5Toubun no Hanayome
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Alt name(s):
  • 5-Toubun no Hanayome
  • 5등분의 신부
  • Go-Toubun no Hanayome
  • Gotoubun no Hanayome
  • The Five Wedded Brides
  • The Five-Part Bride
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets
  • Пять Невест
  • เจ้าสาวผมเป็นแฝดห้า
  • 五等分の花嫁
  • 五等分的花嫁
  • 8.33
  • 8.33
  • 8,056
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  • 5,792,798
  • 60,244
  • 1,208
Uesugi Fuutarou is a poor, antisocial ace student who one day meets the rich transfer student Nakano Itsuki. They argue but when Uesugi realizes he is to be her tutor, he tries to get on better terms. While trying to do so he meets four other girls.

Manga's Official Twitter: @5Hanayome
Author's Twitter: @negi_haruba
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5Toubun no Hanayome is the official romanization.
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  • Volume 0/14
  • Chapter 0/122

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@calmbreez is the romance serious?
basically, everyone fell in love because "you're the first one to (fill with verb) with me"
which is the backbone most of harem manga, but pretty shallow for romance genre

is there a clear winner from the start?
no, kinda..
i mean there's only one clear winner at the end, but you'll probably making "wtf face" when reading the last chapter
Question: is the romance serious? Or is it all lol whatever. And Is there a clear winner from the start? Or is it romance with the whole harem?
@chewiie dude, first season had like 30 chapters, 2nd season will end at chapter 60s . So, logically it’ll take 4 seasons to complete 120 chapters or 3 seasons if they did 24 episodes or added OVAs.

No. But in the last chapter, when she it's says something about how he doesn't know everything about her, it's implied that she was going to tell him that later.
So, question (spoiler in question):

Does Yotsuba actually ever tell the MC that it was actually her that he originally met when they were kids? I don’t remember seeing her say that.
10/10 for me! The main character has a great personality! The girls are all spunky and fun. The authors ability to call back to an event that happens in the very beginning to help you emote is incredible.
My one reccomdation is to not look ahead in the story. It's totally worth it to go on the journey!
This manga is surprisingly good for a harem. The MC is a character on its own and not just the quintessential moron harem protagonist and the girls, while based off of stereotypes, each have their own complex personality.
To everyone reading this manga for the first time, I would recommend reading it as a mystery story rather than a romcom.
In some chapters, it's hard to understand what is going on. It's a 9/10 for me
My biggest gripe about the ending the useless addition of the blood related father towards the end. The character gave off creepy pedophile vibes especially since he was the mom's teacher unless I read the wrong translation, and he was a tutor.
Can someone make an ending for each girl? I mean, I'm f*cking happy with the way it turned out and would love to die happily... but I'm curious... what if Uesugi married someone else.
Season 2 postponed in January 2021 caused Corona
it should be rated at max 6
Overall? A 7.5 is fair. Thanks to the scanteams for bringing this here. Personally i loved the \a\ traductions.

The plot is simple, but effective. Keeps the story going. Maybe is a little too long in the last part but its fine (in the end the author had to show a lot of backstories).
The MC is very plain and stays the same until almost the very end, I would loved to see some interactions that could get his feelings involve and as a consecuence, evolve.
The FMCs are the real deal of this manga (i guess in all harem type mangas this is a fact, didnt read a lot of romance harem), but some of them doesnt start to evolve until the story is too advanced (or are plain dead until the end).
Not in any team, so i was ok with the decision ( would only dislike 1 of them), but because the MC was so plain seemed a "yeah lets go with you, why not".

After all, this was a smooth read that kept me hooked for 3 days and left this feeling of sadness (or emptyness?) that you get when you end a nice read. Time to jump to another manga to try to forget the quintuplets!!
Miku is best girl no cap.
Heard that the anime s2 will have an original ending. Anybody can confirm?

I was talking about the manga having a harem end while being realistic a lil bit....

as for the IRL possibility of the law, the law makers could easily make it so that it only applies to natural born citizens.... heck, even to be a citizen if you're a foreigner is harder in Japan than most country, since they are already high in population and have quite an ingrained racial superiority bias...
Yeah but expect the marriages to be interracial with yellow fever people going all out to catch Japanese women like pokemon, it'll also just ruin the chances of the hikki guys, it'll probably make them become even more reclusive. Japanese don't count seeing a prostitute as cheating for the wedded so they are okay with cheating I guess
Aight. The final extra was a nice fan service session. I appreciate it.
I thought I had rated this 7 previously, since I was full of salt with how all this ended...but 8 thanks to the fan service.
RIP--just a memory to never bring up again.
I felt that author tried so hard to hide the identity of the bride that build up of the romance was shafted. The result is that couple is not really believable. Yotsuba is my 3rd favorite quintuplet personality and design wise but she got no synergy with Fuutarou. It doesn't help that she got so little focus in the story and her arc was the most underwhelming. Even Ichika who acted as a jerk got more spotlight. In the end I felt that the best matches would be Miku or Nino who expressed their love for the protagonist and had great developpment. As for Istuki, i guessed she played the role of bait FL in the beginning? Lol she is such a tourist in this romcom.
Anyways, great manga but the end was a missed opportunity. Also that last arc dragged on for eeeever.
@ DanTheMan6383
Even were unhappy with the ending, seeing as how the wedding and honeymoon included all five sisters instead of focusing on the bride.
People only dislike the ending if their waifu isn't chosen lmao