God of Martial Arts
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  • Dewa Seni Beladiri
  • GoMA
  • Juéshì Wǔshén
  • Peerless Martial God
  • PMG
  • Бог боевых искусств
  • เทพยุทธ์พลิกลิขิตสวรรค์
  • 绝世武神
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  • 1,861,679
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In this world, respect is earned with martial arts. Weak martial artists have strengths of tens of thousands of pounds, capable of cracking boulders. And the strong ones can cut off rivers and split mountains. There are even martial kings who know everything and can travel across the universe. Martial art decides your fate as well as your life and death. The weak is humiliated while the strong looks down on the world. This is a a world where the strong bullies the weak. People's statuses are decided by the levels of their cultivation of martial arts. Each faction fights for the title of "The Strongest". Only the strong ones have the right to survive. Even if you are from the same clan or faction, if you are weak, then you will be bullied and kicked out without mercy.

After a car accident, Lin Feng crosses over to this new world into the body of a young master from the powerful Lin Family.
Will Lin Feng be used by others again or will he forge his own path in this place where, regardless of your family ties or sect, only the strong have the right to live.

French / Français
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15 days ago This post by ultratrans has been marked as moderated.
J'ai l'impression que les dernier chapitre ne sont pas dans le bon ordre
Only in a Chinese manhua will you see even refining medicine is done via meditation
I'm digging the latest chapters btw I noticed I cant get on the scanlation groups site I keep getting a failed to connect when ever I try I know it's not me. Curious is anyone else having this problem.
@Narha Thanks for the review, sounds like your typical cultivation story, I'll give it a go ;)
This is overally a pretty mediocre manga.

The behavior of people is so illogical and almost everyone acts in the same ignorant, arrogant way. Very little of the world makes sense. "Strenght = Justice", sure. But people are picking fights, often intending to kill the other, over the most of minor reasons. It surprises me that there is still a functioning society considering how they would kill eachother over the slightest of things. And it makes little sense that everyone is so arrogant since there's so many levels of strength.

To put that in game terms, it's like a guy who is level 20 going around being arrogant about being the strongest level 20 in town, therefore he can claim all the women he want and kill anyone he doesn't like, because he's like, the totally best level 20 who can even beat a level 21 in town, when the world is filled with people who are level 100 and over. So often does it occur that one of these jerks, when they end up in trouble with the MC, either calls their higher level mate or simply go "Do you know who I am? I'm BFFs with a level 25! If you kill me, you're doomed!" Did they never think that the people they start fights with has such friends themselves? Or relatives?

People are also incredibly disrespectful of people they perceive as weaker than themselves, especially if they are considered much weaker. I wonder how it must be to be a commoner in this world... just a regular farmer... it must be absolutely terrifying. For no reason, some higher level asshole comes in and kills you and takes your wife because they wanted your table at the restaurant.

The only appeal to me in this manga is that it's pretty gratifying to watch all those arrogant, ignorant jerkwads get killed by the MC.
The go home a hero arc is almost always my favorite part of cultivation stories.
Everyone: GTFO, your trash!
The MC: *Bim* *Bam* *FightingSFX* I'm no longer a trash, next time I see you, you're dead!
Overall 1/10 I'm in.
When will the nxt chapter come out
O mio dio.... Non vedo l'ora di leggere il diciannovesimo capitolo
90% of "master" in this story just happen to be scumbag that either backstaber, scumbag, or always scheming and underestimate the MC...everytime theres a conflict, a supposedly higher level cultivator enters the scene, treat the MC like a little kid that can be ordered around and getting beaten instead
it gets old fast.

@WindOcean yeah, it was okay 50 chapter or so at the start then it gets downhill and predictable in bad ways
Gotta turn off my brain every time an auction house backstabs customers... Why even bother with reputation smfh.
Back to back omg ty so much for the chapters
dirty play must be the number one skill in this world since only the survivors count o.O
aight Imma Head Out
I have the feeling bots rated this. Here comes why: A majority (not really) of people voted 10/10 (or 9/10) giving this a median rating of almost 8/10. Is this a 8/10? No it is not. I rated it first 7/10 (good) as I enjoyed it, but time went on and the story keeps getting subjectively worse... Now I rated it 6/10 (fine).

Please by the love of IGN rate things as they are...
@Wolvenworks blame Disaster/Martial Scans 😣
remember when we had no missing chapters?

Pepperidge Farm remembers
Each faction fights for the title of "The Strongest".

What a silly waste of time; everybody knows Cirno is the strongest.

These trolls are getting annoying... how is that funny to you guys😅