Shinju no Nectar Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Le Nectar de la Malédiction Divine
  • Nectar of Dharani
  • Nectar of Divine Curse
  • 神呪のネクタール
Author: Yoshino Hiroyuki
Artist: Satou Kenetsu
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Action Adventure Drama Ecchi Fantasy Harem Isekai
Rating: 8.12 228
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 125,915
  • 5,260
  • 41
Description: Sakura, the last surviving princess of a fallen kingdom, is being hunted down for the power of Ambrosia she possesses - the ability to grant divine strength, but only to a human. With no human companion, she decides to summon one from another world in a desperate attempt to find a knight to protect her, but the man who answers her call is less than what she had hoped for.

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BloodySorcerer 5 days ago
@cowofjustice Well, I'm certainly not. MC is already fragile enough without Ambrosia, there's plent of ways to put him in danger without the need to wank on science for that.
Aricitic 6 days ago
I find it fascinating how they are trying to pit magic vs technology when they are literally one in the same.
Unless biologically otherwise - i.e. pure, unmodified evolutionary based - any and all abilities or powers are technology. "Artificial", while technically meaning "man (meaning human, meaning homo sapien) made" can just as easily be taken as "intelligent design" which would extend to any and all intelligent species, or entities. Meaning artificial constructs, i.e. technology, not being limited to humans, would define magic as either evolutionary biology or artificial technology.

Basically, these "so called" 'gods' are just a hyper-advanced species that either evolved on the planet first, or arrived there in the early developmental phase of the other species there and shared some of their technologies.
So the one guy's argument against magic is the most backwards and idiotic thing I can imagine at this time. Just because HE doesn't understand or comprehend it, doesn't mean other "mortals" could not if they had the opportunity to study it...

/End rant
Shrinesaber 7 days ago
More Magic vs Science than Index
gaigous 8 days ago
@CoolOtamegane Most Isekai, but definitely not all, and I prefer Qwaser over this.

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Excelsior 8 days ago
Das a feelsbad about the raws.
CoolOtamegane 8 days ago
20 total chapter Reviews :
This series Pretty Sure same theme with Seikon no Qwaser, Breast sucking heroes with big titties.
But this series WAAAY BETTER hundred thousand times compared to Seikon no Qwaser. or Other Isekai'd series
Mathias 8 days ago seems the tech is suddenly advancing in a drastically fast pace. Now they have lasers and ironclad-like ships.
cowofjustice 8 days ago
Oh man, I was actually RELIEVED to see there's a weapon that works on the main character. I've gotten so bored of Isekai stories where the guy just blows through everything unchallenged.
gaigous 22 days ago
@Kisato I'd rather see a competent commander with some character defects, than a series of deus ex machina wrapped in a shounen archetype, and shaped as a person. My fear with waiting for Kai's character to develop is that, by the time he's become the battle-hardened badass we need him to be, we'll be one or two arcs away from the finale.
Kisato 22 days ago
@gaigous Kai is pretty badass as Grey though, you gotta admit. Imagine if we didn’t see the other side. Just a proud commander with no hesitation, who burst through barriers with will, tactics, and the force of gods. He just needs to time to fit the role is what I’d say. Honestly, having Grey as a personality foul to Kai really helps relieve some of the issues I have with Kai.
lolera222 30 days ago
@Nightwolf All of it
Mathias 1 month ago
Good story. Good worldbuilding. Not some cliche fantasy world but for once a fantasy world that hit the industrial age. MC quickly stops being a wuss and the girls are cute. Also avoids a lot of cliches related to isekai. So far one of the better ones.
Nightwolf 1 month ago
I wonder how much power up smaller breasts can give 🤣
gaigous 1 month ago
I still can't believe this author went from a Seinen badass like Sasha to a Shounen nub like Kai.

