They Say I Was Born a King's Daughter
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  • Ellos dicen que soy la hija del rey
  • 据说我是王的女儿?
  • 왕의 딸로 태어났다고 합니다
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After spending most of her youth fielding the attention of countless wealthy suitors, Suhee Kim finally finds true love with a steady boyfriend named Jinsu Han. But then tragedy strikes, and Suhee is murdered in cold blood.
To Suhee's surprise, she is immediately reincarnated as a baby girl named Sanghee Kim, who just so happens to be a princess! Plus, she is fully conscious of her past life. There's just one problem: in this society, women are seen as totally inferior, even princesses. Appalled by the treatment of women, Sanghee is determined to change the kingdom's patriarchal ways. Will Sanghee be able to succeed, or will she be stuck living her second life being treated as a lowly woman?

Depois de passar a maior parte de sua juventude chamando a atenção de inúmeros pretendentes ricos, Suhee Kim finalmente encontra amor o verdadeiro com um namorado constante chamado Jinsu Han. Mas a tragédia atinge, e Suhee é assassinada com sangue frio. Para a surpresa de Suhee, ela é imediatamente
reencarnada como uma bebê chamada Sanghee Kim, que simplesmente é
uma princesa! Além disso, ela está plenamente consciente de sua vida passada.Há apenas um problema: nesta sociedade, as mulheres são vistas como totalmente inferiores, até princesas. Com o tratamento das mulheres, Sanghee está decidida a mudar as formas patriarcais do reino. Will Sanghee será capaz de ter sucesso, ou ela ficará presa ao viver sua segunda vida sendo tratada como uma mulher humilde?
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i began reading this crap totally bored while i was in the bus. Even though it is pure garbage, it was fun because i realized that i am able to understand portuguese quite well (i read basically the chapters in that language that were uploaded here)

However, i must say that i find kind of surprising that this thing is so popular, since i cant find a single good thing about it. The plot is terrible....everything. Poorly developed, full of inconsistencies, and with no reason. The characters have no charm, personality , empathy (or intelligence). I tend to be quite critical with manwhas in general, but the impresion that i have.... is that this one have been written by a korean nationalist-idiot .

So, to the dropped list.
Just a quick question..why isn’t there any English chapters. I swear the last chapter I read was here and in English?
This authorw is really good at making me wanting to beat the shit out of not just the MC but the male cast as well:)
Was she reborn is Saudi Arabia or something?
This is one of the crappiest manhwas I've wasted my time on. I read up to chapter 60 (so far there's a bajillion chapters) thinking that SOMETHING was going to happen in the awful plot.

It's not good when I am rooting for the rival girls/enemies of the story. The MC is awful...she admits in her past life she was shunned by other women because she was using her looks and "charming" men for gifts and such, but then in this new life she goes around doing the exact same thing. Every single male character is terrible, ESPECIALLY her family. The youngest brother is a selfish ass, her middle brother is arrogant, her oldest brother is the least offensive out of everyone but only because he's barely in the story. Her father has ZERO personality, which is sad because he's the main point of the story. The "romantic interest" of this is NOWHERE near interesting.

60 chapters one changes for the better. No one does anything. It's just this girl sucking up to her family so she isn't treated like trash like the other women. There's an effing chapter where she discovers women that are made into slaves and she sucks up to her brother to get them food because she feels bad, but literally the next chapter, everything is forgotten and she's back to thinking about that bland romantic interest.

To top it all off, the art is AWFUL. I've read mangas where the art sucks but the story is really good but in this one, both story and art equally suck.

