The Strongest Girl Korean

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Alt name(s):
  • μ΅œκ°•κ·Έλ…€
Author: Team Sae-mi
Artist: Team Sae-mi
Genres: Comedy Romance School Life Supernatural Webtoon
Rating: 7.33 3
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 4,552
  • 721
  • 16
Description: Sae-mi is a cute girl with a small body, but she also hides a very big secret. She's the strongest girl on Earth!! Can she keep her identity a secret and confess to her crush, Yeong-min!

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duodecimus 1 day ago
FredFriendly 3 months ago
I have uploaded all of our currently scanlated chapters. We haven't abandoned the series yet - the translator has been busy with school.

As for the direction the series is going as of chapter 16...
GrimmJoy 3 months ago
The first 6th chapter doesn't appear.