Idol na Kanojo to Wotaku na Boku to Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Idol na Kanojo to Otaku na Boku to
  • The Idol Girl and I, the Otaku
  • アイドルな彼女とヲタクな僕と
Author: Marukido Satoshi
Artist: Kasuga Shun
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Comedy Drama Ecchi Romance Smut Tragedy
Rating: 5.84 101
Pub. status: Completed
  • 81,026
  • 2,693
  • 25
Description: She is a famous idol. On the other hand, I am just a nerd. We have to keep our relationship a secret.

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Nick86 10 days ago
@ixlone - Thanks you.
ixlone 10 days ago
@Nick86 done.
Nick86 10 days ago
@Holo - Change status from ongoing to complete since it ended in Jpn and i can't edit this page.

Last edited 10 days ago.

Keke094 11 days ago
I find out something interesting... Well its accidently from my research purpose 😂 that manga artist Kasuga Shun is hentai artists his other pen name is Koharu Nanakusa and still active in serialization Comic Anthurium. His twitter @s_kasuga @koharunanakusa
Narf 12 days ago
I'm sad that I can't rate this lower than 1.
Rast 14 days ago
There are still 10 chapters ...
gomennasai90 14 days ago
@zstrf03: Hell yes, I have just changed my rating from 1 to 2.
Nutfiend 14 days ago
If something is this decisive in the comments section don't you think you should make the choice yourself to see if you should find out what the hell this is about? If something is this controversial there has to be something good.
monkey123 14 days ago
And I hope the rating drops below -9000
zstrf03 14 days ago
i bet the rating will soon increased because of this chapter
monkey123 15 days ago
Could someone tell me when the cover girl gets raped? Would be worth to read then.
longxa762 24 days ago
are there any raw online?
monkey123 25 days ago
yall so mad! its smut ?

corrected for you ?
BestBoy 25 days ago
Sometimes I forget how shitty people on the internet can be and then I read comments on manga and I'm reminded.
morooster 25 days ago
yall so mad! its smut 🤣

Last edited 15 days ago.

monkey123 25 days ago
Shit manga is shit manga. This plotarmor is just unrealistic. Well the only funny parts of this manga were chapters where some of the idols got fucked. :) How nice it would be for the cover bitch to also get raped.

I've gotta say I didn't expect what happens based on the description. Its pretty disgusting to me, but there might be people who like this.

Yup, for masochists.

Last edited 25 days ago.

DexHaunter 2 months ago
@bastek66 Right! Forgot that was a thing huh. Thanks.
bastek66 2 months ago
@DexHaunter They would be revealed as not virgins and would lost they careers.
DexHaunter 2 months ago
@bastek66 Well, didn't his previous victims come forward to sue him? I'd assume they'd make them public or at least known to the police.
bastek66 2 months ago
@DexHaunter Nothing in the chapter implies that his other crimes are known to public.

Last edited 2 months ago.

DexHaunter 2 months ago
@bastek66 no I mean, arrested for rape, drugging and blackmail?
bastek66 2 months ago
@DexHaunter He could defend himself by saying he was drugged and left there and blood tests would confirm it so there would be no reason to jail him.
DexHaunter 2 months ago
The guy's only going to get blacklisted? Not like, arrested?
Carlos 3 months ago
someone knows where can i find the raw?
Yotsuba 4 months ago
That's just too much for Tamaki. Also i hope Megane is a normal girl.
Scizor343 4 months ago
Wasn't expecting it to be so explicit but I'm okay with this
Titrol is CUTE
PuddingStick 4 months ago
I've gotta say I didn't expect what happens based on the description. Its pretty disgusting to me, but there might be people who like this.
FredFriendly 4 months ago
@Teasday: It seems to me that you might have a misconception that a series published in a seinen magazine (aimed at adult men 20+ years old) cannot also be considered hentai. Seinen is a demographic, not a genre, whereas hentai, like smut, is a genre. I've read plenty of hentai (most of which is censored just like this series), but only 3 random chapters of this series and, as far as I'm concerned, this series definitely falls under the "porn with plot" genre, aka hentai. I would rather it be labeled "R18+", but, unfortunately, the webmaster changed that label to hentai which isn't quite the same. An R18+ label would encompass adult, smut, and hentai genres, as well as other content that should not be viewed by younger readers.
Teasday 4 months ago
Serialized in Young Champion Retsu (a seinen magazine) and not explicitly porn, so do not tag this as hentai. This is just smut.
mage_goo 5 months ago
T-T-Tamaki best girl
and yeah, this should be rated 18+, that's way too explicit
YungMei 5 months ago
this is not at all what i was expecting LOL
Lazybum 5 months ago
Rightfully so. It should be rated as R18.
Also, 'he' is not 'just a nerd', he is a hardcore masochist.
kurisu 5 months ago
Oh, I remember I wanted to read this but was nuked from batoto.