X - Epoch of the Dragon
Alt name(s):
  • X Dragon Epoch
  • X Epoch Of Dragon
  • X Lóng Shídài
  • X Long Shidai
  • X一龙时代
  • X龙时代
  • 7.72
  • 7.70
  • 457
Pub. status:
  • 370,994
  • 7,893
  • 57
This story is about Xin Yun, an ordinary person who was reincarnated at age 11. He was given an opportunity to cross into an unknown world, but because of his obsession for females ended up wasting his opportunity to become the strongest. Wallowing in his sorrows he walked right into a fight between the nine masters of power and ended up colliding with their power He wakes up to find out something incredible, or rather miraculous thing - he has returned to the time where he was first brought into this world. Filled with vigor once more he decides to break even in becoming the strongest in the world and his lust for women.
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  • Volume 0/?
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You can read up to chapter of this Manhua 51 on MangaRock, which I think of as a second MangaDex. It’s a more traditional aggregate but the ads are out of the way and none of them have viruses. It also has a favorites system and last read system, similar to MangaDex. No comments though. Gotta day, if you wanna read a pulled manga like this, don’t support the shitty scanlation groups who pulled their scans from MD for monetary reasons and who made our lives much harder by having to search manga out. If a manga was pulled on MangaDex, chances are it’s on MangaRock, so read it there and don’t support the greedy scanlation groups
When will we gwt updates
@ptakers yeah I just came back to check for update and it seen like everything disappeared, it's one thing to not update but to take down everything, kinda fucking suck
where the fk are the chapters and why no1 uploads them here?
I basically started using Mangadex as a location to find series, If I see a group pulled out their works, I'll just go to an aggregate site or use an app. I have no desire to give such greedy translators traffic.
Yep Vengeance22 That's the problem, I also read other stuff, but probably from now on I will only use MD as directory site to the scanlation site, instead of reading it here directly.

It's a pity but I am afraid this is the only way for now.
@Aldonymus Well if you only read the manga/manhua of those groups then you miss out on a lot of interesting manga that is on MD, but good luck to juggling between the 10 or so sites of the scangroups or on the other virus-laden kissmanga type sites.
Someone else will pick up what others like reading, it's part of life. The site isn't providing YOU anything, the people are providing you with content. This site is the best you'll get for reading manga. If you wanna risk your PC and support shit people then feel free to read on another site. We'll enjoy a quality site with good people.
RIP here means I will probably stop reading those from this site, and probably for every manga we like that suddenly pulled out from here we have to read those from elsewhere.

Why would I stay at site that don't provide me what I want?
@Aldnonymous Lol RIP Mangadex? Mangadex will be fine. People will take over for the groups that left, as they are already doing, and aggregate sites will still upload the scans of the groups that left. All those groups leaving did is create dislike/animosity for themselves within the community and force readers to either wait on new groups to take over, or read the scans on some random site. At the very least, I know I won't be reading any of their shit on their websites nor will I support them. That's just me tho, I can't speak for others.
I see, those dramas caused Hartigarm to pull out, RIP Mangadex.
Well this title has gotten a lot more cringe lately I guess now is a good time to drop it.
Saw something about their site only or something for a diff manga of theirs. Some drama going around lately...
Yeah, they did. The chapters of "Maou-Sama Retry" are gone too. But at least it was picked up by TOOR Scans so we have chapter 14 and 15.
what happened to all the chapters? Did Hartigarm pull out?
Update again pls
Doesn't even have chapter 1....
@Runs_With_Scissors I mean.. thats the story they've explained it a couple times.
are they really adding the word "dragon" after every animal? is every animal a dragon?
@Confused True, they said that above 100 is counted as 100 (p26). So let see and wait for the reason of his score