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  • Foreign Gods
  • ทตสึงามิ เทพสะกดวิญญาณ
  • 外つ神 ~トツガミ~
  • 外神退散
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  • 6.72
  • 86
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  • 92,638
  • 3,650
  • 117
Tasuku Narukami is able to see strange spirits and monsters. As he begins to take care of the shrine his grandmother left to him, Tasuku is suddenly attacked by a demon! He soon discovers that he is the guard of the Totsugami, the path that spirits pass through to enter this world!
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  • Volume 0/10
  • Chapter 0/60.5

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Thanks to NRBL for translating. Checked out the series because it had an interesting premise. Finished reading and it was an awkward read. The chapters often read like some pages were missing with the time/travel skipping. I'm guessing when it was published it wasn't doing well in the reader reviews and they were push the story as much as they could. There were several storylines that felt like they could have been expanded into more chapters but they just kind of resolved weirdly quickly.
well i dont know what happened to lainrad but rl/trans died, this series got axed and rushed....awful finish but glad this series got finished with the trans, still to many series quit with trans buy short changed/bored trans least this is finished?
@konzolmester I do agree the art is not for a seinen a manga. the story is really interesting and has potential. it's kinda disappointing that the manga was rushed somewhere in the 30th chapter (I blame for the editor of the manga)
@Akiba11 Idk.. as I progress further the kpop guys keep piling up, and the art is like out of a shoujo or josei manga...
This is anything but seinen so far.... and the facial expressions are very stiff... like a marionette or something.
Makes everything look bland and boring. Not to mention so many side characters swamped the MC whom I don't even care about... feels rushed in that regards.....
I feel like droping this after 5 chapters.. I wanted to like this but it's just extremely boring from the first chapter onwards....
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@konzolmester nope not like that the MC was already strong and a smartaass but his oldself got sealed because of this and that and we don't know what became of the MC because the manga got axed............just read it man
@animepig it's not a bad ending but it got axed so the story was rushed
Honestly after 2 chapters to me.... this is just more of the same. Starts with an absolutely clueless character who as time goes on get's more confident and stronger,while next to him are people who know everything and act like a smartass for an inordinate amount of time.... Are japanese authors lacking in creativity? You would think investing a huge amount of time and work drawing a manga, the person would at least use a different innovative plot and character stereotypes from what the other authors use... instead the author just copy pastes 85% the rest are different character names, ability mechanics and enemies.
@Akiba11 Bad ending?
got axed i guess
@Lainrad there is an official one but you would need to pay around $5 (693 yen) in the descriptions
So, actually, I decided to translate the rest of the chapters and chapter 55 is ready.
I don't do scanlations, only translate the text in pages, but you are welcome to read the translation HERE.
And it is mere 6 chapters from being finished. It's a damn waste. Can anyone find a raw for vol 10?
i need more :'(
But those characters in the cover at the moment... Seems familiar you know from
Chapter 52 is out of order.
Yesh! Finally chapters are here. Thank you so much!
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Man i need the missing chapters.
a cliff
Oh wow this is back, ugh I'm gonna have to reread it all, forgot everything
After 4 years! Finally an update