Mousou Telepathy Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Delusion Telepathy
  • Moutele
  • Waham Telepati
  • 妄想テレパシー
Author: NOBEL
Artist: NOBEL
Genres: 4-Koma Award Winning Comedy Romance School Life Slice of Life Supernatural
Rating: 8.38 (110 users)
Status: Ongoing
Stats: 63,797 3,637 550
Description: Nakano-san is a high school girl who can look into people's minds. Because of that, she finds out that the mind of the popular Toda-kun is full of wild fantasies about her! Or is it?

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    Ch. 545 - Sorry About My Parents English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2736
    Ch. 544 - I Know It’s Bad English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3150
    Ch. 543 - Panic English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3143
    Ch. 542 - A Visitor English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3274
    Ch. 541 - Difference in Values English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3487
    Ch. 540 - Not Going According to Plan English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3632
    Ch. 539 - Choosing Your Path English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3694
    Ch. 538 - A Bad Feeling English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3491
    Ch. 537 - Lowkey Burn English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3321
    Ch. 536 - The Limit of Her Imagination English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3372
    Ch. 535 - A Crazy Person English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3789
    Ch. 534 - Just Checking English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3495
    Ch. 533 - Perfect Timing English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3069
    Ch. 532 - To Hell With It English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2820
    Ch. 531 - Whatever Happens, Happens English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2556
    Ch. 530 - Let’s Do This English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2969
    Ch. 529 - You've Caused This English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3666
    Ch. 528 - But But English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3364
    Ch. 527 - One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2990
    Ch. 526 - Overreaction English Helvetica Scans iZN 3262
    Ch. 525 - Going Mad English Helvetica Scans iZN 2737
    Ch. 524 - Birthday English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3268
    Ch. 523 - I Was Just Using That English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3445
    Ch. 522 - Unnoticed Confession English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3114
    Ch. 521 - Look of Disgust English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3183
    Ch. 520 - Normal English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3206
    Ch. 519 - Written All Over Her Face English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2830
    Ch. 518 - Process of Elimination English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2894
    Ch. 517 - Award for Best Idea English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2756
    Ch. 516 - Early Symptoms English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2773
    Ch. 515 - Vocabulary English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2661
    Ch. 514 - Brace for Impact English Helvetica Scans Newspage 3142
    Ch. 513 - Great Work English Helvetica Scans Newspage 2869
    Ch. 512.5 - Volume 5: Extras English Helvetica Scans Nagru 2091
    Ch. 512 - Distant English Helvetica Scans Nagru 1915
    Ch. 511 - → ( ← ) ? English Helvetica Scans Nagru 1465
    Ch. 510 - Like a Waterfall English Helvetica Scans Nagru 1308
    Ch. 509 - The Battling Poker Faces English Helvetica Scans Nagru 1108
    Ch. 508 - Tease English Helvetica Scans Nagru 1000
    Ch. 507 - Dis English Helvetica Scans Nagru 939
