The Blue Eye of Horus Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Aoi Horus no Hitomi - Dansou no Joou no Monogatari
  • Reine d'Égypte
  • Голубой глаз Гора
  • 碧いホルスの瞳 -男装の女王の物語-
Author: Inudoh Chie
Artist: Inudoh Chie
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Drama Historical Romance
Rating: 8.29 56
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 38,363
  • 1,311
  • 14
Description: It's the beginning of a new era in the Egypt of pharaohs, the marriage of the young Hatshepsut to her half-brother Seti ensures his rise to Pharaoh, under the name of Thutmose II. Ambassadors of the gods on Earth, they shine to their people and seem at first glance like the perfect couple. However, under her mask of a perfect wife, Hatshepsut hides a deep rage... She doesn't want to accept the restrictions others try to place on her as a woman, she wants to become the Pharaoh, like her father!

Loosely based on the actual historical figure.

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owlette 9 days ago
this looks interesting. i always love female leads in seinen genre
Klauthzer0 10 days ago
Shut Up And Take My Money !
Nightlilygirl- 10 days ago
This is starting to be very interesting
Argih 24 days ago
The girl who was controlling man with his "charms" are more suitable to be a priestess of basthet the goddess with cat head than Isis the goddess of love.

Last edited 24 days ago.

Kuroiikawa 24 days ago
I really like the evolution of Hatshepsut. While she was initially naive but strong willed, she's slowly learning the political nature of her station and becoming a more reliable leader. I'm looking forward to the political war she's going to start waging soon.
parodypunk 2 months ago
I'm very much enjoying this, it is merciless in how it shows the woman is naive, and it shows the reality of her decisions in a brutal and unforgiving world.
Anstelon 2 months ago
Well, @nanze, not all leaders are born for the role with all the attributes for success. Yet, some leaders are burned in the fires of their mistakes--multiple times. Those that make it out alive often make even better leaders.
nanze 2 months ago
Just because a character is based off a historical figure doesn’t mean she can’t be a Mary Sue as presented in this story.

Not that I think she’s a Mary Sue. My issue is for someone we’re supposed to believe will be a better Pharoah than her brother she’s hopelessly naive and way too soft.
Anstelon 2 months ago
Is it really Mary-Sue if Hatshepsut actually took power as a woman, one of only three other female Pharaohs, in Ancient Egypt?
pizzapicante27 2 months ago
VERY nice art, but the Mary Sue is strong in this one, I will leave it alone.
Twi 2 months ago
At that point with all her friends and the elderly dead, there really isn’t any good people left in the harem. So though she might not be able to punish the tyrant, she could just threaten and exterminate the entire harem. Though she should, being so soft she probably won’t even think of this possibility.

Last edited 2 months ago.

Shinobu 2 months ago
I'm actually mad. MC needs to grow balls
theilikepie 2 months ago
Exterminate the thot
Nightlilygirl- 2 months ago
Psycho woman has entered the game...
ghostkun 3 months ago
It feels like the narrative sort of fell apart after chapter 3.
gomennasai90 3 months ago
this is just another version of "ouke no monshou"

in short, it sucks
namgangs 3 months ago
please more,
anon259 3 months ago
TL note: fellahin means farmers/peasants
theilikepie 3 months ago
Is the maid gonna try to seduce her or something
BirchJuice 4 months ago
It lives! Glad it was not dropped. <3
Once some chapters pile up I am gonna reread the first chapter and the rest, major thanks.
Shinobu 4 months ago
Pretty good so far. Followed
ghostkun 4 months ago
...I always feel so bad for heroines like this.
Kousora 4 months ago
This is alive again!
Ifrittuccia 5 months ago
Me too. :)
korokkekko 5 months ago
definitely looking forward to more chapters /o/