Maou-jou de Oyasumi
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  • Maoujou de Oyasumi
  • Selamat beristirahat di Kastil Iblis
  • Sleeping in Devil's Castle
  • Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle
  • Sweet Dreams in the Demon Castle
  • 在魔王城说晚安
  • 魔王城でおやすみ
  • 마왕성에서 잘 자요
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  • 1,303,698
  • 29,120
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Sshhh! Princess Syalis is trying to get a good night's sleep. Some shut-eye. Forty winks. Catch some Z's. Long ago in olden times when people and demons lived together in—well, disharmony, really—a demon king kidnaps a human princess and imprisons her in his castle. Bereft, the princess's subjects beat their chests in anguish…until a hero arises to spearhead Project Rescue Our Princess! While waiting for her knight in shining armor, what's an imprisoned princess to do...? Teddy-bear guards with bat wings are all very well, but her dungeon cell is bo-o-o-ring! So, she decides to wile away the long hours by sleeping. Now if only she could get comfortable…and didn't suffer from insomnia...

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Celebrity crossover
Man, fuck everyone who denigrates scanlators. People who call comprehensible, readable, nice-looking scanlations as "low quality" can honestly just gf'd.
Thank you, @Say, for being a legend and applying defibrillation to this series.
OKAY, first komi-san, then tonikaku, then...... WHAT? i get the other 2, but pretty sure DORAEMON isn't in Sunday, he's in coro2x
**and for the luls
i'm here bc of the anime :/
@LemonSquares It's more comedy and character development than slice of life. This series deconstructs the RPG story tropes very well and the "princess wants to sleep well" gag never gets old because the author is a writing genius who always spins the gag in a way that adds to the characters and world. Trust me the 200 chapters are a blessing
@LemonSquares It's less slice of life and more slices of demons, if you know what I mean.

Most chapters (especially early in the manga) tend to be about the Princess' quest for good sleeping conditions (and the destruction she leaves in her wake), but after the characters are well-established, there is more variety and actual story arcs.
Anyone willing to review this for me?

Because this looks like slice of life it's kinda turning me off; don't wanna read 200+ chapters of various pillow materials and the collection of them
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So is the drama over? Lets try to be decent human beings and not stab each other thanks

Do people seriously believe a group can release 10+ chapters out of nowhere in a single day, just because they got a 'fire lit under their asses'?
I'm not defending any of the groups involved but you have to realize groups slowly trickling out releases to get more donations is sadly common practice, and there's literally no defending it.
@SSShakuras if you'd read before commenting you would've seen that the snipers have decided to help the original scanlator with the project, instead of releasing their own separate chapters. They're working on it together. So there'll be no more double scans.
.... and yet another series getting massive double translation while so many doesn't get a single.
@Say I respectfully disagree with you. That said, I'm glad you and the original scanlation team have decided to collaborate on this series, and I wish you guys the best in your endeavor to work together on this. Thanks for your work
@evergreen_oak it really doesn't make any difference if there is drama in the background or not. At the end of the day readers are getting more chapters.
@Say That's great to know! Good on ya for taking that initiative, I'm glad you guys were able to compromise. And I wasn't complaining, so there really isn't a reason for you to attempt to deflect my criticism of your actions. The only information I had to work with was your earlier comments. I'm very glad to know you've decided to properly work together, it would suck for this lovely series to become plagued with unnecessary drama and other scanlation shenanigans. Cheers!
@kenx Yup yup. Unfortunately it seems most scanlation groups (particularly those inclined toward sniping) are allergic to anything that isn't self-centered egotism.
@evergreen_oak I have been helping them out in the background for the past few days, hence I haven't been uploading. So you are a bit too late to complain.
@evergreen_oak That's the thing though, Kirei wasn't steadily uploading this series. They were over 60 chapters behind, and releasing slower than the raws were. They made no attempt to catch up until someone started doing it themselves. There's no reason why the sniper should have to work with Kirei when they're clearly able to translate faster and at a decent quality all on their own. And it seems like most people don't mind, considering how much higher the view count is on the sniper's chapters and how many positive comments they're getting.
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