    Ch. 506 - Knew English Helvetica Scans Nagru 917
    Ch. 505 - Tell English Helvetica Scans Nagru 895
    Ch. 504 - I Should Walk Home English Helvetica Scans Nagru 843
    Ch. 503 - Thank You English Helvetica Scans Nagru 796
    Ch. 502 - Everything English Helvetica Scans Nagru 787
    Ch. 501 - An Advantage English Helvetica Scans Nagru 791
    Ch. 500 - Tell Her She’s Wrong English Helvetica Scans Nagru 784
    Ch. 499 - Believe it or Not, She's Already 17 English Helvetica Scans Nagru 694
    Ch. 498 - Stop Right There English Helvetica Scans Nagru 643
    Ch. 497 - Yes to Both English Helvetica Scans Nagru 635
    Ch. 496 - A Broken Man English Helvetica Scans Nagru 650
    Ch. 495 - Mom >> Little Sister >>> Big Brother English Helvetica Scans Nagru 632
    Ch. 494 - Everyone’s a Role Model English Helvetica Scans Nagru 566
    Ch. 493 - Expectations and Reality English Helvetica Scans Nagru 571
    Ch. 492 - Playing Around English Helvetica Scans Nagru 556
    Ch. 491 - A Question English Helvetica Scans Nagru 546
    Ch. 490 - Honorifics English Helvetica Scans Nagru 553
    Ch. 489 - Little Sister >>> Big Brother English Helvetica Scans Nagru 534
    Ch. 488 - Consuming Grudge English Helvetica Scans Nagru 520
    Ch. 487 - Together With the Sister English Helvetica Scans Nagru 522
    Ch. 486 - Observing Big Brother English Helvetica Scans Nagru 524
    Ch. 485 - What Did You Expect English Helvetica Scans Nagru 512
    Ch. 484 - You're the Real Heroine English Helvetica Scans Nagru 508
    Ch. 483 - Appearances (v.2) English Helvetica Scans Nagru 501
    Ch. 482 - From Etou-san's Point of View English Helvetica Scans Nagru 498
    Ch. 481 - At His Gaze English Helvetica Scans Nagru 500
    Ch. 480 - He's a Living Animal English Helvetica Scans Nagru 495
    Ch. 479 - Desire and Self-Defense English Helvetica Scans Nagru 480
    Ch. 478 - Even the Densest Idiot Would Realize English Helvetica Scans Nagru 488
    Ch. 477 - Now or Never English Helvetica Scans Nagru 477
    Ch. 476 - Mana Has Taken the Lead English Helvetica Scans Nagru 479
    Ch. 475 - Honesty English Helvetica Scans Nagru 482
    Ch. 474 - Balanced Out English Helvetica Scans Nagru 472
    Ch. 473 - Her Own Fantasies English Helvetica Scans Nagru 475
    Ch. 472 - Nakano Ayako is an Idiot English Helvetica Scans Nagru 466
    Ch. 471 - Playing Him Up English Helvetica Scans Nagru 457
    Ch. 470 - Self-Preservation English Helvetica Scans Nagru 458
    Ch. 469 - Can't Act English Helvetica Scans Nagru 460
    Ch. 468 - Just Do It English Helvetica Scans Nagru 731
    Ch. 467 - Sloppy, But It'll Do English Helvetica Scans Nagru 553
    Ch. 466 - Meanwhile, Azuma-san English Helvetica Scans Nagru 541
    Ch. 465 - He's Blushing English Helvetica Scans Nagru 515
    Ch. 464 - Force-Quit English Helvetica Scans Nagru 496
    Ch. 463 - No Way Out English Helvetica Scans Nagru 494
    Ch. 462 - Upon Close Inspection English Helvetica Scans Nagru 487
    Ch. 461 - Kept You Waiting English Helvetica Scans Nagru 491
    Ch. 460 - For a Little Longer English Helvetica Scans Nagru 484
    Ch. 459 - Looks Aren't Everything English Helvetica Scans Nagru 477
    Ch. 458 - Weaknesses English Helvetica Scans Nagru 484
    Ch. 457 - That's Super Rude English Helvetica Scans Nagru 476
    Ch. 456 - You Played Yourself English Helvetica Scans Nagru 475
    Ch. 455 - Is This a Date English Helvetica Scans Nagru 475
    Ch. 454 - Deciding What a Person Thinks English Helvetica Scans Nagru 466
    Ch. 453 - You Just Have to Ask Him Out English Helvetica Scans Nagru 472
    Ch. 452 - Sounds Good English Helvetica Scans Nagru 485
    Ch. 451 - I’d Let This Slide English Helvetica Scans Nagru 481
    Ch. 450 - N.T. Field English Helvetica Scans Nagru 495
    Ch. 449 - Bummed Out English Helvetica Scans Nagru 477
    Ch. 448 - I'm Honestly Hurt English Helvetica Scans Nagru 480
    Ch. 447 - Too Late, You Thought About It English Helvetica Scans Nagru 480

