Machigatta Ko wo Mahou Shoujo ni shite shimatta
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  • Machigatta Ko wo Mahou Shoujo ni Shiteshimatta
  • MachiMaho
  • Machimaho - I Messed Up and Made the Wrong Person Into a Magical Girl!
  • Machimaho: Magical Girl by Accident
  • Magical Girl Holy Shit (FR)
  • Mistaken Child Attempts to Become a Magical Girl
  • Oops! I made the wrong girl into a magical girl!
  • Yanlış Kişiyi Sihirli Kıza Çevirdim
  • 間違った子を魔法少女にしてしまった
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  • 452,614
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While searching for a brave candidate to become a magical girl and defend the world from evil, a mythical creature finds Kayo Majiba, a cute young lady who seems like the perfect fit. But when this newly turned magical girl proves to be a crude delinquent who goes berserk in a conflict, it becomes clear that this may have been a terrible mistake. Now evil—and any innocent bystanders—will face the rage of a magical girl gone wrong!

Portuguese / Português:
Enquanto procura por uma candidata corajosa para se tornar uma garota mágica e defender o mundo do mal, Myu, uma criatura mítica encontra Kayo Majiba, uma jovem bonita que parece a garota perfeita. Mas quando essa garota mágica recém transformada se mostra uma delinquente grosseira que enlouquece em um conflito, fica claro que isso pode ter sido um erro terrível. Agora, o mal, e qualquer espectador inocente, enfrentará a fúria de uma garota mágica que deu errado!

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    actually u can download it on nyaa
    and ofc buy the official to support the author if available in ur country
    Last edited 4 mo ago by Purue.
    @vangoz there already is an English licensed version. It's up to volume 4. Volume 5 comes out later this month.
    so why did the translations stop??
    For a silly comedy the art is amazing. Too bad the scanlation stops and we don't even know if there will be an official English version.
    Gracias por las traducciones
    volume 4 been uploaded btw if you can find it
    "Black Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei (Shared universe)"
    are you fucking kidding?!

    Mod Note: Please use spoiler tags when talking about chapter-specific or future events.
    Last edited 6 mo ago by BraveDude8.
    Too true. Making me sad here, mate.
    Volumes have completely different numeration of chapters. Also 3rd volume is out for some time.
    Chapter 25 here is beginning of chapter 20 in tanks.
    Last edited 10 mo ago by bastek66.

    Well-said. I agree.

    [Basically a repeat idea incoming...]
    I understand how scanlations have a bad (misunderstood) reputation, and I’m inclined to believe this is due to the underlying act of piracy being a negative exchange; however, scanlations are less of the act of stealing-for-profit and more like free-advertising.

    Like hedgemoney stated, I would have never known about this author without scanlations, and whether I purchase this work (or not) is completely up to my finances and willingness to collect.

    Anyway, please read hedgemoney’s comment. It’s insightful and rational.
    Ah, the myth of scanlations and pirating. Unfortunately, many people overestimate the real impact of pirating (or scanlations). People who won't buy it, will NEVER buy it. People who want to buy it, will probably buy it regardless of scanlations existing or not. Thus, no one will buy it. Only people who like it enough to buy it, and have the money to, will buy it.

    So no, you don't lose money from scanlations. You just don't. Stopping scanlations won't increase sales.

    From an economics standpoint, books are luxuries. Which means only people with money for them will buy them, not to mention books themselves are considered a "collectible" type of luxury. Scanlations don't affect the "demand" of a luxury item. But they are essentially free marketing tool for people to buy a luxury item. In essence, Scanlations actually drive up demand for a book, otherwise, its people who won't buy the physical copy will just go to a book store to read it without buying it. Physical manga a commodity with a stratified demand at a price point break. In economic model terms, scanlations actually shift the demand curve up. Without them, it will either stagnate or go down (because as we all know, lack of scanlations or releases actually shift the demand curve downward), since manga sales are based on amount of consistent readers or collectors.

    I would insert a economic model, but too much work for something no one cares about but me.

    That, and "official translations" are quite terrible and of shitty print quality. The don't even include the book cover that EVERY JAPANESE volume has, on only have a crappy paper back cover, for 20 f*cking dollars, which is why I always import japanese or other asian language versions for half the fucking price of an english one, in which I quite literally need the scanlation to read, an preserve the japanese version as a collectible.

    Case and point: Nearly 75% of all yen press translations are absolutely shit. Viz for the longest time had the worst fucking localization. And the now dead tokyo pop was probably the worst translator of all. Amateur MTL's were better then these guys.

    If anything, its the translation companies that take away from potential sales for making it soo f*cking expensive at a shitty print quality.

    But, just ripping raws of the japanese manga is bad though. Its only 6 or 7 dollars in japanese yen for a typical manga volume, which by my standards, is more or less affordable, rather than 20 dollars for a f**king crappy "official" translation, that exclude all the stuff that comes with usual volume releases like afterwords, art, covers, etc.
    This was dropped because the mangaka requested scanlation to stop for reasons down below. So if you dont want to feel the suffering of reading a good manga without ever knowing whats going to happen or how it ends, dont read this. But if theres a bookstore near you with this there then go ahead.
    French title is straightforward
    I am a collector. I will spend money on a series I like to own a copy for my book shelf. I am not as likely to spend money on a series if I have not read the majority of it.

    I am also not likely to start buying a series from the middle. I want the entirety of the series, from the beginning to the current end.
    The official English translation will jump a bit past where Gordon left off on August 13th or so I think, and that may well end up on other sites if someone decides to just scan the volume. Which does happen fairly often. Volume 4 slated for December 10th or so I think. Or somebody else might pick it up despite the official volumes if you're patient enough, that does happen. Or someone just ends up machine translating the Spanish scanlated chapters on here already, possibly with the go ahead from that group to use theirs as raws if given credit for such or what not, that could happen too. I'm absolutely a straight up leech so I'm just gonna wait and see, but seriously. Would a couple of you guys like some cheese to go with the whine you left in here?
    check out the mangaka 's latest manga : .
    Fuck this, the author should know that people will buy his stuff if it's good enough and the english translations are not just for a single country where his manga may be published. I don't buy manga to read since I don't live in Japan where I could buy it the week it's out, unlike everywhere else where mangas are sold by the volume months later after a chapters is published.

    So yeah, I buy and collect manga to support the author, but if it wasn't for the scanlators I wouldn't even know about them, I fuck no I won't buy this shit if I can't read it first online.