Grancrest Senki Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Record of Grancrest War
  • บันทึกสงครามแกรนเครสท์
  • グランクレスト戦記
  • 皇帝圣印战记
  • 그랑크레스트 전기
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  • 7.29
  • 195
Pub. status:
  • 216,921
  • 6,440
  • 85
On a continent ruled by chaos, the Lords have the power of a holy seal that can calm the chaos and protect the people. However, before anyone realized it, the rulers cast aside their creed of purifying the chaos and instead, began fighting each other for their holy seals in order to gain dominion over one another. Shiruka Meltesu, an isolated mage who scorns the Lords for abandoning their creed, and a wandering knight named Theo Corneo, who is on a journey of training to one day liberate his hometown, make an everlasting oath to work together to reform the continent dominated by wars and chaos.
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Everything seems rushed because the first few chapters were very spontaneous events. TLDR: the rebellious Shiruka and the bored blood knight Arvin ran into a nice guy Theo who's has a nice ideal and lucked himself into possessing THE cultural and legal requirement for lordship. The two figured it's easier to groom a good lord than to find one so they decided to stick with him and champion his ideal.
@JustNatsuki are you confused? Siluca never was being married off or offered her virginity for political reasons. I don't even need to spoiler tag this because it simply isn't true.
I've read the first 3 chapters and am now confused.
Is this a sequel of another story? cuz everything feels too rushed.
So the will have season 2? or not?
Psst, there's a game for this, Quartet Conflict, that's releasing on the iOS App Store on the 14th of November 2018.
I already finish watch the anime, but this manga is so much better. Only interested about Theo and Siluca group journey and the battle. I don't give a shit about side character like Alexis, Marrine, Mirza etc.
@Kllick Lol there were many other issues with the story and writing, it's a trainwreck itself with countless flaws in reasoning and story. It was one of those series you sit through and then it got so bad you decide to drop it. Nice try being a smartass though.
@Jesotku Good for you to dropped this train wreck of a series just because of one idiot girl.
@Tikibo Yeah if that nonsensical shit still happened theres absolutely no reason to read the manga lol glad I kept the anime dropped and won't be reading this.
@JustNatsuki I think he's talking about . Sadly @Jesotku this scene should also happen in manga, on the bright side in anime . Anyway, this story is far from stellar and you lost nothing by dropping it.

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@Jesotku Siluca was forced to be married off + offered her virginity for political reasons, but that was interrupted. She's still a virgin in the manga. She has affections of admiration for Theo, but is platonic when it comes to love.

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Important question
Didn't start to read It yet, but I did watch the anime, and I've got a question.. Can someone that also watched the anime tell me If It got a "original" ending? Or It was just that the story was rushed to the end? It's just weird to see that the manga is still ongoing when the anime already "ended" the story. lol

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I had thought they dropped it for sure.
much better than the anime no doubt
Black chick drops her vcard before main girl does, what is this
Much more compelling than the anime adaptation. Supporting characters are developed, antagonists are more active. Both Theo and Siluca's personalities are better illustrated. Biggest criticism would be that the first chapter is much clunkier.

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Why are chicks like this never in a harem? I mean look at that f*ckin' body, Sexy AND mature! But NOPE, All we get are "pure" women as if being a virgin is some indicator of sexual prowess, it's the exact opposite, practice makes perfect, remember?

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Succubus for sure
@Frenzy07 The fact that he could acknowledge his faults, and sacrifice everything they'd built for a chance to become better, gives me some expectations.

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