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    Lyanhyrt 1 day ago
    Curses! Another week-long break.
    AnimeJ 2 days ago
    As big as her chest is, it's less that she has good taste, and more that she can only find 1 or 2 styles in her size.
    donclad 2 days ago
    Everybody says Nakano has a tacky taste for clothes, but her taste for bras are pretty good, it is the second good one.
    PurpleBomber 2 days ago
    Papa Nakano sighting!
    sporkaganza 2 days ago
    I'm usually 100% on board with Nakano's fashion choices but this is just... yikes.
    KazumiSangaku 2 days ago
    xXPenisXx 3 days ago
    WHere can i cop that sweater
    PurpleBomber 3 days ago
    Not shown: the time it took for her to change her hair from loose ponytail to braided twintails.
    agshield 3 days ago
    Unlike the other characters, I actually like Nakano's taste in clothing :))))
    Duckerby 4 days ago
    Whelp, mom just exploded.
    Lazybum 4 days ago
    Lol that (?!)д(?!). Hilarious.
    backspace 4 days ago
    @Newspage I was staring at the panel for a whole 5 mins trying to read the lines so thanks for sharing them
    Mugenman88 4 days ago
    First heart eyes, now feast on the ?! eyes
    Ugluk 4 days ago
    Panic page was hilarious.
    Newspage 4 days ago
    Also for you guys here: Toda's thought text in chapter 543, panel 1 is supposed to say:

    “Oh my god, I’m so nervousss.”
    “Aahhh, I called her by her first nameeee.”

    This was actually typesetting hell and we weren't able to get those two lines as readable as we wanted them to be.
    Lyanhyrt 4 days ago
    Can't wait for the Panic chapter to come out. I want an avator of Aya in the last panel.
    Lucky 4 days ago
    My nigga
    Nolonar 5 days ago
    "It's not like I have anything else I want to do right now..."

    Wow, poor Toda-kun...
    MRPANDOPOOL 5 days ago
    Great! Dude has iniciative when it counts!
    creamedice 5 days ago
    penrosecat 5 days ago
    >When MC senses danger and comes over to visit

    Gull 5 days ago
    "but I will not tell you said reason so you can completely misunderstand me"
    I would think she told him the reason, he only got worried thanks to the way she is acting towards it.
    Nobi 6 days ago
    @BCS: So you can feel happy when they eventually manage to overcome their dumb problem.
    BCS 6 days ago
    >I won't go with a date on you because of a really dumb reason but I will not tell you said reason so you can completely misunderstand me

    Why am I still reading this
    Kraeth 8 days ago
    "If I won't study for a single day my life is fucked." Oh Japan, no wonder your suicide rates are through the roof.
    Nolonar 9 days ago
    The thing is, Nakano doesn't even want to go to university, so taking a day off from studying to hang out with a boy isn't going to be the end of the world.
    Also, realistically speaking, her ability to read minds is going to open up a lot of doors and opportunities, even without going to university.

    Worst case: she could make a fortune from playing poker. She might not be able to bluff, but knowing your opponents' cards is an overwhelming advantage anyway.
    I say worst case here because gambling is illegal in Japan. I'm sure there are more legal ways to make use of her talents.
    beperov 9 days ago
    Dumb american'ts in the comments
    creamedice 9 days ago
    Toda offer to help her study, don't be a fucking dunce.
    kenx 9 days ago
    I'm not sure, but aren't university entrance exams pretty hard there? There's even the ronin thing.
    Lazybum 9 days ago
    Unless she has exams in next few days its way too dumb indeed.
    BCS 9 days ago
    >I have no time to meet with a guy once a week, I must study for uni!

    This development is so stupid I am honestly at a loss for words.
    Lazybum 10 days ago
    I quite liked rolling sushi one, though.
    sporkaganza 11 days ago
    Nakano's shirts are unironically rad as hell
    Nojay 11 days ago
    "What's wrong with the same/shark shirt?"

