Moriarty the Patriot
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  • Moriarty the Patriot
  • Moriarty, el patriota
  • Vatansever Moriarty
  • Yuukoku no Moriarty
  • Патриотизм Мориарти
  • 忧国的莫里亚蒂
  • 憂国のモリアーティ
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  • 248,743
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The story of Sherlock Holmes, reimagined with Moriarty as the protagonist and exploring his motivation in becoming the greatest criminal Britain has ever seen.

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  • In French by Kana
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    Whoever uploaded the latest chapter just to spoil people deserve the worst kind of suffering.
    They were really inspired by Sherlock BBC.
    hello lime scans! i don't normally comment but i just wanna express my gratitude towards you guys 🤗 i'm a huge mtp fan and thanks to you im able to read a new chapter every 2-3 days. it must've been such a pain to clean these chapters but your scanlations are the best! thank you so much for your hard work! i hope you have a great day!!
    These bratty kids complaining about free translations as if they paid for the actual manga book SMH. Just let the translation team do whatever they want since it is their translation and their effort, unless you actually paid a dime to their patron or smthing. As the saying goes, beggers don't get to choose
    @Anonymosity there's going to be a total of 57 chapters, i believe
    Not gonna lie cover from volume 10 is one of the best in my opinion
    Judging by how there are approx. 5 chapters per volume, and how The Final Problem is the 55th chapter...

    I'm guessing there's either one final volume (the 14th) to conclude the series or additional final chapters in the 13th volume. I'd be surprised if the manga continued, when chapter 55 ended on that note.

    Whatever will happen, I hope the series' ending will be a great conclusion, and if we ever get that 14th volume, I hope it'd be one of William, Sherlock, or both of them together. Or who knows, one big group shot (highly doubt this one though).
    I think chap.55 isn't lowquality-lime's translation.. b'cuz the font and the way it was translated is different. Btw, come and read 2 chapters a day is great! ^^ can't wait for more~
    so.. they love each other huh
    😠😠😠So why didn't the team, that decided to translate chapter 55, upload ch 38-54 and just snipe their way through with the ending? What's the point in doing that, what's the point in messing with the readers, just why? 😠
    chapter 55? tf happened to 13 chapters
    That was NEVER said. So until it is literally said in the manga (by the author) and not interpreted or assumed by the readers/translators, the character is a woman written to be exceptionally good and commited at acting, that had to fake her death and had no other option but to adopt the identity of a man since the society they live in makes it easier for a man to act and look less suspicious for the kind of "job" they are trying to do. So anyone can call the character whatever they want.
    wait why is "sensei" changed into "-san"? they're different connotations? well, guess it doesn't matter much in english TL, like, weird choice but doesn't really matter in the end
    lowquality scans, please stop adding your comments to the margins of the page. It's like being in a movie theater, and someone behind you is giving their running commentary on what's going on. Has that ever happened to you? Were you annoyed? If so, now you know how many readers are feeling. It's pointless, distracting to the the reader, and worst of all insulting toward the authors. The manga page exists to express the authors' voice, not yours. Please, just stop.
    More reasonable are the frequent explanations in the margins. I can see that you're making them in good faith to educate the reader, and I'm grateful you're trying to help, but they're often unnecessary (Google exists) and always distracting.
    Both your own commentary and explanations can be added at the end of the chapter, as other groups do. That's perfectly fine since it doesn't interrupt the flow of the chapter, and the focus is first on the authors' voice, as it should be.
    Your group's work is generally consistent and careful, which makes these flaws even more disappointing.
    Bruh fuck the new dude such an asshole
    damn this is quite good
    When did Moran regrow his Hand, in volume 4 we saw he lost his right hand in the flashback, but in volume 7 in the changing room he has his two hands!
    Personally, I prefer keeping -kun/-san/-sama prefixes because they give insight into the realationship dynamics between the characters. I do agree about translating the -sensei suffix though, since "sensei" can be used to address people from different professions.
    well, @amanimal youre in luck
    after years of anticipation, the trailer of the animation is finally now out yesterday(jan 27), at bandai co youtube channel.
    i cringed once at the first 5 sec tho tbh cuz it out of context but overall its looks promising.