Mousou Telepathy Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Delusion Telepathy
  • Moutele
  • Telepati Delusi
  • Waham Telepati
  • 妄想テレパシー
Author: NOBEL
Artist: NOBEL
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: 4-Koma Award Winning Comedy Ecchi Romance School Life Supernatural
Rating: 8.57 359
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 238,691
  • 6,070
  • 629
Description: Nakano-san is a high school girl who can look into people's minds. Because of that, she finds out that the mind of the popular Toda-kun is full of wild fantasies about her! Or is it?

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kenx 7 days ago

I had to.
MasterPannya 12 days ago
I wasted my like watching anime from the 1990 to 2015 both in highschool and college.
I even picked what college that only have half-day schedules just to priorities my hobbies.
BCS 13 days ago
This entire arc reminds me how I got into college by basically doing absolutely fucking nothing
MasterPannya 16 days ago
She actually said it, let alone just thinking about it.
xXPenisXx 17 days ago
Pastry's eyes have been looking pretty far apart recently.
eSPiYa 23 days ago
negagen 23 days ago
Tivoli 23 days ago
nobaka 24 days ago
it only feels lewd when Nakano does it because she's stacked
eSPiYa 24 days ago
Now Mana-chan is starting to get awakened. Mana-chan x Aya-chan ship is going to sail soon!
MasterPannya 26 days ago
>"I won't do anything.."
>Mana confesses to the next morning
cowofjustice 27 days ago
"Mana Does Something Unnecessary"
G0Ji 28 days ago
Im all caught up, nice story so far
Trippy 29 days ago
Honestly can one of them just confess already preferentially toda
sxe68 29 days ago
They better become a couple
cowofjustice 29 days ago
"Tai Chi"
exocel 1 month ago
All this thought bubble stuff is getting in the way of precious croissant.
sxe68 1 month ago
My ship is sailing and going strong
LeturLefr 1 month ago
I dunno why but shimizu kinda pissed me off lul
penrosecat 1 month ago
Aaah being the glasses onee san type fits her.
furopoi 1 month ago
shes come so far ;_;
xXPenisXx 1 month ago
MasterPannya 1 month ago
>If you see us that way, I'm kinda happy
LaCondesa 1 month ago
Nothing like pictures of cats to strike a conversation
Aureliano 2 months ago
Best girl
BCS 2 months ago
(she's so light) "You're heavy as hell"

Green guy best guy.
Ringabell 2 months ago
Mana is acting like a girlfriend now
eSPiYa 2 months ago
Welcome back Yuri-route!
MasterPannya 2 months ago
Who's the mind reader again?
Dammit, Mana needs her on spin-off.
Kendama 2 months ago
Tricked by the translation, dammit!!

I was thrilled that Nakano began to call Toda "Hayato" in her mind, but that didn't check with my recollection of the raws, so I went to read it again and sure enough, she only thought "Mana-chan's lot were close" (literal translation, of course). Not yet on a given name basis, alas.
QGC129 2 months ago
@Nutfiend I think that's one of the benefits in keeping behind the raws by a day or two, they can make the releases near perfect.
greatninja3 2 months ago
Nutfiend 2 months ago
I just want to give a shout out to the translators and editors and whoever the fuck works on the english scans because the editing is perfect.
MasterPannya 2 months ago
>taking sociology
Step it up Nakano.
Take veterinary.
xXPenisXx 2 months ago
Fucking hell, Nakano. Sociology is a piss-easy enough major without trivializing it even further with actual telepathy. On the other hand, past undergrad her powers are a scientifically useful (if not actually scientifically valid) tool in that field.
gormadoc 2 months ago
It's figurative; you offer a moment of silence for those not present, implying they've died.
Lazybum 2 months ago
Every moment with these two is just a moment of silence

Are we reading the same manga?
Almost every panel is filled with thoughts to the brim, its kind of the main point of this manga to show contrast between thoughts and speech.