    It's not as rad as the Happy Fish shirt, that's what. (chapter 431...)
    Anoon2323 11 days ago
    What's wrong with the same/shark shirt?
    BCS 11 days ago
    Well, in Nakano's case, wearing just the shirt would be super effective
    xXPenisXx 12 days ago
    I low-key loved that SAME shirt though. Nakano could seriously rock the post-ironic hipster memelord look.
    CoolOtamegane 12 days ago
    Archievement Unlocked : SELF-SAVAGE
    Deoxyribo9 12 days ago
    Esper 12 days ago
    And this is where the fact that she isn't actually seeing people's thoughts directly comes into play.
    MrNervous 15 days ago
    Ah man, so glad I decided to read this.
    Bsmith 15 days ago
    Geez, I laugh and giggle to myself all the time... I wonder how many people I’VE made google search “signs of a crazy person”...
    Lyanhyrt 18 days ago
    At least the final arc is back tonight.
    Newspage 19 days ago
    The chapter names are correct like this. About taking a break: we had 8 days of buffer so we were able to keep releasing through the hiatus. But we'll need to build it up again since we spent it all on this hiatus so we'll take a breaks for the next few weekends again o7
    Lyanhyrt 19 days ago
    Lol the chapter names seem backwards. Still with Nobel on break, you'll probably be taking a few days off as well?
    Gull 22 days ago
    If you haven't noticed, the current century is XXI
    BCS 22 days ago
    @Squildo: girl asking the guy out is lame af though.
    Squildo 23 days ago
    Bitch,if you want to go out with him, just ask him out. The only reasonable fear in asking someone out on a date is being rejected and you read the motherfucker's mind
    eSPiYa 25 days ago
    Aya-chan x Mana-chan ship!!!
    Esper 26 days ago
    The ultimate gift for someone who knows everything... a surprise.
    creamedice 26 days ago

    So the quote tag works so long as you don't set a name.

    That's really dumb. Good to know, but dumb.
    Glimmung 30 days ago
    So the quote tag works so long as you don't set a name.
    Glimmung 30 days ago

    Quote Test 2

    discountmusketeer 1 month ago
    Today is cute
    Nobi 1 month ago
    Thanks! I did not know Mangadex supported those.
    GoblinGuy 1 month ago
    Wait a second,does the title "I was just using that" refer to the actual bag?
    INDIRECT KIS- I mean INDIRECT PUTTING YOUR FACES TOGETHER... does that even have a name?
    kurisu 1 month ago
    @ReySin Nobel is a woman.
    ReySin 1 month ago
    I swear if nothing comes out of this I'm hunting NOBEL's twitter and I'm going to spam him
    Nolonar 1 month ago
    BB tags

    For images, that's
    [ img ][ /img ]

    Remember to remove the spaces between the brackets.
    Nobi 1 month ago
    @hungryvidd: How did you post an image? Please tell me.
    hungryvidd 1 month ago

    the best
    xXPenisXx 1 month ago
    Guest appearance from Nakano's other superpower in panel 2.
    Umetsu 1 month ago
    @Mako ammmmm, looooool, she told it like 400 ago
    Mako 1 month ago
    Wow she finally told someone else about her power :^)

    (Not spoiler, Ch 517 last panel)
    BCS 1 month ago
    Okay, NOW we couldn't possibly get any more stupid drama in the way right?

    Nobi 1 month ago
    If it weren't because we actually read his thoughts, I would believe Toda is doing this on purpose.
    MIcro-Oneo 1 month ago
    Newspage 1 month ago
    Also an update for you guys here: In order to work on the series properly we are going to start building a bit of buffer again. Therefore, we are not going to release the new chapters tomorrow and the day after that on Sunday. Our release will be back on Monday with chapter 515. Release time will be the same one we had before the hiatus. 6pm CET, Noon EST. Whatever that is in your timezone.
    Dekunator 1 month ago
    Helvetica Scans is the best. So happy this is back.
    PurpleBomber 1 month ago
    Glad Mousou Telepathy's back, I've missed having daily manga since Tomo-chan's been off in the ether too for a while.
    PlanOfInaction 1 month ago
    Woot! It's back!
    Duckerby 2 months ago
    Aaaand it's back and we all have to wait for explanations. =D
    superdoofus 2 months ago
    I just now remembered the anxiety of reading this series one page at a time.
    Brightamethyst 2 months ago
    Yay! It's back!
    cofi023 2 months ago
    Hmm wonder how he screwed up
    Fiora 2 months ago
    I can't wait for tommorow.
    anon763 2 months ago
    Nolonar 2 months ago
    Story of my life, sadly...
    Superpeanut 2 months ago
    Holy crap. "I'll just read one chapter" turned into "or I'll just read THE ENTIRE THING WHEN DOES MORE COME OUT I NEED IT"... So much for going to bed on time...
    superdoofus 2 months ago
    When's NOBEL coming back?
    mikan 2 months ago
    it's here!
    JPAU 2 months ago
    Thanks for the work, Helvetica scans~