Elixir Korean H
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  • 엘릭시르
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Eunha is heartbroken when she finds out her high school sweetheart, Siyeon, used an elixir to make her fall in love. When the two reunite 10 years later at a business meeting, Siyeon asks for a second chance. But before they can talk things out and rebuild their trust, greater magical forces interfere.

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Avatar Pyroxia 1 mo ago
Don’t understand what r they waiting to post the next one??
Avatar donutholer 2 mo ago
haven't read this but shouldn't there be a romance tag? Correct me if i'm wrong.
Avatar owlette 2 mo ago
i really like how the author draws the eyes
Avatar ZdrytchX 3 mo ago
That last chapter: "Translator: Firelily"
Maybe you could include that to update the previous chapters
Avatar ZdrytchX 3 mo ago
What's with these watermarked aggregator rips?
Avatar Insomnia 4 mo ago
I feel like she's a witch too. Like this whole time she's been one but never used her magic or something.
Avatar Yourself 4 mo ago
The writing is pretty awful but I see yuri and can’t help myself ? Rooting for Yoobin, witches be damned.
Avatar ZdrytchX 4 mo ago
Aah, I've been waiting for this. This was one of my favourite yuri series actually because it portrayed the effects of the drugs to a stronger "absolute" effect, you don't get many romance stories like this.

Also, chapter 25-28 missing, and the chapters are missing credits as they're probably ripped from a ripping site. Reverse image searching doesn't work on this well :C

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