Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Alt name(s):
  • BokuBen
  • Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
  • Hindi Kami Makapag-aral
  • Kami Tidak Bisa Belajar
  • No podemos estudiar
  • We Can't Study
  • We Never Learn
  • Мы не можем учиться
  • เรื่องนี้ตำราไม่มีสอน
  • ぼくたちは勉強ができない
  • 8.38
  • 8.40
  • 938
Pub. status:
  • 739,448
  • 21,954
  • 282
Yuiga Nariyuki wasn't always a top-notch student; he had to study intensively to get where he is. Even so, he is constantly outperformed by literary genius Furuhashi and science whiz Ogata. When he's supposed to be preparing for college entrance exams, Yuiga is ordered by the headmaster to tutor both these girls—in the subjects with which they struggle the most! How will he manage to get results out of these geniuses?

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      What are we gonna do on the bed? *pomf*

      Well, probably I didn't explain good enough what I meant but of course I didn't mean "polite" like watashi vs ore.

      I meant exactly that "as if" isn't good for this case since Furuhashi speaks to senpai and even if they are friends you have to use something not so "rude".
      @BzzBzz i disagree about 違います being a polite form, in fact its often considered "strong" for a reply in actual japanese, where you often imply that things "may" be wrong instead (generally japanese people tend towards lack of conflict in polite conversation) i mean its polite in terms of using the "masu" form but thats only when compared to 違う and not to actual spoken japanese in context. Perhaps a better translation would be something like "No way!!!" as I do agree "as if" is not a good translation, not because 違いますis "polite" but because it doesnt sound as natural an answer in english, flow-wise. It makes her sound like a teenager from like 20 years ago xD
      The anime is great. Hopefully there will be another season.

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      Alright I guess...
      I like JB's translations better. Comparing it with some of the translations of older books of official novels and whatnot, I noticed JB tends to stick as close to the style of the original and not "censor" anything (not just replace bad words, but also make harsher language more light, and keep to some JP sound effects instead of putting in the closest english variant)
      *adds fuel to the fire*
      We Can't Study > We Never Learn

      I feel the same about Kaguya-sama :V
      wierd but to me 'as if' sounds better. Anyway, i'm not just talking about the image you've post below, i've compared ch107 to jaimini, and it's really what i feel, a dubbed anime. Oh and even ch108 now, i feel like i should read it with slang.

      Well let's see... Chigai-masu is polite form of declining something (answer, statement, etc.) in my opinion "NO!" (or maybe "WRONG!") is better option than "AS IF!"

      Next one "jeez" for "mou"... well I can't decline it's correct (in some way) translation but in this case it does not convey the mood of situation. There's some other things that ticks me of but these 2 are the first things that catches my eye.

      Just my 2c.

      Edit: both examples taken from image 4 posts below.

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      for me i vote for Jaimini translation, well maybe because i'm asian and not a native english speaker, i think the Jaimini has preserved the asian culture in it while the official one's.. i can feel it's an american english or something, i feel like watching a dubbed anime, which i don't like btw.
      Kominami-mama's genes are strong in the family.
      @BzzBzz Yeah. I thought so too. Jaminis blackens it a lot.

      Well, personally I find official translation more natural, but both of them are close enough so that's matter of preference. But what's really imortant that's image quality of official translation is better even if it's lower resolution.

      @BzzBzz Yeah! That's why I asked.

      Official is fine. And it's 2 weeks faster.

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      This one suffer the same problem as most of others rom-com harem manga :
      You can really feel the fillers, only here to milk the manga until the end.

      It's a little sad.
      Which translations are better? Official or this?
      Try as you might, Fumino is an Imperium battleship and the Emperor has consigned the death warrant for the other ships. EXTERMINATUS!!!!
      My sensei ship will not sink that easily(Fire's at the other ships).
      This manga is now suffering (and has been for quite a while) from the same problem all of these "healing" love/SOL type manga have. Nothing happens. None of these situations feel like they add to their relationships in meaningful ways. I've been hanging on to this because the early chapters were really enjoyable, but going to drop it after all.