You no Ou Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Ayakashi no Ou
  • Ayakashi no Ou :re
  • Demon King (HOSHINO Katsura)
  • 妖の王
Author: Hoshino Katsura
Artist: Hoshino Katsura
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Fantasy Historical Oneshot Romance
Rating: 7.22 9
Pub. status: Completed
  • 2,398
  • 74
  • 3
Description: What is a young shopkeeper to do when a foreign customer leans over and asks her "This Harun... you know...?" Moreover he goes on to eat all the daifuku they have in stock?! Follow the Demon King's groom as he goes to stay at an inn. (Baka-Updates)
Oneshot English Ravens Scans norenolive 497
Oneshot Catalan Lluna Plena no Fansub Intervencion 84
Oneshot Bulgarian SDC-BG clc 71