Last edited 2 months ago.

gormadoc 2 months ago
I feel like this story is starting to drag a bit. Every moment with these two is just a moment of silence for the times when we have more characters. These kids aren't going to do anything until later and we won't get to later until these kids stop doing nothing.
nobaka 2 months ago
toda is a good boy
Nerochan 2 months ago
Go get em tiger
Igmk 2 months ago

Parth37955 2 months ago
it is just me, or does v1 cover make it seem like Nakano liked it even as she was embarrassed by it? I mean, we all know now that she was the lewd one and all.

Last edited 2 months ago.

BCS 2 months ago
meidunk 2 months ago
Today was what?!
penrosecat 2 months ago
“Actually what?”

Actually, the volume 1 cover is the best.
xXPenisXx 2 months ago
Nakano was probably all of 2 minutes away from heart pupils and a trip to a cheap love hotel.
ichi24 2 months ago
Incoming lewd police!
CoolOtamegane 2 months ago
"Sleeping on Shoulder", We need R-18 Tags
Glave 2 months ago
absolutely haram.
Me 2 months ago
Nakano is smoooooooth.
Tivoli 2 months ago
Sleeping on someone's shoulder? Shameless acts such as these should be forbidden.
fallensoul 2 months ago
This is basically sex already.
CoolOtamegane 2 months ago
MasterPannya 2 months ago
Why do I feel lewdness in this chapter?
Dalam 2 months ago
Lol....she couldn't fake it. XD
penrosecat 2 months ago
Not stopping till you get off is always a good idea
zanzwi 2 months ago
NOBEL really has a smart way of using colors as a narrative tool. I really love it.
Kendama 2 months ago
I'm starting to think… marrying a telepath can be the starting point of a horror manga, easily.
riflow 2 months ago
Aahahahahaah beautiful?
LTalon 2 months ago
Okay, to be fair it’s not like Toda can even DO anything about this. Even if he was aware of Nakano’s telepathy, it’s not like he can just stop thinking.
JacK145 2 months ago
BCS 2 months ago
The Story of Hayato-kun Who Wants to Keep a Nakano-san
Tivoli 2 months ago
LMAO Hayato you fucker, stop waking her up!
MasterPannya 2 months ago
Plophop 2 months ago
I still want a Mana & Nakano-centric spinoff.
daijokay 2 months ago
Mana my sweet baby
exocel 2 months ago
Mana is reaching levels of good girl that shouldn't be possible!
Newspage 2 months ago
Like Lyanhyrt said, the end of the hiatus has been postponed until the 14th. Here is the new schedule for English releases.
Lyanhyrt 2 months ago
Curses, it's been postponed even further till the 14th.
Me 3 months ago
If I were animating it, I'd probably desaturate the colors for "IRL" imagery. Not full-on grayscale, just pale colors.
rhino36 3 months ago
I have no idea how they would do the b/w and color parts to show Nakano's thoughts.

Just make it Black and White maybe? That would make it stand out. How many anime are in B/W?
Brimstone 3 months ago
Esper: I wish that this series could be made into an anime. But I have no idea how they would do the b/w and color parts to show Nakano's thoughts.

They could easily add some type of bubbly frame or something like that around the edges of the picture similar to a thought bubble. That way anytime you saw the bubbly frame you know it's thoughts, and a regular frame for reality.

Last edited 3 months ago.

Esper 3 months ago
I wish that this series could be made into an anime. But I have no idea how they would do the b/w and color parts to show Nakano's thoughts.
Newspage 3 months ago
And with this we are caught up again. Mousou is on a 1 week hiatus right now. We'll be back next week Thursday.