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xXPenisXx 1 month ago
banjomarx 1 month ago
So basically its a choice between the new gods (guns and stuff) and the old gods (breasts) ...................................................
I wonder which one most men would pick HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
donutholer 1 month ago
@jimmchanga I guess you're right. Better a good oppai succ then bad oppai succ...
jimmchanga 1 month ago
@donutholer, at least it's a good manga about sucking dat oppai
Jorelm 1 month ago
This is a cross between Zero no Tsukaima and The Qwaser of Stigmata.
toastedguy 1 month ago
this manga is super interesting
donutholer 1 month ago
Literally a manga about sucking nipples.
Sheogorath85 1 month ago
@boag @Dalam looks like you both got your wishes granted in one go, this chapter... :P
firefox1234 1 month ago
Good to see them author improved from his past work and made this manga with a good plot without sacrificing the oppai greatness 👍🏿
Endlave 2 months ago
This manga. I like it. ANOTHER!
gaigous 2 months ago
Tsuku- I mean, Kai isn't worthy of Inner Moch- I mean, Sakra, she deserves an Alpha that can keep up.
Livamyyo 2 months ago
Motherfucker, only 9 pages.
Yume 2 months ago
Maybe she can take the "Fire Tits" place.
AthalosJ 2 months ago
Someone needs to add the isekai tag
Dalam 2 months ago
That was cute....would be nice if she did have the ambrosia though...XD
boag 3 months ago
I hope they find something to heal her down there.
PandaMoni 3 months ago
I second the estimated dates, really helps!
Nakuraishi 3 months ago
Really loving the upfront Release dates, a lot better than waiting without knowing if there’s another one coming.
salsudo 3 months ago
Good read, a lot of fan service but good story so far!!
Hexador 3 months ago
Aside from the truly stereotypical Japanese breast fixation, this is a pretty good read.
Carlos 3 months ago
damn, can't wait another month :( best mangas should be weekly
gaigous 3 months ago
Bogdan6222 3 months ago
Dynamite fishing.
Xagnam 3 months ago
Why was the typesetting so off-center this chapter?
greatninja3 3 months ago
??? loli tits? link pls
JustNatsuki 3 months ago
inb4 he drinks loli nectar and becomes le black healer
dreminh 4 months ago
InfiniteVerisimilitude 4 months ago
Sadly if it follows the trend of the last one the elegant modest bust will turn into two jugs as the sucking develops.
kuyukotto 4 months ago

I'm sorry just had to say it.
Critical 4 months ago
Great, a spiritual successor to Qwaser.

Also the Dwarf princess' armor is completely ridiculous! Weren't they supposed to cover their whole selves from the sight of men?

Last edited 4 months ago.

Ugluk 4 months ago
How nice.
kwendy 4 months ago
Also, finally, an adventure! Is fish-girl even warm enough for nude treatment?

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kwendy 4 months ago
The most bullshit part so far was reading up on oil refining to work at a gas station.
Well, it's pretty common knowledge for anyone who is interested in reading variety of literature. It's not at all useful for working at the station, but working there surely might fueled some interest in available magazines or other paper medium.
JustNatsuki 4 months ago
Washboard best girl
Ironclad 4 months ago
The most bullshit part so far was reading up on oil refining to work at a gas station. This is Slumdog Millionaire levels bullshit.
Yotsuba 4 months ago
New tits +2.
SuppeBargeld 4 months ago
Amazing! So many clichés, squeezed into so few pages! First the completely incorrect cpr kiss, then the also completely wrong warm-up naked thing, and then the slap to the face for the embarrasing situation he had no control over. One might almost think this was a trash manga.
CoolOtamegane 4 months ago
considering the same trash theme breast sucking Seikon no Qwaser
This series 100 times better.
Equilibrium 4 months ago
banas002 5 months ago
yes please, a washboard is also nice
AbuHajaar 5 months ago
So are we going to get some washboard sucking too?
Klaurem 5 months ago
Whao, for an isekai harem fantasy this is surprisingly well done.
hungryvidd 5 months ago
ultraleaf 5 months ago
delicious indeed
phoenixir 5 months ago
Molotov! Molotov! Molotov
Nightwolf 5 months ago
Dwarf princess is dOOminating on the stage :)
Xagnam 5 months ago
Ah good. It's nice to see this here. Thanks!