Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san
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  • The Caterer at the Maiko Manor
  • 舞妓さんちのまかないさん
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Within the winding streets of Kyoto's geisha district, there lives a 16 year old girl named Kiyo. After failing to become a Maiko, an apprentice traditional Japanese performer, Kiyo works as the caterer for her troupe. This is the story of her daily life.

  • Won the 65th Shogakukan Manga Awards in the shounen category.
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    i feel kinda bad for kenta rip hamburg steak
    Kiyo is the best, she reminds me of my aunt who loves cooking while the sun is still bright. Just the sight of someone gently cooking in the kitchen takes me back home real fast. Kiyo best girl, the only godsend character.
    @roseofquartz Holy shit thanks man, i'll probably start this tonight or tomorrow then, thanks very much for the info :)
    @revcopper that wasn’t the manor. Suu-chan went to her sister Geiko/Geisha’s apartment to look after her cat while she was on holiday, and they don’t live in manors, and are not adherent to the same rules as Maiko, so they can invite whatever men they want over and/or give them keys to their residence.

    @lonelypotatoonabench TBH it’s not that bad (definitely seen worse love triangles), it’s more just annoying then anything because it very suddenly gets shoe horned in chapter 94. No big spoilers, but put this in spoilers just in case,

    Like; I would still 100% recommend this manga, it’s cute and sweet and adorable and mostly feel good, but my god, the sudden forced love triangle and focus on it is annoying as fuck.
    Dude how bad is the love triangle, i wanted to read this but all i see is people complaining about how there's a canon hetero ship and how it sucks why the fmc cant date another girl, can someone tell me from a normal pov if this is worth the time for reading?
    can i pls get some kiyo time bruh :pensive:
    In c42 what's with the male visited?
    So... I get that Kenta

    This kind of sounds like what Kiyo did, but somehow more strange because Like, with Kiyo, we at least knew she very much enjoyed cooking and housework and taking care of others.

    Also, mangaka, I would kill for some actual focus on Kiyo again, even if it’s just her being sad that her eggs got cracked again or something.
    @doomtc @Submarina Kiyo’s dream was never explicitly stated to be a maiko, that was Suu’s dream, Kiyo just kind of followed. At no point in the manga does Kiyo ever actually seemed upset or remorseful over not being a maiko. Like, it’s still kind of sad, don’t get me wrong, but Kiyo’s 16 and earnestly seems happier as a caterer, so I think she’s allowed to do what she pleases and if she earnestly wants to keep doing that forever, by all means.
    Ughhhhh I love this manga but at the same time I'm so tired of Kenta. His character is so flat. Just let Kiyo and Sumire live their life in peace without the senseless hetero trope where the boy does the bare minimum and the girl who is literally the whole package ends up liking him for little to no reason. Cannot understand why Sumire even cares. He's expressionless and plays baseball. Showed basic human kindness once or twice. Woop-dee-doo. Do not care. Meanwhile Kiyo and Suu are already living like a married couple, other characters have even admitted that they act like a couple in love, and the manga revolves around their relationship, but of course they're not going to be canon because that would be gay and we can't have that. BT So let's give the romance to the boring guy who doesn't do shit. Ugh.

    Also, is Kiyo ever gonna be the main character again??

    Like I said, I love this manga but I just want this Kenta love triangle to be over.
    this manga updates faster than i can read it

    RIght now is quite in barebones, but seems things are starting to get on track in that regard. Still, expect to be a really slow developement, so if you want something centered around romance you should try elsewhere.

    If you like cozy not overly moe slice of life geisha edition, by any means, give it a try. It's good.
    @doomtc I agree. From what I have gathered, she is probably "paying back" her debt from the years of training that the manor gave her. (Most geiko pay it back through their geiko work). The other thing is that since she's from a very rural town and it is implied that she isn't very good at studying, it's possible that she would have ended up doing this kind of work even if she did graduate high school. It's just that she's doing it in Kyoto rather than Aomori. This doesn't make it much better, but that certainly is what I tell myself while I read this.
    Okay i dont read this. I only know about this series cause my mom read it.
    To tell me, What is this love triangle? (Like who likes who.) Cause for all i know Kiyo is an airhead. Kenta is a softboi. And Suu. I have no idea.
    @mug3n is the romance a subplot or it’s just bare bones?
    There is something really pitiful about dropping out of school to move cross-country to follow your dreams of being a performer, and then getting told you have no chance, only to then willingly stay on at a dorm as an unpaid chef of some sort. The rosy tone and slice of life trappings really hide how pathetic it all is.

    It sorta does, but don't expect it to be even remotely the central point. It's slice of life through and though.
    does this have romance? planning on reading if it has
    kudos to the scan team ... :D
    Wtf i didnt know this is getting an anime adaptation