Here is the planned schedule:
tempsventeux 3 months ago
Vasqueztion 3 months ago
And if we recall. All images are of her own delusions.
penrosecat 3 months ago
Must be tough for her to focus on studying when she knows about these thoughts Toda has.
Acolytus 3 months ago
I wanted to laugh at him but then I remembered all those times I imagined literally an entire life together with some random girl (from being a couple to being elders and dying).
I just hope none of them were mind readers.
PurpleBomber 3 months ago
Been a while since one of these, lol.
hatsuka 3 months ago
Just... get a room you two
LeturLefr 3 months ago
I honestly not expecting it to go this way lmao
backspace 3 months ago
Duckerby 3 months ago
The colors, duke, the colors!
Kraeth 3 months ago
Missed 555 so went full "the hell?!" for a moment before noticing all the color.
Kisato 3 months ago
See you in the next Faiz.
Bertorion 3 months ago
Chapter Faiz
KazumiSangaku 3 months ago
I mean, she just makes up the imagery, the words are still his thoughts. That being said, that was relatively tame and fairly realistic. Well done, boy!
Mitchell 3 months ago
Nakano is so thirsty
penrosecat 3 months ago
Good job, 555.
Lyanhyrt 3 months ago
I loved the ending of this little imaginary arc.
tempsventeux 3 months ago
idea: she could model gravure lolllllll
xXPenisXx 3 months ago
Remember when people thought Toda was just a scumbag? Personally, I think he might be too good for her.
beperov 3 months ago
No one better than Toda to make her face reality
ZdrytchX 3 months ago
temmie has overtaken
Hachigaya 3 months ago
Nakano.exe has stopped working.
BCS 3 months ago
lol that derp "ding" face.
Liar 3 months ago
Toda, keep it real for our main girl here.
ices 3 months ago
This chapter hit home

Last edited 3 months ago.

ZdrytchX 3 months ago
Well, she still has more friends than i do
CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
Dont worry, Super Husbando always watching and following you ??
Me 3 months ago
Oh, Toda. You were doing so well for a few chapters...
Lazybum 3 months ago
Caught up with the raws? Thanks for your hard work!

Such a perfect boyfriend, wow.
Lyanhyrt 3 months ago
Bet everyone does that. ?
penrosecat 3 months ago
Now I want a side story on how her parents met.
CoolOtamegane 3 months ago
MasterPannya 3 months ago
Kisato 3 months ago
Anyone notice that Nakano doesn't catch Toda thinking lewd stuff nearly as much now?
xXPenisXx 3 months ago
Just because he wants to bust on her teddies doesn't mean he doesn't also care about her well-being.
Esper 3 months ago
Nakano, you just found your husband. Lock that boy up before someone swoops in and steals him from you.
lightingcloud 3 months ago
I'm not gay but I'd boyfriend him 10/10.
Nightlilygirl- 3 months ago
Now that is cute :3 you go boy!
tempsventeux 3 months ago
PurpleBomber 3 months ago
Look at how on-point and prepared this guy is!

... We're sure this is actually Toda, right?
Naeddyr 3 months ago
Way to adult, Toda. Not the *adult* I was expecting from you.
ices 3 months ago
No worries
Sakuratea 3 months ago
If her mom knows about fashion, why won't she teach her?
Newspage 3 months ago
Whoops, forgot to upload yesterday's chapter here. Sorry about that.
Rozoro 3 months ago
As big as her chest is, it's odd that it really matters so much what she chooses to wear, as is the fact that Toda is seemingly the only guy actually attracted to her at all.
Lyanhyrt 3 months ago
Curses! Another week-long break.
AnimeJ 3 months ago
As big as her chest is, it's less that she has good taste, and more that she can only find 1 or 2 styles in her size.
donclad 3 months ago
Everybody says Nakano has a tacky taste for clothes, but her taste for bras are pretty good, it is the second good one.
PurpleBomber 3 months ago
Papa Nakano sighting!
sporkaganza 3 months ago
I'm usually 100% on board with Nakano's fashion choices but this is just... yikes.
KazumiSangaku 3 months ago
xXPenisXx 3 months ago
WHere can i cop that sweater
PurpleBomber 3 months ago
Not shown: the time it took for her to change her hair from loose ponytail to braided twintails.
agshield 3 months ago
Unlike the other characters, I actually like Nakano's taste in clothing :))))
Duckerby 3 months ago
Whelp, mom just exploded.
Lazybum 3 months ago
Lol that (?!)д(?!). Hilarious.
backspace 3 months ago
@Newspage I was staring at the panel for a whole 5 mins trying to read the lines so thanks for sharing them
Mugenman88 3 months ago
First heart eyes, now feast on the ?! eyes
Ugluk 3 months ago
Panic page was hilarious.
Newspage 3 months ago
Also for you guys here: Toda's thought text in chapter 543, panel 1 is supposed to say:

