Journey to the West Chinese (Simp)
Alt name(s):
  • Batıya Yolculuk
  • Tây Du Ký
  • Westbound
  • Westbound Discipline
  • Xīxíng Jì
  • บันทึกตำนานอัศดงคต
  • 西行纪
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Pub. status:
  • 31,048
  • 1,001
  • 40
The original journey to the west to retrieve the Sutra was a conspiracy plotted by the Heavens! Just after a few decades, the Sutra has vanished. The Heavens search for the Sutra with plans to use it with corrupted intentions. In order for the Sutra to not fall into the hands of Heaven, the journey to the west will begin once again.

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Avatar optiso 1 mo ago

This artist is the one who put chinese comics on the global stage with Feng Shen Ji
Avatar Swagner 1 mo ago
You know, I usually don't care for Chinese comics, but this one's got excellent art and solid translating.
Avatar AlexMCS 2 mo ago
@criver The MAL link lists the same artist, it could be a mistake on mangaupdate info.
Avatar criver 3 mo ago
@RayS: The author is the same. The art style seems identical but as per mangaupdate's info it seems the artists are different. The artist has probably worked together with the artist for Feng Shen Ji. That would be the most plausible assumption considering the similarity.
Avatar RayS 4 mo ago
An interesting premise, and really pleasing to read.
But what about the artist info? I could swear that's the same people as in Feng Shen Ji.
Avatar Metalwrath 4 mo ago
i like this a lot
Avatar Doomroar 5 mo ago
The Hype!
Avatar s13one80 5 mo ago
So the next disciple they have to save is the monkey king?! I'm getting excited and looking forward to the upcoming chapters!
Avatar Electromaster 6 mo ago
Avatar criver 6 mo ago
Chapter 13, page 35 and onwards is the same as the first pages.