Maken no Daydreamer
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  • Demon Fist Daydreamer
  • Фантастический кулак демона
  • 魔拳のデイドリーマー
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Minato is a college student who died in a plane crash and was reincarnated in a fantasy world. He was raised alone in the wilderness by his succubus mother, and now he tries to make his way as an adventurer.
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being a daydreamer is fine
he absolutely should be using his strength to force his own dreams on reality when the alternative is apparently having to turn a blind eye to everything wrong in the world
sink a few islands - it'll be fun
@talesforgotten cool thanks for wasting my time. Have a good day.
THANX FOR THE TRANSLATION!! ALSO, IVE WATCHED DearS it was nice not the best, better than SAO. and i also plan to read the manga, i dunno when though. keep it up pls!!!
@novis Live and let live brother. Fiction can only hurt you if you allow it to influence your thinking. Morality is shaped by each individuals beliefs and experiences and should be that individuals own moral compass, yours will be different than mine which will be different from the authors.
The story is make-believe and doesn't affect our personal sensibilities, outlook, or social norms, unless you're really that weak willed that you let it affect you. Obviously it hasn't, or there wouldn't be complaints from people whose beliefs find such a thing offensive. It's a fictional story, and slavery is one of the elements of a different world with a different culture, both of which don't actually exist. If you're incapable or unwilling, of compartmentalizing and distinguishing between reality and a fantasy which has no actual bearing, effect, or influence on the real world whatsoever, if you actually hate it that much, well, no one is forcing you stay and continue reading, are they?
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All I have to say to the translators...Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Been waiting for more chapters.
This story.... how does a series get this many punlished chapters with zero actual plot? How is this even continued? Minato is essentially already nearly a walking deus ex, but we have to meet every member of his family who all seem to be more powerful? Does the author not understand power escalation?

What could POSSIBLY happen to any of these demigods that would create ANY drama that wasnt just coincidental bad luck?

Edit: Don't get me wrong though, I read enough of the novel before the manga to know this was going to be a dumpster fire and somehow removing that already awful writing actually caused even less drama. Now he's just a doofus instead of a doofus slightly controlled by his incubus nature. Yay. How fun.
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Asking again about the succubus mom appearance because people being childish when I just want to see a milf waifu throw the smackdown on her kids and go "Ohohoho"
Hard disagree with the translator. It's a story. We can bring whatever stuff we want to it and realize that it's depiction of stuff is just plan wrong. Trying to take the politics out of any story is just trying to take the humanity out of it. And, also, it IS a fantasy story. That means the write/artist could just NOT DO SLAVERY at all. And, with so many stories of this type having slavery in them and just not handling with any sort of care, it's no surprise that people are unhappy with it.
I never fear anything
But that smile
It terrified me
Does this series have any tankoubon bonus pages/chapters?
Does the succubus mom ever show back up after she leaves and mc goes off adventuring?
Can there be a side manga with just her adventures and/or stalking of MC?
Mc is a bit disappointing
Thanks for the work/upload, animeaddiction.
Clearly she deserves to be a slave...
Oh great another isekai that wants to bang on about how slavery is fine.
This just feels to cliche for me.
I used to be an adventurer like you... Then I took Minato's spin kick in the knee.
My leg flew off and killed a dragon that was flying close-by.

From that point, my legend as the One Legged Dragon Killer started.
story is not and for some reason i think the reason why the guild master felt a familarary with MC is maybe he was her child or simialr. before his day dreamer mom took him in and renamed him. it is not uncommon for people who dont want to have a kid to leave it in the forest... or even some royal family.

i personally like the story just to much perample to the MC journey