“Oh my god, I’m so nervousss.”
“Aahhh, I called her by her first nameeee.”

This was actually typesetting hell and we weren't able to get those two lines as readable as we wanted them to be.
Lyanhyrt 3 months ago
Can't wait for the Panic chapter to come out. I want an avator of Aya in the last panel.
Lucky 3 months ago
My nigga
Nolonar 3 months ago
"It's not like I have anything else I want to do right now..."

Wow, poor Toda-kun...
MRPANDOPOOL 3 months ago
Great! Dude has iniciative when it counts!
creamedice 3 months ago
penrosecat 3 months ago
>When MC senses danger and comes over to visit

Gull 3 months ago
"but I will not tell you said reason so you can completely misunderstand me"
I would think she told him the reason, he only got worried thanks to the way she is acting towards it.
Nobi 3 months ago
@BCS: So you can feel happy when they eventually manage to overcome their dumb problem.
BCS 3 months ago
>I won't go with a date on you because of a really dumb reason but I will not tell you said reason so you can completely misunderstand me

Why am I still reading this
Kraeth 3 months ago
"If I won't study for a single day my life is fucked." Oh Japan, no wonder your suicide rates are through the roof.
Nolonar 3 months ago
The thing is, Nakano doesn't even want to go to university, so taking a day off from studying to hang out with a boy isn't going to be the end of the world.
Also, realistically speaking, her ability to read minds is going to open up a lot of doors and opportunities, even without going to university.

Worst case: she could make a fortune from playing poker. She might not be able to bluff, but knowing your opponents' cards is an overwhelming advantage anyway.
I say worst case here because gambling is illegal in Japan. I'm sure there are more legal ways to make use of her talents.
beperov 3 months ago
Dumb american'ts in the comments
creamedice 3 months ago
Toda offer to help her study, don't be a fucking dunce.
kenx 3 months ago
I'm not sure, but aren't university entrance exams pretty hard there? There's even the ronin thing.
Lazybum 3 months ago
Unless she has exams in next few days its way too dumb indeed.
BCS 3 months ago
>I have no time to meet with a guy once a week, I must study for uni!

This development is so stupid I am honestly at a loss for words.
Lazybum 3 months ago
I quite liked rolling sushi one, though.
sporkaganza 4 months ago
Nakano's shirts are unironically rad as hell
Nojay 4 months ago
"What's wrong with the same/shark shirt?"

