Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san
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  • The Caterer at the Maiko Manor
  • 舞妓さんちのまかないさん
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Within the winding streets of Kyoto's geisha district, there lives a 16 year old girl named Kiyo. After failing to become a Maiko, an apprentice traditional Japanese performer, Kiyo works as the caterer for her troupe. This is the story of her daily life.

  • Won the 65th Shogakukan Manga Awards in the shounen category.
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    Thank you so much for the translation!! This manga sure is a gem!!^^
    This is one of my most beloved mangas ever! It's very calm, funny, and sweet. Idk why people are talking about yuri when it's really not, but if you want to perceive it that way then why not lol

    It's just a very calming and peaceful manga about a 16 year old girl who cooks meals for a bunch of maiko trainees including her childhood friend. Everytime I reread it I just blast through it nonstop because there's no way I can stop!

    10000/10 Can't wait for the next chapter plz update soon
    This is one of my favorite series and the art is one of the reasons why so to see it get adapted with poorly animated lifeless PS3 models is kind of depressing.
    As long as getting an anime isn't a joke, this is a great thing.
    Not too unexpected considering it won the shounen category in the 65th Shougakukan manga awards. I'm happy that the series is getting proper exposure, but the anime doesn't quite do it for me after taking a look at the PV. I just hope it doesn't simply come across as an advertisement for the manga.
    More readable link

    Sudden anime out of nowhere
    no, yuri is garbage.
    Yes, we have no intentions of dropping the series. Our translator is a bit busy with real life stuff, so the script is pending.
    Is this still ongoing? How's the status on the translation?
    @cervidae That is, to be against gay relationships is homophobic, but against straight relationships is completely normal? Do you understand how hypocritical and toxic it is?

    Ahaha, I don't need this shit. Shippers see any relationship as romantic if it’s not between characters of different sexes. I know a bunch of fandom where there was gay vs het ship war and in two thirds of cases people said "hey, she and this guy are just friends, but real romantic shit happens between her and her friend!" But even if we forget about it, the average person will still see the romance between a any pair of guy and a girl, for obvious reasons. Think of Naruto x Sakura or Ichigo x Rukiya.

    And yes, this is obviously a platonic relationship in an innocent shonen manga. You do not need to be in fandom as long as I do to know how often the Japanese portray over-the-top even the most innocent relationships. Especially when such a relationship is more important for the story than romance. Do you think shonen's nakama power is so popular among thousands of fujoshi for no reason? Do you like to ship them? Great, that's up to you. But please, do not forget that romance is not the only existing important relationship in this world.
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    @SuperOniichan // hm. that is somewhat homophobic. you'd be against a relationship on the basis that it's gay lol.

    i don't doubt these comments would be full of shippers if suu were a guy (& i doubt you'd be saying their relationship is ""obviously platonic"" if that were the case), i'm going to be disappointed if either of them end up with a dude who doesn't have character outside of being a dude, & yeah...that's it. get annoyed all u want
    @cervidae There is nothing wrong with the fact that you like yuri. But such statements in comments on obviously platonic friendship works only annoy and look like the whining of a typical fujoshi. If I wrote "I love friendship, I hope that there will not be any queer content", then people would call me homophobic. In any case, I do not think that friendship between girls cannot be cute and interesting, therefore it MUST be romance.

    P.S In the case of Eupho, say thank you to KyoAni for their poor selection of priorities when adapting the first season.
    you must understand that it's frustrating to always see girls with cute, interesting relationships (that would easily be read as romantic if one were male...!) never blossom past the platonic, usually in favor of pairing one of them off with a character whose only defining trait is that he's a boy (see hibike for a good example of this). @SuperOniichan
    also, i'm a girl. also also
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    @cervidae People from yuri-focused resources openly write that they hope for a lack of heterosexual romance or once again try to call MC's friends her harem, while wondering why people find yuri fanboys intrusive. Classic.
    Sometimes I'm amazed that manga can make me like this and I really fall in love with it.

    Maiko-san has a sweet and mild healing aroma. While it's true there are a number of disturbing points; minor girls work as geisha. I've never paid much attention to it.
    It was like going back to the time when I was in high school, my teacher asked in the middle of the video, "What is a geisha?" --we don't know for sure, we call them prostitution. But actually they are a kind of art.
    In this manga, I find interesting references as people who don't know and have visited, Kyoto has a nostalgic atmosphere. It's good if the references play with lots of information, not just portraits of their daily lives. Just like, other than that, a manga about family drama that runs a candy store (?), something in a tea ceremony ....sorry, my memory is very bad to remember.

    After all, if allowed to make possibilities, the traditions of the old people (especially the east, so this is my opinion as Asians themselves), is normal. Same is the case with otoyomegatari where minors have arranged marriages. The culture is a little different from the west even though they have the same type too; various respected nicknames, castes, and ethics. Other example, my mother could have many siblings, contrary to current rules that minimize two offspring. I'm the second of three siblings but, my mother was only a junior high school graduate and married my father who was 8-9 years older.
    If geisha could have arisen out of necessity before, like, it would not be strange if there was an influence on politics; soldiers and officers who need a service. I know this is a bit off track but everything has a connection to cultural differences, no matter how far we influence each other in modern life. Even geisha still exist today are unique facts, despite the controversy.

    Let's get back to the topic at hand, I'm glad this got an official license in my country! I want to get it soon....
    The translation is quite far behind. I've read the raw up to the current chapter, and finally the unexpected romantic development! Chapter 126, I remember it. It's a heartbreak, though it's not a matter of rejection of a love confession.
    The dominance of strong friendships will produce output that is already visible on the surface. And we know the two girls share their hearts and minds as wanders. This will sound racist, but I'm glad there's no fantasy of Yuri instead of the sweet friendship between innocent girls. That will be more enjoyable with a broad view without raising the wildness of certain fandoms.

    Maiko-san has the characteristics that make it come out of 'not just a mere moefication to throw sales numbers'.
    The definition of a good manga is there is a good balance. Indeed, aesthetically, something excessive is too much. And that is high hard work so as not to make it dull either.
    hoping a guy romantic interest isn't shoehorned in...!!
    This series is just precious, that's all there is to it.
    Oh praise be the healing is back.