Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
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Alt name(s):
  • Boku-tachi wa Benkyo ga Dekinai
  • BokuBen
  • Hindi Kami Makapag-aral
  • Kami Susah Belajar
  • Kami Tidak Bisa Belajar
  • No podemos estudiar
  • We Can't Study
  • We Never Learn
  • Мы не можем учиться
  • เรื่องนี้ตำราไม่มีสอน
  • ぼくたちは勉強ができない
  • 我們無法一起學習
  • 我們真的學不來
  • 우리는 공부를 못해
  • 7.75
  • 7.74
  • 2,748
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  • 1,957,627
  • 45,462
  • 644
Yuiga Nariyuki wasn't always a top-notch student; he had to study intensively to get where he is. Even so, he is constantly outperformed by literary genius Furuhashi and science whiz Ogata. When he's supposed to be preparing for college entrance exams, Yuiga is ordered by the headmaster to tutor both these girls—in the subjects with which they struggle the most! How will he manage to get results out of these geniuses?

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  • Volume 0/21
  • Chapter 0/187

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If you're planning on reading this you can just find it on an off site. I read it on MangaFreak. This manga was a bumpy ride with it's ups and downs. Personally I enjoyed this manga and in all honesty I think it's a gem. If you want a fully completed harem manga then this is definitely for you.

This spoiler is about the last 40 chapters and my main reason why I like this manga. If you want to remain surprised about the ending then please don't read this. This is mainly my reasoning for why I like this series.

Also I gave it a 10/10, fight me if you want but it's my opinion.
Had some cute moments, I liked it.
Last edited 3 days ago by Crazielul.
Cant believe its been 4 years since the first translation and it's been 4 years since I first read this manga.
This was quite the journey.

Due to JB (a scanlation group) officially cut ties with mangadex and following the request from this group, all their non-joint chapters have been removed.

This happened a while ago and you guys might need to find a site that stole groups work wordlessly and like to push ads at your face.

My advice is to put on ad block and have anti virus ready when using those greedy site, they don't care about your safety nor do they facilitate anything to stop any spyware, viruses and inappropriate ad.

Stay safe out there.
What happened to all the chapters....
Laughed out loud at the final chapter oh my sides hahaha this mangaka just kept on giving til the very end!
Anybody know where you can find the other chapters?
i havent finished reading the manga only the anime so im talking from my memory.
the teacher is definitely the best girl though the age gap is the problem (which is the best part imo)
for my 2nd best girl its either fumino or asumi personally i like fumino more but rather than choose between ill just add both as 2nd place
third place or fourth for me was rizu compared to sporty girls i prefer smart ones so thats bias for me
and last place for me is the sporty girl uruka this one is mostly because of my uneducated uncultured biased opinion about sport girls (personally i dont really like them) and she irritates me since like you said her character became a little shit after her denying her love.




if i cant understand these titled sentences then im not finishing it not even reading the end
Having read it (elsewhere) till the end,
Shonen jump did the funny cease and desist
why are most of the chapters gone?
Alas. The story has come to an end. Very satisfied with this romcom.
idk about you guys but every chapter is broken
The real ending isn’t the but the fact that it ends in a harem, the sister, maybe he gets isekai’d and falls for Catarina
Fun manga, don't expect a complicated story, but great if you like romcoms
yeah what happened
why are there so many missing chapters?
one of the best harem manga in terms of epilogue. 100/10... good job, author!!!