Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu! Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Super high school students, even in a foreign world, survive easily!
  • Super Human High Schoolers Are in Another World, But Seem to be Living in Comfort!
  • The Super High Schoolers Affording to Live in Another World!
  • เจ็ดเทพ ม.ปลาย กับการใช้ชีวิตสบายๆในต่างโลก
  • 超人高中生们在异世界也能活得风生水起
  • 超人高中生似乎能够在其他世界中获得成功!
  • 超人高中生似乎能夠在其他世界中獲得成功!
  • 超人高校生たちは異世界でも余裕で生き抜くようです!
  • 초인고교생들은 이세계에서도 여유롭게 살아가는 모양입니다!
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7 high school students that got caught in an airplane accident wake up, in a middle age like fantasy different world where magic and beast-man (juujin) exist.

But they do not panic at their current situation!?

They build a nuclear plant in a world without electricity, they control the economy of a large city in a short work's trip, and finally for their benefactor's sake who are suffering from the misgoverment, they declare war on the evil nobles.

So... none of them is a normal high school student, each of them are super human high school students that stand at the top of politics, economics, science and medicine!

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but she's not even artificial intelligence, just genetically modified.
Well...that happened...guess that means we'll be seeing more of the other prodigies backgrounds.
That got real dark real fast 😨
Insert maximum forced traumatic past.
Well that took a dark turn.
A perfect democracy works with hidden rules
So this is basically a Japanese version of Hillarious, I love it.
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@meinburn That sounds similar to the argument about communist and socialist countries, and I have zero desire to dive that deep into the rabbit hole with this debate, so we'll just have to agree to disagree, I'll take your word for it on the article, and I've definitely seen LOTGH, although it was several years ago, it is absolutely amazing, and I think all anime lovers should sit through it at least once.

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@gaigous you and the guy in your link are confusing regular monarchy and absolute monarchies. Not every monarchy is an absolute one. Also the guy in that quora article has an enourmous bias towards autocracy. If you wish to learn more about the pros and cons of democracy and autocracy, I suggest watching the anime 110 episodes OVA "Legend of the galactic heroes", it is both very entertaining and informative for people who think democracy=good, monarchy=bad"
@BloodySorcerer So you institute public education and create a plan to implement it as the generation changes, BAM! Democracy.

You seem to be forgetting a monarchies greatest flaw, and the reason why most 1st world countries don't have them anymore: The monarch and nobles aren't elected officials, they die at some point, a representative democracy has separation of power, one is much less reliable than the other.

Here's a link, in case you're interested:
@gaigous I'm not forgetting this, I just judge that Democracy's flaws are much greater.
Yes monarchy it's much less reliable on paper(I personally believe that monarchy's flaws can be somewhat reduced to be as reliable as democracy with just a few changes in how nobles are educated), but at the end of the day democratic politicians are elected by people who don't necessarily have the knowledge to choose the best option.

You probably heard about this study(It was extremely famous). Some guy conducted a research about a France election that happened, about 4 years ago or so. I'll spare you the details and talk about the results. The guy everyone wanted to elect, because they thought was the best option, he was the first one to lose.
Why? Because out of spite for other candidates, each person decided to vote on the lesser of two evils, to sabotage their campaign, instead of voting for the third option which was the one guy they wanted in power. At the end of the day, one of the two hated and less prepared politicians won. So yes while Democracy is a lot better than Monarchy on paper, I don't actually agree to this because I've seen if fail many times. Also Monarchy wasn't always that bad, Absolute Monarchy was what actually killed it.

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@junlian Finally a sensible answer, not one extreme or the other.

There's no denying it now, Keine is best girl.
She's a furry now. Congrats.
Garbage manga. 7 Mary Sue's who can do no wrong. For anyone curious about this manga, it's really not worth the time or effort.

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They are glorifying democracy too much, democracy only works with a highly educated population that are also well informed in politics, Otherwise a competent and benevolent Monarchy or dictator works better in this situation where most of the population are ignorant and illiterate. First get rid of the corrupt and inept and replace them with competent officials and slowly transition to democracy after improving the population with better education.
Wow ... from all the power fantasies I read this is one of the least subtle O.O
@BloodySorcerer Why would they settle for making something inferior work, when they could set up a successful democracy?

That would be like buying a broken down car to repair for cheap when you're a billionaire who could have whatever vehicle he wants.

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@flaze_35 I agree, they probably can pull it off perfectly. But having perfect people overglorifying something, instead of using their talents effectively and utilize what is already estabilished to their favor can be a bit immersion breaking since they are supposed to be geniuses.
They'd have way less problems by just keeping the monarchy and work to find out good Individuals from the noble's side to keep the country going, and save it from ruin. Than they are going to have when trying to change the country from monarchy to republic, don't you agree?
Regardless of the system used, both bear the same risks, as the only problem with them is humanity being humans. Same thing that kills any chance of socialism and comunism from being practical, and even capitalism also fails to deliver all it promises for the same reason.
The moral of the story is, meteor death to all humans, we deserve it.

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I agree that this author is glorifying democracy a bit too excessively. BUT. The setting has already established that these kids can do anything perfectly. Is it too much of a stretch to assume they can set up a successful democracy as well? I'm not saying it's good writing but the author is at least consistent with his premise.