Sweet X Trouble Korean

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Alt name(s):
  • 스위트X트러블
Author: Tamrin
Artist: Kim Soo Hwan
Genres: Action Comedy Drama Harem Romance Webtoon
Rating: 7.60 118
Pub. status: Completed
  • 63,526
  • 2,788
  • 15
Description: 'Yuri' is a solitary boy who has never held a girl's hands before. Upon entering highschool, he began to date a girl named 'Lizzie' - however, it is revealed that she is actually the daughter of a family of assassins! To make matters worse, Lizzie's father-in-law (a cute girl) appears and attempts to take Lizzie back. Consequently, Yuri's daily life becomes a mess!

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Isekaijin 19 hours ago
Try to read aloud what you have written. In case you're still serious, just know that filial piety is a big thing in asian countries. They might be assassins but still even the father hasn't lowered himself to actually kill the MC, opting instead to scare him into giving up, so why should the daughter burden herself with the death of her father.

Holy shit dude. Don't talk about killing parents that easily.
Rice 19 hours ago
The art can get kind of... eh. I guess that's a web comic for you though :/
vexelpops 23 hours ago
the premise itself is annoying. overbearing father characters are already annoying this just takes it to another level, and the daughter should really just kill the father, but of course she won't because then the artist can't make his crappy manga. too much contrivance going on here. annoying annoying annoying
_anq 23 hours ago

Yeah, it's pretty annoying. Unfortunately I don't think there is an uncensored version anywhere. I haven't found one, at least. And you'd probably have to pay for it as well, which I'd rather avoid...
Abedeus 24 hours ago
The censorship is both inconsistent and distracting. And we know she wasn't actually naked under there, so the censorship is literally just for minor cleavage shots at SOME of the pages?
monkey123 2 days ago
The manga got axed because of too much trap. Finally!

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ThatGuy115 2 days ago
@SonPiyush It's completed in it's original language but it's not fully translated yet.
There's 40 chapters overall so another 30 left to be translated
SonPiyush 3 days ago
@_anq is the comic over?? The publishing status is completed?
SonPiyush 3 days ago
Wait, is it already over??
monkey123 3 days ago
Lul Lizzie got pwned so easily. 😂
_anq 3 days ago

ComicGT is the official site for this work, so I don't think so. And if there is, you'd probably have to pay to view it. With ComicGT, there's a workaround so you don't have to pay real money to buy chapters, but I don't think that is the case for other sites.
jak 3 days ago
Is there a version of this that's uncensored? Those censorship glares are annoying as fuck.
CoolOtamegane 4 days ago
@Carnage , Lol i remembered that series long time ago(a Decade), That MC powered up a Lot, Espescially His mental resistance and Evasion 🤣
HammerU89 4 days ago
Dunno, if the dates on the raws are correct it ends at chapter 40 so not going to expect too much out of this.
Carnage 5 days ago
Kinda funny.
Wonder if he'll end up powering up to survive, like the MC in Seto no Hanayome, who literally gained the ability to transform into a walking Jojo reference.
Or something like, I don't know, some plot twist where he actually turns out to have an even bigger talent for assassination techniques than even her, except he's too timid.
_anq 5 days ago

MC is a loner because of his timid personality. But miraculously, a girl who is beautiful, intelligent and fit starts dating him in high school. But this 'perfect girl' turns out to be far from perfect when her origin's secrets are revealed, and the girl's father attempts to separate them.

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metaldog564 5 days ago
What kind of premise is this? I didn't even read it and I'm already confused.
MangaA-Z 5 days ago
It better not be Boku no ***o 2.0 Korean version. If yes then can someone kill me plz
KN-XIII 5 days ago
If I'm not mistaken it was something like:
"I couldn't kill my target assassination because he was so cute so I dated him".

It would have been real interesting if the concept was like in the title, that would remind me another webtoon, The Great Wife, which a boss from a gang married to an ordinary man (though the flashback was too long, I kinda put it on hold for now).

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DoubleSnake 5 days ago
Hahaha ha... my boner.
Wizardrone 6 days ago
father-in-law route!! lol
_anq 6 days ago
Hi, whoever just replaced this page's description, please change it to the following:

'Yuri' is a solitary boy who has never held a girl's hands before. Upon entering highschool, he began to date a girl named 'Lizzie' - however, it is revealed that she is actually the daughter of a family of assassins! To make matters worse, Lizzie's father-in-law (a cute girl) appears and attempts to take Lizzie back. Consequently, Yuri's daily life becomes a mess!

Thanks in advance.

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monkey123 6 days ago
What alt name did you use?
8mnifarious 6 days ago
I'm a little bummed that my alt title no longer applies, but happy to sacrifice lolz for an accurate translation.

