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  • Jagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
  • Jagaaan
  • Jagan
  • ジャガーン
  • 쟈건
  • 7.87
  • 7.87
  • 1,093
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  • 1,237,309
  • 23,652
  • 469
Shintarou Jagasaki, who is a neighborhood police officer, lives with his girlfriend while working a job that is killing him slowly with annoyance. It looks like he will end up marrying soon and live a boring life with a nuclear family - a grim future for a guy with dreams! One such day, a mysterious monster appeared on the train and he suddenly can shoot with his right hand like Master Buppanatsu, the eggplant mascot of his city!
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shit is GOATED
A manga with every existing gruesome tags
come on, you can't really say that jagaan didn't have character development, he went from a normal officer with tons of frustrations to a guy that loses his girlfriend, ends up fighting monsters, decide to change and be a hero, ends up losing himself to desire, find new love and struggle with his desire to bring back his dead gf while loving his actual gf, gets in a gruop that he tought could understand him and find once again corruptions, ends up killing his friends and witness a mass slaughter, ends up with trauma and struggle between his mad killer self and his justice sense until he decide to let desire run rampant to achieve his objective and protect as many as he can and now he's completly maddened.
really, try and read the first chapters and tell me he didn't grow.
Funny how we got one explanation as how fractured power is molded both by desire and imagination so now jagaan (the author really) can solve a lot of more situations without feeling like a constant deus ex machina, despite being kinda bs we did see a lot of glimpses of a fully powered jagaan early on the story so a lot of this more flexible uses are kinda justified
the author upgraded his power without any explanation? i remember they said something about power=mental state but for some reason mc chara developement seems shallow though it's mostly on my perspective
Nobody knows what too do and everything is so sad the manga.
that's right show him the goods before negotiation
The art took a nose dive in later chapters, did they change the artist?
If this manages to get adapted to an anime. This Will make you cry. get fucking angry.
Get D E P R E S S I O N. And many other thing's.

And Actually the part which is the saddest is that the thing's told on this story is actually happens to many people in real life.

And The vibes from Parasyte: The Maxim is real.
If you've watched that anime. You'll love this and ofcc hate as well :P
I really dont feel like this genderbending side story is going anywhere
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I think it goes from good to bad and vice versa pretty often its odd, sometimes i want to drop but then i still feel like the author can make a great manga out of it...
I'm of the complete opposite opinion. MC was more interesting in the beginning, as well as the art which was far more detailed. Honestly everything after volume five feels like a ever decreasing drop in quality.
First part are kind of annoying, the MC is quite unlikeable with exagerrating expression. But if you keep reading, it turns fine. MC stop become a wimpy kinda cool actually, and the art of drawing become better with less cringy/exagerrated expression like in early parts
holy shit lol Jagaaan gun dick is a new one
This 117's title hits different lol
I'm getting real tired of this THOT
I honestly thought t'was just me who felt as if this was getting a tad bland and was trying a bit too hard in being "unique" and edgy
Sex, violent language etc... all converge in this manga.

@teppogaijin ah yeah fair point, that was a little weird