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  • Aria: The Masterpiece
  • Ария
  • アリア
  • 水星領航員
  • 水星领航员
  • 아리아
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  • 8.97
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On the planet Aqua, a world once known as Mars, Mizunashi Akari has just made her home in the town of Neo-VENEZIA, a futuristic imitation of the ancient city of Venice. The technology of "Man Home" (formerly Earth) has not entirely reached this planet, and Akari is alone, having no contact with family or friends. Nonetheless, the town, with its charming labyrinths of rivers and canals, becomes Akari's new infatuation, along with the dream of becoming a full-fledged gondolier. Reverting to a more "primitive" lifestyle and pursuing a new trade, the character of Akari becomes both adventurous and heartwarming all at once.

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    One of the greatest Slice of life manga especially anime where music is really calm and good.
    @Vassa_Rose I’m going to be reading it tomorrow. I love relaxing and slice of life mangas. 🙌
    What a great manga, so relaxed and calming, but still so sweet and entertaining. I really did love how they all had moments of "rivalry" (so to speak), but in the end, they were all genuinely excited and happy for each other's promotions, even when a kouhai skipped ranks, which naturally would lead to some frustration. I really do wish we found out exactly who Akari was always writing to, it would've been interesting. If you like relaxing and sweet slice of life manga, you'll definitely like this.
    I feel like this is great for people who like slice of life but personally it was super boring
    Just finished the anime and jumped right into the manga if there were skipped or changed contents.

    Wahh one of the chillest masterpiece I've consumed. (While cursing about the bastard who married Alicia)
    I Love Akari so much!

    Finally done reading, I took my time leisurely and I can't explain this feeling of mine every time the author makes wisdom phrases. They speak to me in other level even though I cant relate to them. I wished to apply them in my mundane life also but given by my personality I cannot do so, this might be the reason why I am so engrossed by this story.
    This series has certainly taught me something and sincerely hope that someday I can be like Akari, who enjoy and accepts everything.
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    ...Ive been meaning to say this to all the side characters of the main girls. Specially certain significant others that shows potential, but they have superb patience. MMMMMMHMMMM. THAT HITS THE MUSH RIGHT THERE.
    A true masterpiece
    I read this manga years ago and I still find it so beautiful and extraordinary. For me, this is a masterpiece that I'm so lucky I had the chance to read. If you're new to this, I suggest you to just read it until the end because this manga flow so smoothly, just like the water world that is the setting of this story.
    Found this thanks to the april foos ad, and god i'm SO glad i read it. So beautiful and bittersweet at times. Love it. 11/10
    Dang never expected an ad for this one
    I teared up nearly every chapter. Every other chapter I found myself laughing aloud. The art is beautiful. What else is there to say, really? This might be the best thing I've ever read.

    thank you mangacat admins to share the love of this beautiful series.
    i only knew of this manga because of the april fools ad, ngl

    thank you, very cool mangacat admins!

    Just for me? That's far out! Get it? Because Mars is far out?
    I love that this year had an ad to this lovely manga. I recommend it's for it's slice of life peacefulness plus it's occasional odd mystery. You should also read Aqua first in the related prequel section. Give Amano-sensi your love.
    This and Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou keep the bad days away. The afterword of chapter 55 always gets to me.
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    ara ara

    This is a beautiful story, I loved the anime, and the manga is just as delightful. Thank you for uploading it.