Sweet X Trouble Korean
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'Yuri' is a solitary boy who has never held a girl's hands before. Upon entering highschool, he began to date a girl named 'Lizzie' - however, it is revealed that she is actually the daughter of a family of assassins! To make matters worse, Lizzie's father-in-law (a cute girl) appears and attempts to take Lizzie back. Consequently, Yuri's daily life becomes a mess!

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I know this might be a stupid question but...

Lately, the harem tag on this site has really confused me. Is Father supposed to be part of the mc's harem?
It seems like just being arounda group of females/seemingly females counts as a harem.

Thank you to both of you for continuing this series 😁

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I understand censoring nudity, but why the fuck would they censor her tits when they aren't even showing and she's still in her clothes? Is this manhwa for kids?
@_anq really? In my honest opinion, I like it this series. Do you know another translation group that could pick this series?
Hey guys, think I owe some explanation as to why I haven't been uploading more chapters of these. Honestly, I've lost motivation to translate this series since I just find it really boring. Not my cup of tea.

I will try to come back to it at some point, but if any other scanlation group would like to pick it up, feel free to do so.

(Edit 11/1/2018): I have picked this back up and will be scanlating it alongside Fillpe from Wowe scans :)

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at the beginning I thought it was boring.. but I actually laugh a lot with this family 😂 😂 😂

I hope for more chapters.. TY

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they are censoring boobs themselves? wtf lol
Try to read aloud what you have written. In case you're still serious, just know that filial piety is a big thing in asian countries. They might be assassins but still even the father hasn't lowered himself to actually kill the MC, opting instead to scare him into giving up, so why should the daughter burden herself with the death of her father.

Holy shit dude. Don't talk about killing parents that easily.
The art can get kind of... eh. I guess that's a web comic for you though :/
the premise itself is annoying. overbearing father characters are already annoying this just takes it to another level, and the daughter should really just kill the father, but of course she won't because then the artist can't make his crappy manga. too much contrivance going on here. annoying annoying annoying

Yeah, it's pretty annoying. Unfortunately I don't think there is an uncensored version anywhere. I haven't found one, at least. And you'd probably have to pay for it as well, which I'd rather avoid...
The censorship is both inconsistent and distracting. And we know she wasn't actually naked under there, so the censorship is literally just for minor cleavage shots at SOME of the pages?
The manga got axed because of too much trap. Finally!

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@SonPiyush It's completed in it's original language but it's not fully translated yet.
There's 40 chapters overall so another 30 left to be translated
@_anq is the comic over?? The publishing status is completed?
Wait, is it already over??
Lul Lizzie got pwned so easily. 😂

ComicGT is the official site for this work, so I don't think so. And if there is, you'd probably have to pay to view it. With ComicGT, there's a workaround so you don't have to pay real money to buy chapters, but I don't think that is the case for other sites.
Is there a version of this that's uncensored? Those censorship glares are annoying as fuck.
@Carnage , Lol i remembered that series long time ago(a Decade), That MC powered up a Lot, Espescially His mental resistance and Evasion 🤣