Jagaaaaaan Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Jagan
  • ジャガーン
Author: Kaneshiro Muneyuki
Artist: Nishida Kensuke
Genres: Action Horror Psychological Seinen Tragedy
Rating: 7.00 (26 users)
Status: Ongoing
Stats: 9,928 675 10
Description: Shintarou Jagasaki, who is a neighborhood police officer, lives with his girlfriend while working a job that is killing him slowly with annoyance. It looks like he will end up marrying soon and live a boring life with a nuclear family - a grim future for a guy with dreams! One such day, a mysterious monster appeared on the train and he suddenly can shoot with his right hand like Master Buppanatsu, the eggplant mascot of his city!
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Supercheese 5 days ago
How is it hard, you just type JAG and add up to 6 As. Don't even need the N.
Lock 23 days ago
It's kind of annoying how many A's Jagaaaaaan has. It makes it harder to search for it :(. I wouuld suggest to have "Jagan" as its alt title for making it more accessible to more people. This series deserves so much more <3~

One of my favourite ongoing series currently :) The author really nails the pacing, characterization in a weekly format...! not to mention the anticipation and excitement for the upcoming chapters. I usually tend to avoid series with grotesqueries and gore and that reaaallly means something when Jagaaaaaan is in my top 10 ≧◡≦!
rozen 1 month ago
Sorry folks, MangaDex's policy does not allow uploading of watermarked releases so I'm taking down MangaStream and Fans Scans chapters, read them somewhere else.