Marry Me!
Alt name(s):
  • Épouse moi !
  • マリーミー!
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  • 8.22
  • 279
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  • 158,771
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The story follows 28-year old Akiyasu Shin, a civil servant chosen to take part in a new bill called the "NEET protection law". This law pairs NEETS with government employees as a means to rehabilitate them and re-introduce them into society. Problem is, his chosen partner, Sawamoto Himari, was signed up without her knowledge! Will Akiyasu Shin end up winning her over? Or will this arranged marriage be a bust!?
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honestly this is the only way id get a girlfriend
Calling it now. Sho is going to fall in love with Himari and it's going to cause more unnecessary and obnoxious drama down the way. And when that happens, I am probably going to drop this. I was already on the verge of dropping it just over the kid and Waka creating drama-- and she's still doing it by trying to plant seeds about Himari not having any feelings for Shin --but having the little brother get in the middle of them is just going to be too much. This entire book has been bouncing from one drama to the next and it's overshadowing the wholesome bits. I want to see Shin and Himari get closer, not all this other crap that distracts from it, or worse hinders it.
It's been awhile since the last time i read this manga, i forgot this is the type of manga that can give you a diabetes
does that mean that they now have...
because if so, 3000 iq move
Nooo I need more!

Is the author still single, if so, way to be subtle
Is this still scanlated ?
Pushing past The Yikesmen in the comments, this is actually wholesome af. It doesn't even particularly take its concept super seriously, given that they make a joke out of the premise in the first issue.

It's also not some creepy dude's fantasy like some think, it's made by a female mangaka.
Japan reaches another creepy level.
Yikes to this premise.
@Ironclad What is dystopian to some, is Utopian to others.

"There is only 1 gender, women are property"

Although, this manga's scenario will probably never happen, because artificial wombs are a HUGE deal right now in Japan. I would not be surprised if we see them selling artificial wombs to Japanese in the next 20 years.
The premise is kind of disturbing and dystopian.
@hijklol100 You're misunderstanding something. It's not that she's middle school aged. She's an adult. In Japan, you are not required to go to attend a high school (although the vast, vast majority do). You can "enter the workforce" right out of middle school. Instead of going to high school, she decided to stay home and take care of her grandparents, but I'm pretty sure she's a legal adult since she's older than the 17 year old Sho.
@livesofflight Yeah, fuck that child.

*police sirens*
somehow it give me vibes of 3-Gatsu no Lion anime.......
I'm enjoying this so far. Looking forward to see how their relationship develops
Good manga, but premise is a bit flawed. She shouldn't have to consent to any of that or anything since she just graduated middle school. I could see it if it was a high school graduate, but like come on.
Tbh, Japan may end up have to do something as extreme in the not-so-distant future...
Love it. So wholesome. I hope this manga concludes with a happy ending and doesn't add too much unnecessary drama.
Arrgh!! Need more!! Three chapters went toooo fast! But I loved it! Thank you, again!
Translators and group, thank you so much for the new chapters of Marry Me! I was super happy when I saw them!