Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?
Alt name(s):
  • Professeure, pourquoi êtes-vous là ?!
  • Sensei why are you here!?
  • Why are you here Sensei!?
  • Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!?
  • Почему Вы здесь, учитель!?
  • なんでここに先生が!?
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  • 8.11
  • 1,254
Pub. status:
  • 1,356,961
  • 24,949
  • 120
17-year-old Ichirou Satou always happens to find himself in perverted situations with his teacher, Kana Kojima. Follow this erotic love comedy about how student and teacher handle their mishaps.

Nande koko ni sensei ga!? began as a series of 4 oneshot chapters titled "Golden Times".
The oneshot prequels are included as chapters 1-4 in the volume 1 tankobon.
Following the oneshot chapters, the series continued with chapter 5.
Each volume of the manga is focused on a different student-teacher pairing.

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    @CivD666 none of the released chapters has one as far as i'm aware

    @Somethindarker since she's still living at home and all, i'd assume that she became a teacher just recently. meaning she would be in her early twenties.
    This reminds me of the time I walked in on my science teach changing into her gym clothes in the back room. to this day I still have a thing for late 30's early 40's fit women.
    @CivD666 Does any body know if a future arc will be yuri teacher?

    Honestly, i have always wanted another a younger guy with Hot Female teacher romance ever since Onegai Teacher, so this one really hits the spot well. I mean let's be real, it was the dream in school lol.
    Also, It's great how it became many different stories and relationships too. That takes away the constant forcing of a long drawn-out buildup as many other romance manga do and makes it refreshing as it goes along with different personality types.
    Does any body know if a future arc will be yuri teacher?
    If you guys like love triangle then yes it's awesome!

    p.s. no, it isn't.

    @JagdPanther Personally, I'd say it's better. Loli teacher and PE teacher also got pretty important role in that arc because all involved party has 0 experience at love.
    Next sensei arc is a threesome arc? Good lord
    We are getting double sensei in vol 8? And I thought this wouldn't get any better.

    Hopefully not as sucky as the loli teacher arc? Had a sort of, almost, but not really love triangle...
    New volume cover. Before you ask, this new volume’s particular couple is actually a love triangle.
    I like the art style but jfc those "accidental" erotic moments are cringy as fuck
    This manga is like an anime Final Destination, but with tiddies instead of gore
    Ah god damn it just do it already... At this point they should just do it!
    Waifus, the manga. Seriously though its pretty good.
    She's not creepy-sensei. She's just awkward-sensei. <3
    really want to protect creepy-sensei
    ugh...why the need to change characters?!!? i care nothing for these other people, i swear, a lot of these mangakas always feel the need to do these kinds of things to their stories. if it's not broken, don't mess with it.. this is similar to when they feel the need to shove in a third or more love interest into the story😒....whelp, time for me to peace out✌✌✌
    I read some negative commenst about Vol.5 so I went in with an open mind and actually liked it a lot, I just felt a bit cheated by the teacher twist(), I hope imouto-sensei-chan can get someone one day too . Vol.6 with the yandere teacher might be the best so far tho :D (I re-read Vol.2, it was much better this time now that I'm acclimated to how the series works)

    @gregger I totaly get what you mean, despite how ecchi it is, the romance is still good.
    Last edited 1 mo ago by Itamish.
    This is one of those manga's you'd think you'd read for the service, but I legit have been reading it for the plot, no lie 😂

    But yeah I also read it also for the service
    Tbh I like how the teacher/student pair swap although there are some couples that I like less than the others. I love how we get to meet the previous pairs as beackground characters too.
    I did not like the previous pair that much, it was nice but it was still my least favorite one, but I really like the new one with creepy girl