Sweet X Trouble Korean
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  • 스위트X트러블
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'Yuri' is a solitary boy who has never held a girl's hands before. Upon entering highschool, he began to date a girl named 'Lizzie' - however, it is revealed that she is actually the daughter of a family of assassins! To make matters worse, Lizzie's father-in-law (a cute girl) appears and attempts to take Lizzie back. Consequently, Yuri's daily life becomes a mess!
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  • Volume 0/1
  • Chapter 0/41

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Is it axed? Why tagged by completed?
@morichiro Korea and China are the worst country where you can live
I feel sorry for Koreans. Their censorship is cancer.
sometimes, i feel sorry for this kinda MC.
ex gf is best girl already
@Freestyle Because she was a pussy and couldn't open up and their relationship never progressed. And since he was also shy he didn't make the first move :U
they were dating? i’m confused lol

why did she leave him then
If that's true he would be dating you right now dumb bitch
This is really cheesy... but I'll still read this anyways
is it trash?
I think we are talking of 2 different things.
This MC got together with a trained killer and stuff started happening in his life, I'm hoping the author didn't make the MC the last heir of a family of ninja or killers that retired and that then it was in his blood, how "father" reacted to seeing his movements made me think that the authro wanted to put something weird, is a the kind of hint that then explain a complicated backstory, I just want him to be a capable young man with no weird background.
He got targeted by Benjamin sure, but that is the normal "father that is over protective"type, the girl Ben sent against him was just one of his workers, MC didn't get a real assassin on him or a organization that wants him dead, he have nothing people would wish him dead for.
The story is already completed and I just want it to remain a over the top comedy with a normal MC in a absurd world, nothing more.
I hope I was more clear this time.

About the latest chapter, I'm guessing the ex-GF gone to train to grow a spine and change from her boring self and someway some months of self training made her able to fight on par with killers and soldiers trained from a young age.
My question still stands...where/who is the glasses girl in the cover?
@vooxoo but these assassins were given a target to kill....if he's a normal kid with a normal background it wouldnt make sense to why someone hired them to kill him...i dont want some to overblown but it wouldnt make sense if some random wanted the kid dead if he has literally nothing...the one thing all of those had that doesnt help break down my point is that they werent specifically aimed at they just happened to be there or had something that helped them be a target

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@krispy Project ARMS, Spriggan, Hitman Reborn, Arachnid...the list goes on of manga with students MC that got their normal lives destroyed by secret organizations or hired killers.
And anyway what I was hoping is that this MC doesn't have any lineage of good blood or something, the reaction of father to how he acted in dangerous situations make me fear that the author wanted to give him some incredible family history.
I want him to be a normal guy that can act when necessary or at maximum have the potential to be one of them without having it inherited in his blood from some ancestor, I grew bored of this kind of coincidences.
@VooXoo why wud an assassin be hired to kill a normal highschool kid....

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Please don't make the MC a descendant of killers or brainwashed child soldier, is funny because he should be a normal person.
And when is the glasses girl in the cover appearing?

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Well, after reading Chapter 21 I can see the starts of a harem, yikes
I know this might be a stupid question but...

Lately, the harem tag on this site has really confused me. Is Father supposed to be part of the mc's harem?
It seems like just being arounda group of females/seemingly females counts as a harem.

Thank you to both of you for continuing this series ?

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I understand censoring nudity, but why the fuck would they censor her tits when they aren't even showing and she's still in her clothes? Is this manhwa for kids?
@_anq really? In my honest opinion, I like it this series. Do you know another translation group that could pick this series?