiot though...

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Avatar JustNatsuki 2 mo ago
Ch 28, the bath chapter, but no eroticism scenes. why dude? must you make us suffer?
Avatar JustNatsuki 2 mo ago
Aw get a room you two
Avatar Narf 2 mo ago
"End of the prologue" - in chapter 27. Holy cow, now that's probably one of the largest prologues in manga I've ever seen.
Avatar gaigous 2 mo ago
@Mortaze Next thing you know George Lucas will be telling us that the first six movies were a prologue *Disney discretely slides some money over*

@Lior-Yuki It's out now XD, All joking aside, you have to put the name right after the @ sign, no space, for the notification to show up.

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Avatar Mortaze 2 mo ago
Don't forget guys that :
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Ace of Diamond
- Prince of Tennis
were also "prologue" for their authors...
Avatar Galder 2 mo ago
cute that the prologue's finished after almost 30 chapters. i hope this doesn't get axed before we reach the main story.
Avatar Lior-Yuki 2 mo ago
@ gaigous
Totally agree with you, it would have made a manga political-war awesome, we could even make flashback with his past level relationship with the Kreische family, it's really a shame

Do you think the next chapter comes out when?
Avatar gaigous 4 mo ago
@HammerU89 Tigre is f*ckin' awesome and that was a harem, which makes this even sadder.

On another note, why couldn't Count Lust have been the protagonist, it would've been a thousand times more interesting, and titillating~

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Avatar HammerU89 4 mo ago
Meh, the MC is turning into a real snoozefest. I don't mind comparing the two since they are similar, and that is Tigre makes Theo look like a second rate chump.
Avatar gaigous 4 mo ago
@Exile This. 100% This. Noone can deny that Theo and Siluca have amazingly high base stats, however, none of that matters if they can't exercise their abilities at the right time, Theo has the heroes morale crest, so he needs to learn how to utilize that properly as a commander, and Siluca is a f*cking genius mage, but she hesitates to use any large-scale offensive magic.
Avatar JustNatsuki 5 mo ago
MC is already OP, though, Siluca is strong af
Avatar Exile 5 mo ago
Well is a idiot that rushed in because he wanted to take the glory and fallen into a trap. Also people are forgetting Theo in chapter 8 did rush in to save Siluka from Moreno and defeated him.

Besides only Aishela and Siluka are the female commanders, Aishela is down as Siluka is defending the East Gate, Lasic, Irvin and Gulas are in the West Gate were King of Servis is, if he is captured or killed then the war is over since he dragged everyone to it, if Theo gets captured or killed thats also pretty much it but the King of Servis had a superiority in both men and numbers ... he could and should just waited but Theo simply should not even try to even go into the battlefield because the odds are against him and its a much larger risk for him that to the King of Servis.

Theo strength should be measured when its a 1v1 or something that isnt so stacked against him, pretty sure that will come up.

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Avatar Exile 5 mo ago
Theo is useless because the author wants to please the masochistic weeb that likes overbearing dominant females into buying merch

No, the author is the same as Record of Lodoss War and Rune Soldier and this started back in 2013, Theo isnt weak but as Aishela shown strength alone only goes as far and if Theo dies then thats it ... Lords are supposed to be in frontline because if they die then its over.
In fact that it acknowledges that Lords shouldnt leading on the frontline is a plus because I have a dislike of making what are in fact Commanders of armies doing that and how STUPID that is.