Instead of reading this crap, if you like this genre, please read "Who made me a Princess", and "I am a Child of this House", and "The Emperor's Daughter". They are all better in story and art than this BS.
If u want more read on
@BonFkingBon i’m both shocked and impressed at how you broke down the main problems with this thing.
The story's description is fantastic, while the actual story is completely deceptive. One would expect the main character to actually define her position as a female to the sexist kingdom and use her role(princess) and newfound power/ability to change the laws. But she doesn't. She does the same thing as her past self, and that's to woo men with her kissing their ass constantly. It's a perfectly fine skill to have, except it yields no significant result. She does this to survive, and now she's just a female MC surrounded by complete assholes. I would say the reason WHY I tried reading this story is because she's put into a difficult situation to live in. But what's the point when she's all bark but no bite? There is no challenge she faces. She's constantly loved and saved by men (remember, not because she's different, but because she kisses their ass) and grumbles about poor her being treated like a mutt by her brothers. I bet out of nowhere, the author's gonna write in how MC changed the law "No hitting women" by asking her daddy. Convenient. Hell, even typical and generic shoujo mangas could do better. At least the MCs actually have the balls to fight back.
Oh, and the art sucks. It sucks so bad. Like how the MC sucks dem balls 24/7
All this rant is coming from someone that have read up to 100+ chapters. There's absolutely no point to this story. Frankly, it's embarrassing how this piece of dung got popular in the first place.
I tried to read this since its premise was similar to "Suddenly Became a Princess" and "Daughter of the Emperor" and I found those two webtoons (particularly the former) to be fun to read. The premise of a modern-day (Earth-dwelling) female MC being reincarnated into a fantasy, pseudo-17th century Western world with a father who threatens her life provides enough tension and drama on its own. But in this webtoon, there's an additional "gimmick" that everyone, and I mean everyone, prioritizes men above women in a deeply sexist society. The reason for this being that women cannot hold any magical powers without the need for magic stones (save for one princess being an exception). Magic basically runs this world, giving it all the advantages of our modern technology. I've read up to 20 chapters and I think I've seen enough to say that this webtoon SUCKS.

Look, I'm not against stories that discuss misogyny and sexism because there's some really good way to look at and explore culturally-perceived differences between sexes. But this webtoon thus far has provided very, very, very little in the way of smartly discussing and addressing the sexism it purposefully implemented just to make the MC's life harder. I can buy men being favored because they have a hereditary affinity for magic, but the author acts as if humans are incapable of any kind of achievement without the help of inborn skills and abilities. The way the king, the princes (excluding the eldest), the ML, and pretty much every single male character shown in the first 20 chapters are so immensely unlikable, it's like an achievement in its own right. The complete and utter lack of empathy in these men goes beyond belief and there isn't even a shred of sympathy in those bones. The MC is not super likable either, in the sense that you don't feel drawn to her because of her personality. You root for her because of the extremely poor circumstances she's in, and the pity it elicits. The world building itself is pretty poor and I can't help but cringe at the horrendously clashing aesthetics of modern-day tech and skyscrapers against the frilly and very scattered fashion sensibilities.

Maybe it gets better when the MC is older and doesn't have to rely on the flimsy generosity of her male family members. Maybe she'll actually get the chance to make some real changes in that world. But I don't want to wait for 20+ chapters in order to see that happen. Seeing such a skewed and unjust treatment of the MC with no salvation in clear view is enough to make me despise this title and its author. IMO the best course of action would have been to gloss over these earlier years through simple exposition. At least I won't have to see the MC be treated like a mutt by her supposedly cherished and close brothers. 😶😶😶
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The thing is, The MC isnt exactly likeable. She is a hypocrite. But you come to like her. though she is annoying.
her father and brothers changed a lot for her and help her a lot and loves her the most now but she still is acting on liking them and its all act and being fake.
She is manipulating men and the man she lvoed, she apparently suddenly loves him to the end of the world now.
But in the end, after reading it all, it does feel like a part of your is miss. Like i spent days on reading this cuz its pretty long and im kind of attached. but it'll probs wear out sooner or later. The MC also doesnt understand feelings and looks at only a specific way and not in other point of views.
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Can we get some uploads of this manga again? TT^TT
@Archiver they dknt. Oh and even better at the end the dad and brother sacrafice 1000 women to win a war. And thats never mentioned again
The manhwa industry is run by Megalia, so it's not exactly unexpected.
Nice chapter. Really REALLY nice first chapter. I rate it 10 out of 10 even though I can't even see it.
Lots of people criticize how the MC relies on the men and manipulates them. But hey, remember the MC's situation here: women are treated as slaves. If currying to the guys' favor is what will keep her alive, then she has to do it.
@Chuchlain I agree, the author frequent goes overboard with all that patriarchy bullshit, later on, it's become especially stupid and unrealistic. I dropped it somewhere around 100 ch. when the stupidity of events become unbearable.
Imagine being so weak you get killed by a loser homeless NEET who lives off his mother by begging her for food after he waste his money on some cute girl

No offense to NEETS I just think this is funny
So basically this girl learns to wrap he male family around her finger to survive enough to change the world. Essentially, live, gain power, change the world, rinse, and repeat.
There's a link to the Official English in the links. MD doesn't host official scanlations.