Ayakashi Ko
Alt name(s):
  • Ayakashiko
  • Аякасико
  • あやかしこ
  • 妖怪宅院
  • 괴이한 아이
  • 8.79
  • 8.92
  • 309
Pub. status:
  • 159,953
  • 5,694
  • 78
16 year old Miyatsuka Mahoro is the manager of a certain mansion located in downtown Asakusa. The name of the mansion, Ayakashi-sou is inhabited by a glutton Zashikiwarashi, a Kitsune who loves to play pranks and a Yukionna that likes to sleep in the refrigerator. Even though they are poor, they spend each day having fun and causing trouble. Welcome to the life of living with Ayakashi!
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/?
  • Chapter 0/?

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Now i see shoujo ai tag
It sure would be nice if more laid-back relaxing and cute manga like this got an anime over all the isekai.
Thanks for the answer. I guess I can look forward to future chapters again. This is one of those truly relaxing manga that you don't want to miss.
@mwzzhang @evergreenoaktree @JigokuShounen

Lorelaiii the translator was busy IRL for some months (but it was known, not the typical MIA, we knew when he would be back). So we had to wait him to resume the translation. As expected, he just came from his trip, and already TLed the chapter 49 and it's been edited too, now we are in the proofread+QC part, the last one, so you can expect it to be out soon™.
We got the raws up to chapter 52 so we should be able to catch up if I don't take more than 1 month to clean+typeset them 🙃.
selfish plug: our discord is open, all the internal team communication is done here, and there is no hidden chan, so you can see what we are up to or ask us directly.

tl;dr: expected break, back to normal now, 49 soon™ out
(and sorry for only answering now 😐)
Chapter 49 is already out on Pixiv Comic...
@JigokuShounen their leader hasn't been online in 3 months, according to MD. Looks like regular ol' inactivity
Did anything happen to LoreScans? They haven't been updating since 3 months ago.
Volume 6 cover is really cute.
I really love this manga and I hope you continue doing the translations. Its so underrated ?

Right on! I totally agree with you! Kii is honestly not that annoying compared to most kids. Makes me wonder if that person even likes kids like he says, since most kids are brats.
Should the description still say they're poor given how rich Mahoron actually is?
1) Draw some girls with cat ears
2) ???
3) profit
We're so close to a shoujo ai tag and it just keeps not happening. Come on Hijiki, take the leap, you know you want to.
Speaking as someone who normally likes kids, Kii is really annoying.

As someone who is around a great many kids, I can't quite understand your comment. As a child-like youkai, she is somewhat selfish, but far less so than several children in my family. In several of the chapters, she wishes to share (the Christmas cake) or help and be appreciated (OK, that one could be construed as selfish, but I really wish some of the children I'm around would be selfish in that manner). I, too, like children, but (I'm not a parent myself, merely an uncle) I find that there are an awful lot of incredibly spoiled brats out there these days. If Kii is the epitome of spoiled children, I wish that a whole bunch of the children in Southern California would copy her example, and they would be far more pleasant to be around than they are now.
Speaking as someone who normally likes kids, Kii is really annoying.
need more cuteness!
Kawaii ga seigi!
I'm really enjoying this manga. The story and characters are entertaining and endearing, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. As to "derivative and weak," the only other manga character I remember making a similar comment is Joukyuu from Aiki, and I haven't seen anything similar between the two stories.
This manga is amazing. Cute, fun, sad, relaxing. Characters are great, art is ADORABLE. It has everything you'd want out of a yuri SoL. I love it, made me cry a couple of times. I hope it gets an anime!
when the very first chapter mentions japanese people loving rice you know this is going to be really derivative and weak