Thank you for hard work, @_anq.

(P.S. - If I come up with another worthy joke title...at least until the site gets a comment rating system? No? Ok, I'll stop now.)
monkey123 6 days ago
Traps are gay and so are you!


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CoolOtamegane 6 days ago
My college friend this afternoon mention Ch.1 is RE-WRITE, and Alt Name is MADE UP. The _anq translation is correct one
The author is Tamrin(same guy who wrote, Hyulla's Clan, Here Comes the Fiancée!, and Blaze) not Tamlin. and The Artist is Kim Soo Hwan

This is actual Description based comic gt's translation
I, "Yuri" had never once held a woman's hand or even confess and lead my life past 2 years seems dull. But a miracle happened. The transfer beautiful girl, Lizzie, who came into high school actually confessed on me, however, She was actually the daughter of a Assasin family! To make matter its worse, the killer, an adult male?? (beautiful girl??), who is going to reclaim her daughter, appears, and then the daily life of mine becomes a mess !?(please fix grammatical error)

@ KN-XIII analysis is right
KN-XIII 6 days ago
After reading the first five chapters, isn't the alt title actually a lie?
There was no mention that Lizzie's target was Yuri (and I thought it was weird for a normal boy to be a target for assassination).
Romariel 7 days ago
...thanks @_anq that makes so much more sense.
cloud04 7 days ago
:glare: author trying to trap us by making dad have tiny boobs in ch 4
CoolOtamegane 7 days ago
@_anq , Thanks as always, and now the bridge seems connected. I understand now, your version is correct one.
_anq 7 days ago
I would strongly suggest everyone to go and read my version of Chapter 1. I don't know if the other translator somehow had a different version of the raws, but their translations are... incorrect, to say the least.

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Freestyle 7 days ago
The first chapter was fun but now that i read the rest this is pretty meh
Orange_Orange 7 days ago
I am more and more convinced the father just wants a grandchild, and doesn't actually object to their relationship.

All his actions have after all pushed them closer and been tailored towards making them fuck.
YellowChica 7 days ago
My dick is so confused...
Speppo82 7 days ago
i like this manwa but i really hate the censored version
Freestyle 7 days ago
So many chapters, thx
mommy 7 days ago
I know that manhuas are pretty short but 4 chapters in a single day is still a lot of hard work. Thanks for that _anq
CoolOtamegane 7 days ago
See Description :
There should be a description here but for now, read the "alternate name"

I never Laughed So hard *LMAOOOOO!!!!*
CodeGears 7 days ago
cutest dad ever lul
jojokenny159 7 days ago
Thank you. And please countinue to update the chapter :)
Dijon 7 days ago
Faaack. Kurisu, I'm sorry! (Consider this an inside joke. Moving on...)

The first chapter's translations are just plain WRONG. A hell of a lot of them are inaccurate. Yes, the new girl is the main girl's dad. Don't trust the first chapter's translations.
Amaterasu93 7 days ago
Wait... So, the girl is the dad? Then he's lower ranked than his daughter? And he calls her "Unnie"?
firefox1234 7 days ago
Who needs a summary with that title😂
jokerxhisoka 8 days ago
So, why was he a main priority target?
fodderchara18 8 days ago
To the scanlator: your typesetting will look a lot better if you turn on the anti-aliasing option in Photoshop or in any other similar editing software you may be using (as long as it's not Paint, because no one uses Paint for typesetting). That said, keep up working hard and you'll learn and improve in no time.
TheFiller 8 days ago
Thank You that You take this 😍
8mnifarious 4 months ago
Nice to see my alt. title suggestion survived the transition from batoto. Praise kek. XD

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Carlos 4 months ago
pls, pick ti up, someone translate this
zetsuravez 4 months ago
me checked: title, hmmm...
checking descript: read the alt?...
checking alt: the hell... follow...
ZdrytchX 4 months ago
I just had to add a description since there wasn't one
KN-XIII 4 months ago
That alt name is quite effective though, it got me curious and I instantly followed it after reading the 1st chapter lol
Kyujyu 4 months ago
That LN like alt name tho lol

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Gin-san 4 months ago
Seems fun enough, but yeah, why would anyone want him dead? He's not as annoying as most romcom MCs... so far.
supersaiyan 4 months ago
Anyone know if there is a place to read the raws for free? comicgt seems to be charging coins.
fakeirish 4 months ago
I swear to god if they don't explain how this dude is a HVT next chapter I'm gonna be extremely annoyed.
1. Also is it gonna follow a bunch of cliches? probably.
2. Have I seen this plot before? most definitely.
3. Is it going to contain a bunch of cock blocks and various "plots"? duh.
4. Am i still gonna read it? yes.

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