It's not as rad as the Happy Fish shirt, that's what. (chapter 431...)
Anoon2323 4 months ago
What's wrong with the same/shark shirt?
BCS 4 months ago
Well, in Nakano's case, wearing just the shirt would be super effective
xXPenisXx 4 months ago
I low-key loved that SAME shirt though. Nakano could seriously rock the post-ironic hipster memelord look.
CoolOtamegane 4 months ago
Archievement Unlocked : SELF-SAVAGE
Deoxyribo9 4 months ago
Esper 4 months ago
And this is where the fact that she isn't actually seeing people's thoughts directly comes into play.
MrNervous 4 months ago
Ah man, so glad I decided to read this.
Bsmith 4 months ago
Geez, I laugh and giggle to myself all the time... I wonder how many people I’VE made google search “signs of a crazy person”...
Lyanhyrt 4 months ago
At least the final arc is back tonight.
Newspage 4 months ago
The chapter names are correct like this. About taking a break: we had 8 days of buffer so we were able to keep releasing through the hiatus. But we'll need to build it up again since we spent it all on this hiatus so we'll take a breaks for the next few weekends again o7
Lyanhyrt 4 months ago
Lol the chapter names seem backwards. Still with Nobel on break, you'll probably be taking a few days off as well?
Gull 4 months ago
If you haven't noticed, the current century is XXI
BCS 4 months ago
@Squildo: girl asking the guy out is lame af though.
Squildo 4 months ago
Bitch,if you want to go out with him, just ask him out. The only reasonable fear in asking someone out on a date is being rejected and you read the motherfucker's mind
eSPiYa 4 months ago
Aya-chan x Mana-chan ship!!!
Esper 4 months ago
The ultimate gift for someone who knows everything... a surprise.
creamedice 4 months ago
So the quote tag works so long as you don't set a name.

That's really dumb. Good to know, but dumb.
Glimmung 4 months ago
So the quote tag works so long as you don't set a name.
Glimmung 4 months ago
Quote Test 2
discountmusketeer 4 months ago
Today is cute
Nobi 4 months ago
Thanks! I did not know Mangadex supported those.
GoblinGuy 4 months ago
Wait a second,does the title "I was just using that" refer to the actual bag?
INDIRECT KIS- I mean INDIRECT PUTTING YOUR FACES TOGETHER... does that even have a name?
kurisu 4 months ago
@ReySin Nobel is a woman.
ReySin 4 months ago
I swear if nothing comes out of this I'm hunting NOBEL's twitter and I'm going to spam him
Nolonar 4 months ago
BB tags

For images, that's
[ img ][ /img ]

Remember to remove the spaces between the brackets.
Nobi 4 months ago
@hungryvidd: How did you post an image? Please tell me.
hungryvidd 4 months ago

the best
xXPenisXx 4 months ago
Guest appearance from Nakano's other superpower in panel 2.
Umetsu 4 months ago
@Mako ammmmm, looooool, she told it like 400 ago
Mako 4 months ago
Wow she finally told someone else about her power :^)

(Not spoiler, Ch 517 last panel)
BCS 4 months ago
Okay, NOW we couldn't possibly get any more stupid drama in the way right?

Nobi 5 months ago
If it weren't because we actually read his thoughts, I would believe Toda is doing this on purpose.
MIcro-Oneo 5 months ago
Newspage 5 months ago
Also an update for you guys here: In order to work on the series properly we are going to start building a bit of buffer again. Therefore, we are not going to release the new chapters tomorrow and the day after that on Sunday. Our release will be back on Monday with chapter 515. Release time will be the same one we had before the hiatus. 6pm CET, Noon EST. Whatever that is in your timezone.
Dekunator 5 months ago
Helvetica Scans is the best. So happy this is back.
PurpleBomber 5 months ago
Glad Mousou Telepathy's back, I've missed having daily manga since Tomo-chan's been off in the ether too for a while.
PlanOfInaction 5 months ago
Woot! It's back!
Duckerby 5 months ago
Aaaand it's back and we all have to wait for explanations. =D
superdoofus 5 months ago
I just now remembered the anxiety of reading this series one page at a time.
Brightamethyst 5 months ago
Yay! It's back!
cofi023 5 months ago
Hmm wonder how he screwed up
Fiora 5 months ago
I can't wait for tommorow.
anon763 5 months ago
Nolonar 5 months ago
Story of my life, sadly...
Superpeanut 5 months ago
Holy crap. "I'll just read one chapter" turned into "or I'll just read THE ENTIRE THING WHEN DOES MORE COME OUT I NEED IT"... So much for going to bed on time...
superdoofus 5 months ago
When's NOBEL coming back?
mikan 5 months ago
it's here!
JPAU 5 months ago
Thanks for the work, Helvetica scans~