Elf-san wa Yaserarenai Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Elf can't on a diet.
  • La elfa no puede hacer dieta
  • Miss Elf Can't Lose Weight
  • Plus-Sized Elf
  • エルフさんは痩せられない。
Author: Synecdoche
Artist: Synecdoche
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Slice of Life Supernatural
Rating: 8.48 261
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 148,637
  • 6,336
  • 43
Description: A young man, Naoe Tomoaki, works as a consultant at a popular Seitai therapy clinic. He is in charge of the treatment of a woman on her diet course. But the woman is an elf from a different world with sharp ears and a bow! Why are the elves, who should be slender, getting fat? And will her diet succeed!?

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    daniel11111222 1 day ago
    I appreciate the comprehensive TL notes.
    stocxt 10 days ago
    @boag lol it's a reverse isekai
    boag 10 days ago
    Wheres the Isekai tag on this?
    GazumYuh 30 days ago
    Petition to add "Thicc Elf" and "This Some Thicc Shit" as Alt names for this manga.
    YellowChica 1 month ago
    I need more...
    Swagner 1 month ago
    @VawX Built girls are best girls.
    Evidence: Oga, Tionishia, and Tade

    Last edited 1 month ago.

    VawX 1 month ago
    After reading so many recent manga, muscular girl seems pretty sexy now mmm...
    Renard 1 month ago
    I like how the relation between Erufuda and the MC is so natural that they seem to hang out a lot like a couple and we don't care.
    GazumYuh 2 months ago
    Thicc Elf
    This Some Thicc Shit
    TalkingDinosaur 2 months ago
    Hahaha holy shit. You're right.
    osmr 2 months ago
    this author goes by the name Methonium to draw Ero-Doujinshi doesn't it? The art is literally the same.
    TiredGamer 2 months ago
    @ditshick : It's the Japanese version.
    ditshick 3 months ago
    If you're interested in the official translations, there's a promo going on right now where they're handing out copies for free.

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    (Makes you wonder why it will take 4 more months to see the official release if they have these ready to hand out.)
    ichi24 3 months ago
    OniBarubary 3 months ago
    Oh man, finally, a Best Ogre chapter. The promised day has arrived.
    ColonelPabs254 3 months ago
    Dibs. That is my threeway.
    Xagnam 3 months ago
    TalkingDinosaur 3 months ago
    This manga seems to have some weird fetish stuff going on here but the comedy more than makes up for it.

    Is this what innocence looks like?
    Rice 3 months ago
    This manga seems to have some weird fetish stuff going on here but the comedy more than makes up for it. It's a good read if you can power through all the weird stuff.
    insanegd 3 months ago
    Was re-reading the manga, as it is hilarious throughout. There was something I noticed. Does it look like the Elf keeps gaining even more weight throughout the manga? And I don't mean just the parts with the Satyr involved.
    Paladin_T 3 months ago
    Satyr girl is the best, love this artist. Real talk, I'd want that satyr girl living with me.
    depzdai 3 months ago
    That Death Note's reference and another reference of something that I forgot the name.
    Ninjafoo 3 months ago
    Uncensored best girl goodness
    le3 3 months ago
    No Oga bare nipple......

    Aralim4311 3 months ago
    It is rare to see a manga with the MC having the same profession as me hah
    OniBarubary 3 months ago
    >a single sketch of Ogre in bath-house at the end and it's small

    Fuck this bullshit ass fucking garbage manga
    UzukiP 3 months ago
    Bastadon 3 months ago
    you will never be smothered to death by elf-san's disgustingly fat greasy tits
    why even live
    Ninjafoo 4 months ago
    More of the sexy dragon plz
    le3 4 months ago
    A wild oga make a cameo!!!

    And rip dragon slender...
    Deoxyribo9 4 months ago
    Love that Oga
    exocel 4 months ago
    wakako zake crossover when?
    le3 4 months ago
    Birb gurl is a cutieeee!!!
    mycarryfuckingsucks 4 months ago

    Last edited 4 months ago.

    MacMeaties 4 months ago
    Add them girls to the recurring cast right now!
    REMasher 4 months ago
    That fucking alt title: "Plus-Sized Elf." That is too good.
    VawX 4 months ago
    Aww that poor little tanuki mmm...
    Bootybug 4 months ago
    What a nice extra chapter.
    Drifter 4 months ago
    CH 6.5: So many of us could use signs like that. Mine would involve cookies.
    Phaaze 4 months ago
    Aww yeah, I got a new favorite!
    Dragon girl... EXTRA THICC!!
    PhantomStarlight 5 months ago
    I think I might be pure evil. I want to introduce this elf to something known as bottomless fries.
    Rozoro 5 months ago
    Really feels like this manga should have a harem tag.
    theShear 5 months ago
    THE DRAGON SLENDER ... took me a while to stop laughing :D
    mackookoo 5 months ago
    Starbuck 5 months ago
    all those puns and cliche
    priceless !!
    ultraleaf 5 months ago
    ElSuperNova 5 months ago
    Those fucking ALT TITLES
    creamedice 5 months ago
    So wheres the doujins

    asking for a friend
    OniBarubary 5 months ago
    Another excellent addition. Can Synechdoche do any wrong? Signs point to no.
    exocel 5 months ago
    A thicc, shortstack dragon.

    UzukiP 5 months ago
    A thick skeleton. Never thought I'd see the day.
    kuronix 5 months ago
    Oga is definitively my favorite.Those horns, the bangs, those muscles; a gift to behold!
    Anrhaa 5 months ago
    Don't give up, skeleton!
    karambula 5 months ago
    This will tickle your funny bones.
    exocel 5 months ago
    ditshick 5 months ago
    Older chapters reuploaded for your viewing pleasure.
    theShear 5 months ago
    ... there are no upvotes so take a Thumbs up.
    sneezemonkey 5 months ago
    Some would say she's fat. Others would say she's just...Big Boned
    Senshougahara 5 months ago
    KappaNanpa 5 months ago
    It's not Raika but Laika. The name comes from Laika (Лайка) the small stray dog sent to space by USSR in 1957...
    Ashdreg 5 months ago
    Yes! Orc girl is back!
    RecycledCabbage 5 months ago
    Radicool21 5 months ago
    Skeleton-san best girl contender alongside Oni
    Ringz 5 months ago
    pseudonym2 5 months ago
    Rattle me bones!
    OniBarubary 5 months ago
    Almost got heavy there for a second.

    Well...emotionally heavy.
    xyzzy 5 months ago
    Yo this chapter was mad spooky
    Mugenman88 5 months ago
    I certainly didn't expect an undead fairy to be added to the clientele
    mrspiffy 6 months ago
    seems to by system wide. Anything that's been posted recently I cant see.
    Ashdreg 6 months ago
    No images on my end as well
    YungMei 6 months ago
    i thought it was just me, no image comes up.
    Towering 6 months ago
    TheNaCL 6 months ago
    Can't see any image.