Boys on the Run
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  • Мальчики на побегушках
  • ボーイズ・オン・ザ・ラン
  • 敏行快跑
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  • 35,252
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The story is about how and why a guy goes from a worker at a dead-end job to becoming a boxer.
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  • Volume 0/10
  • Chapter 0/116

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kino. as in ressentiment, the mangaka is a master of the unresolved. the things that are just kind of left in the air and left unfinished are way more compelling than the things he tries to find a "resolution" for.
tanishi's such a great protagonist, too. just an utter complete (mostly-)unrepentant subhuman. very refreshing to read a manga where you actually feel moderately satisfied that the main character is suffering and a loser
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Sooooooooooooooooooooo goooood!!! My fav Hanazawa work for sure!
@Hamin 100% agree with you on that one. My god i hate that part
I thought this was rather realistically depressing and interesting to read. MC is a shitter but a kinda likeable dork who knows his faults. Obviously he wouldn't be the most popular kind of character but he had a certain charm as an mc. I quite liked the ending.

The only major point that I think was the biggest fuck up in the series for me was when he got lured into that trap at the hotel with that suicidal hoe. Like c'mon, how are you gonna fall for that shit AGAIN? how are you still only able to think with your dick after the amount of heartache you went through? I was legit so mad the author chose to make that happen instead of having him pull out some thotslayer line and leave her ass there. Instead the shitty author had him be dumb and move the plot in a direction that allows gen to come in swiftly and cuck him. Fuck that.
I agree is depressing and sad 'cos the main character never learn his lesson. He always do things for the wrong reasons. It has the same themes of I am a hero. I think both mangas complement each other in a weird way, 'cos the two main characters are like the authors warning of what can happen to you if you dont grow balls.
The MC was so infuriating, I haven't read this in years. I think I stopped reading it at chapter 97.
The most disgusting MC in the history of manga, I guess. Just repulsive. The author must be a genius to make him such a pos and still last more than 100 chapters.
wow, that one is great. and no depression at all! 😉
This is very well written but I honestly regret reading this. It's 100 chapters of depression.
I used to love that manga.
I was 20 something when I started reading this.
I always feared that I would be like him when I become 27.

Tanishi was a miserable guy but he had guts. It was a nice ride!

Shout out to Daniel Lau that used to translate it years ago and to the Nameless dude who finished it!
You're awesome.
Every single character here is miserable. It ends on a happy note. Sort of. But oh boy, you better be ready for one depressing ride.
My god where’s the tragedy tag?!!

Edit: I added it.
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Thanks NamelessTranslation.
It's over! And it ended better than I Am A Hero.
That fucking epilogue, i guess we got a happy ending? but shit, it still feels wrong.
Thank you for finishing this series nameless!
He is way too weak for his own good.
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It would be neat if they put those bombs to good use.
There's no equivalent Batoto ID becauser this was never a Batoto ID for it. Thank you so much for picking it up!!!