Blue Phobia Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • فوبيا زرقاء
  • ブルーフォビア
Author: Tsuruyoshi Eri
Artist: Tsuruyoshi Eri
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Action Drama Mystery Sci-Fi
Rating: 7.81 21
Pub. status: Completed
  • 7,561
  • 602
  • 13
Description: Prisoners are sent to an island to mine an ore that lies underneath it, but there was something strange about the ore and it transformed them.
The more you touch the strange ore the more it changes your skin and bones into a blue-ish color and in the end your entire body will turn into ore.

After that the people that sent the prisoners set up a research facility to do experiments on them and treated them like test subjects.

The story starts when one of the researchers Kai, tries to help one of the patients escape.

The one-shot version won the Shinman GP award in 2017.