Hoshi ni Negai wo Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Hoshini Negaiwo
  • When You Wish Upon a Star
  • عندما تتمنى نجم عالي
  • 星に願いを
Author: Inoya Kotoba
Artist: Inoya Kotoba
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Comedy Drama Oneshot Romance School Life Slice of Life Supernatural
Rating: 9.30 27
Pub. status: Completed
  • 2,711
  • 625
  • 3
Description: Shinonome Nozomi, a first year, joins her school's Astronomy Club in order to look out for shooting stars and have her wish granted. Her fellow member, Musashi Shouta, however does not want her around because she has disturbed his plans to live out a peaceful and private life in the Astronomy Club. Nozomi, however, insists on staying. Soon after, Shouta discovers that he has the ability to summon shooting stars at will by snapping his fingers. What will the two Astronomy Club members do upon making this discovery? And what exactly is Nozomi's wish...?

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